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Posted on Thursday, March 16th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by b49f2000

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delta / american express

March 15, 2006

Delta offers an American Express card that gives Delta miles for every dollar purchased, and 10,000 miles before signing up. It's a scam. Yes, you get your 10,000 miles, but they don't tell you that you now require 50,000 miles in order to get a free domestic flight. They say that there are 25,000 mile seats, but they don't tell you how many are on each flight, and I could not find one for about 6 months ahead at any time that I could fly. It's possible that if you have no work obligations at all, ever, you may be able to find a flight that will take your 25,000 miles, but I couldn't, not even when I had two weeks when I could have flown almost any time. But, for 50,000 miles suddenly, there's room.

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