Robey's Wholesale Pillow Inserts, Valdese, North Carolina

Posted on Thursday, March 30th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

Company: Robey's Wholesale Pillow Inserts, Valdese, North Carolina

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Robey's Wholesale Pillow Inserts, Valdese, North Carolina March 29, 2006

We ordered 3 different styles of pillow inserts from Robey's website on Sunday March 19, and paid over $50 extra for Priority Mail shipping. The next Friday when no order appeared, we emailed Robey's, and received no response. The following Wednesday we called only to have a whiny woman begin telling us about her recent health problems, and admitted that 10 days after placing our PRIORITY order, that it had not even been sent out yet. I asked why she had not responded to my email, and of course she claimed she never received it. I asked why she didn't send a notification as a matter of course to inform me that my PRIORITY order was delayed. She said she didn't think that was necessary! Sharon Wycoff took no responsibility for any of her actions. She had a justification for every screw-up, including telling me that the US Post Office doesn't deliver mail to Hawaii, where I live! Then she hung up on me. This stupid little outfit deserves to go under. I wouldn't dream of making excuses to my customers, much less insult them. Avoid Robey's Wholesale Pillow Inserts. -Richard

Keaau, Hawaii 96749

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33dfe9de, 2008-11-12, 10:14AM CST

I think that it is a shame that this has been here for 2 years and I haven't seen this. I was contacted today by a customer who read this and was "sickened" (in her words) by this comment. I will respond to this comment as I read down their paragraph. First, no one ever "paid" $50 extra or any amount for goods that don't ship. Also, shipping from North Carolina to Hawaii would cost way more than $50 extra for priority mail. Credit cards are ran manually and no one is ever charged until their items on are the dock waiting to be picked up. Next, the "whinny woman" that this Richard Keaau is refering to past away from her health problems shortly after. She literally physically suffered. Next,I am also sure that she did not say that the post office doesn't deliver to Hawaii. I myself have taken several packages to the post office to ship to Hawaii handed directly to me by Sharon. This "stupid little outfit" has been here for over 30 years and is our family business that has grown due to good customers. Next, I remember this phone call to Sharon from Mr. Keaau and he was very rude and insulting...that is why she hung up the phone. In fact, I spoke to him first before he spoke to Sharon. Sharon worked 12 to 15 hours a day on top of having very serious health problems and when she was sick MOST people were understanding except for a few people like Mr. Keaau here who acted like a jerk to me over the phone. Sometimes e-mails don't come through as everyone can say that happens. So, I wished that we could have run across this earlier and Mr. Keaau would have left his contact info.

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