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March 24, 2006

www.true.com charged me for what was said to be a free service trial perior. True.com dating service has ways of charging you under a free service arrangement.

I signed up online for a free week trial. Everything was done online. My service ended on 3-5-06.

On 3-4-06, I went online to cancel. The service would not allow me to complete the cancel transaction

online. This is the first service that I know of that will not allow you to cancel service in a similar fashion

that the wayyou joined the service. On 3-6-06, they charged my credit card $51,00.

I called in and talked to a service rep and then to a manager ( with the inital B), He would not give me

his name. He did give me the President's name, Herb Vest. So, my complaint to the the Attorney General for the State of Texas will be regarding Herb Vest.

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59a7ac47, 2008-08-23, 10:37AM CDT

This is not a complaint -- I just wish to cancel my "subscription" with True.com

e5576f4a, 2008-09-15, 04:34PM CDT

I have recently had the same thing happen to me, although the service rep I spoke to did give me her name and said she would give me an extra month free and if I was not satisfied to call back and cancel. Since they refused to credit my card back, I agreed and we will see what happens at the beginning of next month.

e50b5378, 2008-09-30, 10:49AM CDT

I've done this several times before I realized that they were charging my credit card every time although they state that it is just a pending charge but it still shows up against my credit card and now I can't get them to take them off. They also keep saying that I have several messages in my inbox and when I click on the "check messages" area they then charge my credit card..

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