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Posted on Wednesday, March 29th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by 6f46adb7

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Hair Club for Men and Women

March 28, 2006

I never thought I'd see the day when I would be expected to pay a company for deceiving me, but then again, I had never before done business with the Hair club of Boston. Wanting to take better care of my hair so that it would grow thicker and fuller, I signed up for the extreme hair therapy program of the Hair Club for Men and Women in Boston, Massachusetts. This program promised to provide a free hair cut and styling per month, a free hair analysis per month, and month's supply of hair vitamins, shampoo, conditioner, minoxidil, and revitalizing complex for 12 months at an overall price of about $3000. Having hair health and hair styling provided to me in one place in one package for a set price appealed to me, and I signed up for the program. (As most women probably know, a hair style can cost anywhere from $50-$100 per style, so the value of the stying portion alone was about $1000. This seemed a pretty good bargain. When I went to my first appointment, the terms of the agreement were changed and I was told that a hair style was not a part of my package, despite the fact that it was specifically stated in the contract I signed and also despite the fact that the representative and I had discussed the skills of the Hair Club Stylists. In spite of all that, the representative insisted that I had not paid for a hair style a month, but had only paid for one blow dry per month. I was stunned. As a female who does not blow dry her hair, I informed the gentleman that I would never have agreed to pay $3000 just to have my hair washed once a month with their products. He insisted that style in my contract meant blow dry though it said style. What!? Since I felt that I had been grossly decieved, I requested the return of my $500 deposit and offered to return to them the considerably unused portion of their products. After weeks of attempted communications, it was finally made plain to me that they would not relinquish my deposit, that they would not accept the return of their products, that they were sorry for the mixup (deception) but that I would have to sue to get my deposit back. I am still reeling from this revelation. How any reputable company can offer you a service, refuse to provide it, and then unapologetically demand that you sue to recover your money is just amazing to me. Granted, when I first threatened to sue after having my phone calls ignored for months, they offered to honor the contract, but who wants to do business with a company whose honesty and provision of service is only compelled by a threatened law suit. I preferred we both just go our separate ways, but they insist on making me sue them for the return of my $500 deposit when they are the one's who refused to provide a style on both my visits to their offices! I think it is just because they are a huge company, and I am a merely a studentl. My school schedule is not as conducive to bringing law suits, and I can't help but feel that they are hoping to use that to their advantage. I just want to warn all individuals who are thinking of giving their patronage to hair club to think again. Is this really the type of company you want to do business with?

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ddf55f1e, 2008-07-11, 04:19AM CDT

this is absolutly not a company you want to do business with. Very unprofessional, deceitful, and scamming. I went under a contract and almost instantly they changed the rules. So, being that I felt I had no other option, I stayed with the company. Worst mistake of my life. The hair after 2 weeks is dry, brittle and you can definetly see the glue line around your face. Not to mention that when you take a shower, water is held in the hair and there is a HORRIBLE sour odor that comes off of your head. Real attractive I must say. Your head is in a constant state of itch and the hair I ordered came back too small. Needless to say, I was in the worst pain. They blew it off and said it was normal but in the same breath said I was the only one to complain about it. I finally figured out that they do just a form of lace front wigs and they do it all wrong. Your hair is never supposed to be compromised and they SHAVED my head. Now, im more bald than when i walked in AND in pain. The staff also left me in a room for one hour and flat out told me they had no idea I was in there!!!!!! Are you kidding me??? The whole experience was horrible. I just beg anyone to really look into this thing before signing your life away. It will not be worth me

0a7d9668, 2008-08-12, 11:24PM CDT

As a recent victim I totally feel your pain, Hair Club consultants are never clear about their service, they tend to leave loop hole so they can have a little room to go back and forth. If I had known about I would have found out about dishonest business practice of Hair Club. Unfortunately, after I got ripped of by Hair Club then I started searching see if anyone else had problems with Hair Club.

b35fdc5d, 2008-10-02, 12:58PM CDT

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them. I wished I had read your review before i tried Hair Club for Women in San Francisco. They had deceived me too. I also signed up for the Extreme Hair Therapy program and used their products for severl months. I was also wishing for a fuller and thicker hair like they mention the product will do. But I end up with more hair lost after i had used the products. I am upset and frustrated with them. I tried to get a refund and they refused to return my money. I was able to use the credit toward other program but i would have to add more money. I totally agree with you that I would never buy anything from them again. And I hope others will benefit from ready our complaints.

b35fdc5d, 2008-10-02, 01:25PM CDT

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Hair Club for Men and Women. I too tried Hair Club for Women in San Francisco and the result was bad too. I signed up for the Extreme Hair Therapy treatment and it was expensive. I used it for several months and noticed that my hair lost increased. I lost more hair than before. They promised the treatment would stop the hair lost and would generate new hair growth. Neither one of those promise came true. I was upset and frustrated that I spent so much money and got rip off. I requested for a refund and they weren't very nice about it and they refused to give me a refund even with many conversation with them. They gave me options to use the credit toward other programs like a custom wig or surgery, this means I would have to add more money. I can't believe they would think i would spend another dime on their product. Total waste of my time and money. I hope this review will benefit others and don't make the same mistake like us.

616355ed, 2009-11-17, 11:03AM CST

i am very sorry to read what awful experiences you all had to go through, but i do want to thank you for coming out and writing these reviews. i have had similar awful experiences with fakes, and i would have hated to go through this again. my two sisters and i were considering on giving these clowns a try, so thank you again for filling us all in. now i know to stay away from hair club.

4d819b80, 2010-01-28, 10:40AM CST

New York - I tried that system also. It did nothing for me.. after a full year of use. Plus, they are so greedy w/ their products - if you ran out before time to get more, it was a big problem. For the amount of money I paid, they shouldnt have gotten annoyed.

c879da8d, 2010-03-27, 04:08PM CDT

I totally agree with the complaints! Hair Club representatives saw how desperate and emotional I was and promised they had the solution for hair regrowth. They are great sales people. They sold me their products hook, line and sinker. EXT treatment is no more than Rogaine and Nixon. My total bill for a hair piece and EXT was $3,700.00. I had two visits for treatment and styling and was so disappointed that I have not returned. Hair Club has only sent me two months treatment and I paid for six months. (this is the seventh month) I was told no refund as well. Hair Club needs to be stopped! They are preying on people with serious hair loss.

Does anyone know an attorney that will help?

6912262b, 2010-08-05, 09:01PM CDT

I truly feel for people who have had a bad experience. Fortunately, I can't agree. I read MANY negative reviews, but I thought I should have my own experience and opinion. In desperate need of help on a very sensitive issue, I went on the consultation. Expecting to meet satan himself, I was quite surprised when I met some really great people there. Of course I was still skeptical, but now that I have my system on and professionals that help to keep it maintained...I am VERY happy. I think when it comes to a such a sensitive matter, you should really have your own opinion. Thankfully I kept an open mind! Don't trust others about this, trust yourself! Happy & Hairy!!!!!

Shahram, 2013-04-05, 07:43PM CDT

"Make Them Cry They Will Buy" Apparently this is what hair club tells it's staffs how to sell and pressure clients and how to sell sell sell.My advise to you is to please make sure you know what you're buying/paying for!!!!!

Mostafah S., 2013-04-23, 06:37PM CDT

Hello everyone,

I just signed up for Extreme hair treatment with Hair Club today. I read all the negative reviews after i signed up. I am not balding but i hair much less hair compared to 7 years ago. My scalp is totally visible if i stand at bright area (sun or light). A lot of reviews says that the products cause further hair loss. Should i use the products given to me at Hair Club?

Shahram, 2013-04-23, 07:31PM CDT

Not at all mustafa,Stop payments now..This is directly from an ex staff member she heard it from their own manager saying all those so called products are in reality shampoos and nothing else..take your lost walk away and call your bank stop further payments.

Consider natural products.

Shahram, 2013-04-25, 03:45PM CDT

Mustafa,If you're giving Minoxidil remember you can buy it on your own for $30. a bottle .shop on your own. my email [email protected]

21188cb5, 2014-11-05, 06:02AM CST

My 1 year experience with the Hair Club was more of a positive one although I do agree with a couple of the negative points mentioned. I had hair loss in small patches on top of my head and it was falling out in gobs. As a woman this is unusual and many people had commented on it. I later discovered I had thyroid disease and the underlying health issue is being addressed (now taking Armour Thyroid hormones).

I went through a year of treatment with the Hair Club and they did help turn around my hair loss. I could not afford to continue after my 1 year contract so I quit and decided to employ the things I learned. Here's what works for me:

1) shampoo the hair every day no matter what. Use finger tips (not finger nails) to massage shampoo into the scalp and gently clean oil from pores.

2) take Saw Palmetto extract (approx. 180 mg) 2x daily, and a good hair vitamin daily (this helps stop hair loss - it takes approx. 8 weeks to start working)

3) use Rogaine for Men (even if you're a woman) to stimulate hair regrowth

I would like to add that if you have lost too much hair (the follicle has completely died) then hair will not grow back there. It may be too late if your hair loss is to this point. But if you have some hair follicles that are still alive, although the hair growing out is very fine, there is still a good chance you can get up to three thick hairs growing out of that follicle which will make your hair look much thicker than it did before treatment.

A word of advise is to be patient. It takes a while for hair loss to turn around (it took almost the full year before I noticed it was thicker and the bald patches were filling in. But with persistence it eventually will improve.

My last comment is about your health. Some hair loss is genetic and there is nothing you can do but accept it. But if not it could be a health issues. In my case the lab tests that revealed my thyroid problem was not the standard TSH Thyroid panel but these 2 additional tests: 1) Thyroid Pyroxidase, and 2) Thyroid globulin antibodies.

Good luck regrowing your hair!

J B., 2015-01-24, 05:15AM CST

I've wasted close to 25 grand over the past 5 years on Hair Club. Dr. Duncan Simmons ruined my life, took thousands of my hard earned money and left my home state after he massacred the back of my head the 2nd time. I still have very noticeable scalp and now I have a permanent scar to remind me of my horrible decision. Dr. Simmons lied to my face and then made me feel guilty when I noticed the grafts were not growing. I've never been so helpless and upset in my entire life.

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