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March 24, 2006

For the following year and half, I've been contacting AMERICAN EXPRESS BLUE with hopes of some resolution to the following situation, but have yet to receive a formal response, nor any acceptable assistance.

Approximately a year and half ago, I requested that my credit limit be lowered to a comfortable amount within my budget, and at the same time I had my daughter added to the account. Shortly there after, she racked up over five thousand dollars without my consent. Once I received the statement, I contacted American Express, and requested to know why they didn't reject any charges once the credit limit was exceeded. Their response was that, they will accept any charges even if card holder exceeds the credit limit and then charge the customer the over the credit limit fee plus the amount charged.

My argument with them was that I specifically CHANGED THE LIMIT TO AVOID SUCH A MATTER, and they IGNORED that fact.

The only help I received was that they waived the over the limit fee , but I was still responsible for the debt incurred, being that I was the primary card holder, and for the same reason, they wouldn't withdraw my name from the account and just leave my daughter, so that she could be the sole responsible person for her actions to repay the debt.

I'm currently paying 11% which they won't lower to a more reasonable interest rate, I've been told several times, that's the best rate they can offer to me. BUT THEY WON'T HAVE UPPER MANAGEMENT GET IN CONTACT WITH ME even though I've requested this numerous times. They claim they don't have any other department but customer service to handle this matter.

My advise, PARENTS OR CO-ACCOUNT HOLDERS, BEWARE OF AMERICAN EXPRESS and their tactics to keep you the consumer unaware of their credit tactics.

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