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Posted on Monday, March 20th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by e69f307e

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Great Expectations Dateing Service

March 19, 2006

40 South River Rd. # 47

Bedford, NH. 03110

Letter to the Boss: Per the directive of Beth in the Bedford, NH. center, I was told to contact you regarding a refund or cancellation. I last spoke to Beth about my concerns on Thursday, March 16 2006. 3/1/06: I was called by Renee and was told, during the conversation, that there were appx. 3000 members in NH with about a 50/50 split between men and women. 3/2/06: I met with Beth and she stated that there were “thousands” of members in NH. And, there was a $28.00 monthly due to sponsor member activities. 3/11/06: (evening), my profile was put into the database and I could search the member directory. I discovered that there were only 92 women members of witch only 9 were under the age of 35 years. At that time I sent an e-mail to the Bedford center expressing my concern. 3/14/06: I hadn’t received a response, so I called the center. I spoke with Beth and she said, “I should be seeing more, and she would look into it.” At that time I also brought up the fact that there were no member actives in the NH area, and there haven’t been any in the last year. She then asked if there had been any in MA. I told her of only a few, the last being in Sept. of 05. 3/16/06: After 2 days of trying to reach Beth, she called me and described that it was very busy and she couldn’t return my call. I asked her if she had found out why I wasn’t able to see the large amounts of members that I should have seen. She said that she did a search, and the amount of people that were displayed was accurate. She then told me that there will be member events going on in NH but couldn’t tell me when. At that time I asked her for a refund or a cancellation and refund of my membership and then I was told that I needed to speak with you. I want a refund of $3222.95. The remaining $2000, covers any and all costs incurred to this date, as well as the continued membership for the remainder of my 2-year membership. I have searched the Internet and found that many other people are told the same thing and misled about member quantities and activities. I was advised by the NH Attorney Generals office and my credit card company that I present my wants to you before filing a complaint or taking legal action such as an out of state class action suit that is being put together. I appreciate an immediate response. The response: Stefani called me about the letter I had sent her. She said that I was not going to be given any type of a refund. She also said that there were at least 500 members in NH, and 4000 members in MA. As of today there are a total of 200 male and female members, of witch 8 of them are women under 35 years old. Members are being allowed to misrepresent themselves in there profile. Member # 1131 posted that she is willing to date a smoker in her profile. In a response to an invitation to meet, the member responded “No, Thank you Reason: Smoker 3/15/2006”. I brought this to the attention of Jen at the Bedford office through e-mail on 3/15/2006. I followed up on 3/16/06 with a phone call and Jen said that she would talk to the member about changing it. As of 3/18/06 the member has not made any changes to there profile. V-Grams: I was told that v-grams are an additional way to contact someone by having an e-mail sent directly to the member containing a personal message, and a video inviting the member to view my profile. I sent myself a test to see what the member would receive. The personal message was there, but no video. When I had my photographs taken, Mike (the photographer) told me that the v-grams would be “up” (available) at the same time as my profile video. I sent an e-mail to the Bedford center today (3/18/06 3:54pm) asking why there was no video, and I haven’t gotten a response as of 6:58pm. I recieved great help from George Darsey who is getting something done about this...

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e4745109, 2008-08-07, 11:04AM CDT

This office is now under new ownership and management, and has no affiliation whatsoever with the previous owners or any other Great Expectations office.

We cannot speak to any issues experienced by members prior to October 1 2007. However, if you fall into this category, we welcome your communication with us regarding your issues, so we may keep informed, although any remedy will be limited.

705ac300, 2009-08-01, 12:18AM CDT

Great Expectations ripped me off too. I hope it catches up with them. If you are reading this and are thinking about joining DON'T. They are very good at screwing people out of money.

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