frigidaire gas wall oven

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frigidaire gas wall oven

March 15, 2006

To whom it mayconcern:

In April of 2000 I purchased a Frigidaire gas wall oven., Model Number FGB500CGBB, Serial Number NF00408427. In June of 2003 the ignitor went on the over and it cost me $179.54 to replace it. Once again the oven does not work and I am going to have to replace the ignitor. I can't imagine what it will now cost. The oven is only 6 years old and twice now I have had to have repairs. I purchased a Frigidaire because of it's good name, the product certaintly has not lived up to it's name. I am a widow and on a limited income and hard pressed for cash to fix an appliance that should last longer the it has. My previous oven lasted for over twenty years without repairs, I firmly believe that I should be reimbursed for at least one of the repairs or that I should have the part replaced for free this time. It looks as though every 2-3 years I will have to replace this part. That upsets me alot, especially since I live alone and use the oven very little. I can't imagine how often I would have to replace this part if my family were at home.

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