Chase Home Finance, Columbus, Ohio

Posted on Friday, March 24th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by 96c77474

Company: Chase Home Finance, Columbus, Ohio

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Chase Home Finance, Columbus, Ohio

March 23, 2006

My complaint involves our home mortgage with Chase Home Finance We applied at escrow for an automatic account and were under the assumption that the auto. account had been set up between Chase and our bank, Wells Fargo. . Case called us to inform us that they had not received our first December payment. We then found that the paperwork was somehow misplaced. We sent in a check to cover the first and second month of our mortgage. (Paying early for the second month). We resubmitted our paperwork for the automatic account. The following month I received a collection call from Chase. I explained that we had paid in advance, and checked our bank statement. The check was cashed by Chase for both payments. I received numerous collection letters in the mail. After several hours of calls and trying to get through to Chase, they finally investigated. Their cash applier had misapplied our check. The next two months our checks were automatically deducted. Today, March 23, I received a collection call telling me we were overdue. I asked immediately to speak to a Supervisor. A woman named "Ricky" told me should would look into it. She lost my call. I ended up back with an operator who transferred me to a Customer Service person in another country named "Joseph" who tried to transfer me back and could not. I was unable to reach any "live" person until I called the sales department. I was told by both Joseph and the Sales Supervisor, Robert Foley, that someone would call me back today. No one has called. In checking with our Bank, the Chase Home Finance company did not enter the appropriate transaction to collect the money from Wells Fargo. I am appalled and dismayed, and especially concerned now that I have read many consumer complaints about Chase on various complaint sites. I have wasted much time on these issues. This is unacceptable. I am concerned that their ineptitude could impact our credit rating. I have found the name of the Chase Manhattan Leadership. I will write to the CEO of Chase in an attempt to get this resolved.



Palm Desert, Calif.

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c991c2b9, 2008-02-08, 06:15AM CST

Please direct your complaints here:

The attorney wants all info in 1 single secure location, and had me set it up on the Congressional Website!!

Thanks for your time and assistance.

989b31bc, 2008-07-02, 01:04PM CDT

well, let me say i feel your pain. wemailed in our property tax bill the middle of march, a week after we got it, and we're still waiting to find out when it will get paid, almost 4 months and one other copy sent later. everytime we call they say, "we have a trouble ticket and our research dept. is looking into it." as of right now our bill is delinquate and we don't have the cash on hand to pay it ourselves not to mention we just got our school tax bill and you can bet i'm scared to death to send it. so, now we're hoping to hear back from a "supervisor" and in the mean time we're trying to contact someone with some authority to get our bill paid.

6e9390d0, 2009-10-09, 12:08PM CDT

Please send me contact ( email, too) of the Chase CEO

Thankyou, Betty Hallowell

96342854, 2010-03-24, 02:29AM CDT

speak to customer care for payment dispute............. it will help you! nobody else can help you with this issue !

9a4bb42f, 2010-10-13, 12:56PM CDT

Boy, do I hear you! My original loan was through Washington Mutual which was taken over by Chase. I've had my loan through WAMU for 11 years with no problem. Ever since I was assigned a Chase number in August, nothing but trouble! The first payment was misrouted to a bank and some lady in Tupelo, MS. The next payment not even applied and then the 3rd payment was electro9nically debited for 87.18 insteads of $871.18! If I can ever find a real person (in the US - these cretins send their collections overseas insteaqd of employing Americans - just how scaly is that?) talk to about this colossal series of screw-ups, I am getting my pay-off and getting these sleeze-bags out of my life permanently!

e9655e04, 2010-10-19, 01:19PM CDT

Why is this company still in business. I have had so many problems with this company. We were sold to Chase by M & T Bank. We have had nothing but problems with them. We had a medical issue occur in our family. All we needed to do was refinance. We were told we would be eligible. I was lied to on several occasions, turns out after all the faxing and phone calls, we were denied because we bought an affordable home under my husband's salary. Thanks a lot Chase. What happened to helping people stay in their homes!!!! Money hungry company!

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