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March 20, 2006

From: Gary

Date: 03/20/06 19:13:29

Dear consumers;

For anyone pondering the question of having RCN as either their cable , television, or Internet provider please rethink before you sign up. I will try and be brief here. I am in a nightmare with no end in sight. I will explain below.

My name is Gary Bishop and before RCN took this new name they were under the heading of "Starpower". I am guess that the reason they changed names is due to the fact of all the bad publicity they have up and going now. When the company went under the name of Starpower I went and had dial up service for my computer. I had at the time a Compaq computer. My computer was just 2 years old when I began developing unwanted pop-ups and computer crashes. Being that my computer was just two years old I called Starpower numerous times to rectify the problem. Starpower was at my home no less than 6 times and each time they came out they blamed my computer with the crashes/pop-ups. I decided to go and buy a Dell computer. I had the new computer roughly 3 weeks when I began experiencing to my dismay the same type of problems as before. But what was truly amazing was the fact that after contacting Starpower and after several more visits to my home Starpower began telling me it was my new computer. On their last visit here the technician left wires dangling from the back of the computer. My family discovered that right after he left the premises. I called at that point and was shuffled from department to department to department and when I finally got in contact with a supervisor I told him to send out a man and disconnect my cable modem. They were reluctant to do so but days later they disconnected me. I then a week later got a call from a supervisor stating that if I would return he would give me "free service" for a month. I told him no and that I was finished. I then took my Internet needs to Comcast. At that time I decided to leave the cable and telephone with Starpower intact. My first months bill with Comcast was $61.00 and with me if you don't get a bundled package deal you are just throwing your money away.

At this point and time I called Starpower who by now had changed their name to RCN and informed them I was dropping all services, including my phone service and was going to Comcast. Now this happened in mid February of 2006. Comcast told me I would be able to keep my old phone number but would need to give me a temporary number until they got the number over from RCN. I was told "10 days" and as the days came and went and Comcast been here on several visits I still haven't gotten my original number. I have called RCN so many times in the past week that I now going to have to get my attorney on them to get my number back. They don't want to release my former number back to me and I have had to go to the City of Gaithersburg as recently as today to make a formal demand/complaint against this company. Not only are they refusing to release my phone number but did a most shoddy job wiring the house when my cable and Internet was installed years ago. Having RCN as a telephone service is a mistake in other ways also. I can't even call the local weather without being nailed with a long distance charge. Now keep in mind the weather station in my area is located just 12 miles away in Washington, D.C..

My suggestion to anyone who is even thinking of having RCN as their carrier to run away from that thought. I turned this business in to the BBB this afternoon and also to the Maryland Affairs committee. I was told today that they have thousands of complaints simuliar to mine and that they would check into my complaint. This business needs to be shut down... Like 10 years ago when they were under the name Starpower.

Gary E. B

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