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March 17, 2006

This is an email I wrote to sears detailing my complaint

To Whom It May Concern,

I have never before sent a complaint to a company. Mainly because I feel in large corporations that email will never do any good but today I have reached my limit. I called for the second time tonight at 8PM due to an order I had placed on March 12, 2006. Right away I knew there was a problem because I did not receive any emails concerning my order like I had any other time I had ordered from Usually my email box is a litter of confirmations after making an on-line purchase from sears. This time I did not get one email. A couple days later, I HAD TO CALL SEARS(sears should have called me) and I spoke with a woman who told me that my order was out of stock. When I asked why it wasn't posted on the website she informed me Sears policy is not to place an item out of stock unless it is effecting every district and since the item is only out of stock in my area it won't register this. (Funny because now its listed as out of stock on your website, . I let her know I was dismayed and she told me in 48 hours I will have a correspondence from the company. Tonight I received the following email:

Dear Sears On-line Customer: Thank you for shopping at Sears On-line. Unfortunately, the Treadmill, 400e Mfr. Model #: 400e , Sears Item #00629633000 is currently unavailable for home delivery in your area. We will hold your order until 3/22/06, and attempt to process it again. When the item has been restocked, we will contact you to confirm a new delivery date. If we do not receive a response from you before 3/22/06, we will assume we have your approval to hold your order for delayed processing. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65372# or call us at 1-800-349-4358. We hope you visit us

again soon at Mary Jo B.

Sears On-line Customer Care.

After receiving the email I called the number above and spoke with a woman named Michele. This lady was the nastiest person I have ever had to speak with. She was sarcastic and sighing the entire time we spoke, as if I was annoying HER. I was nothing but polite and felt so outraged that I ended up canceling my order. Which was not my intention when I called.

This is not the first time I have had problems with I had purchased furniture a few months back which came 3 times damaged. And as you know that means every time I had to wait until the order was sent back and repurchase each piece THREE times. I didn't mind as much because the reps I spoke with apologized and helped to make the process as less time consuming as possible.

I just wanted to let you know not only will you be getting a copy of this email but I am sending a review of your store and your customer service department to as many consumer complaint websites as I possibly can find.. I have had it with the big company attitude and feel if enough people complain maybe the message will be received.

Just so you know the proper training Michele should have in this circumstance is firstly to apologize for the inconvenience and lose the attitude.The worst part of Michele's arrogant responses is she could not even articulate the company's policies concerning out of stock items. I doubt she even knew what she was talking about and when I called her on it she became hostile with me. What type of people do you employ there?

I will never buy another product from sears or


One of your many former consumers Norman

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2fa82126, 2008-06-23, 12:05PM CDT

Thank you for your posting. I too have had major problems from and will never purchase from them again nor will I let anyone else for that matter. I've been hung up on by customer service and am still waiting for a credit from 5/28/'s 6/23/08. Since enough time has elapsed, I'm now letting my credit card company intervene.

858a4991, 2009-08-13, 01:17PM CDT

Blunder after blunder ... has no business being in business

by Jim C. written to

Posted Thu August 13, 2009 2:04 pm

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I received a gift card at Sears from my employer. I ordered some waders that would be received before my birthday. Order was canceled after a week so... No waders for my birthday :( Later I ordered 2 items and got email saying the items were at the store ready to be picked up. I went to the store and one item was in, the other item was canceled. Not what the email suggested at all. I was never credited for the canceled items, and I've had to call four times to get the credit on the gift card. It's only taken 3 months for to prove that they have no business being in the .com business. In my mind they have no business being in business. Never shop at sears

I think it would be GREAT if would delete all their items from their websites and get completely out of the .com business. They have NO idea what they are doing. Except upsetting the suckers who use their site.

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