American Express credit card - unauthorized finance charges

Posted on Thursday, March 30th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by 68f3460b

Company: American Express credit card - unauthorized finance charges

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American Express credit card - unauthorized finance charges

March 29, 2006

Background: I mailed out a cheque for $500.00 on 12/24/05 and on Jan 5th received a call from Amex saying that "I didn't make my payment" further the person on the other end continued by saying that this would affect my credit rating if I didn't pay up - I reminded her that I have an excellent payment record been with them for over 8 years and now all of a sudden they suspended my account. The next day I receive a letter (along with cheques) to use because I am a valued customer - the other letter I receive from them is telling my that my card has been suspended and my credit limit has been reduced to 5k. I wrote them a cheque for the full amount less the payment on 12/24 - when this payment cleared I was told that my current balance is 524.50 - I issued a cheque for that amount - the next statment I get from them shows a $3.61 finance charge? for what? when I called them and spoke to someone with minimum english skills he informed me that my account is up to date and that the charges will be reversed. The next statment was received and again this finance charge appears on my statment - I phoned them again and was re-assured that it would be taken off. has anyone experienced this with american express - I wonder how many people just pay this charge thus far they are unable to explain how and why this charge appeared on my statment. ivo

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