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March 14, 2006

eBay (www.ebay.com)

Dear Sirs,

I live in Tahiti and a week ago I have been the victim of a scam through the eBay Internet website; here comes the story: I have been the victim of spoofing. As a result I have reported the incident to the eBay Trust & Safety department. They advised me to get in touch with you and to send you a copy of what appeared to be an email forwarded by eBay and which actually was a forged document. I am going to lodge a complaint against the author of this trick with FBI and other law enforcement services in France, French Polynesia and UK (country which the author seems to be a citizen of). I was instructed to pay the amount of 800 dollars as the compensation for the purchase of a Canon EOS 20D digital camera which had been put on auction by the owner on eBay before being withdrawn from the list. This guy sent me an email saying that he had seen I was interested in buying such a camera because I had placed bids on another camera of same type until I was outbid at the level of 850 USDOL. He said that he needed money because he had been dismissed from job; he added that he was prepared to sell me this camera at the maximum price I had accepted to bid and he sent me a dozen of pictures showing that the camera was in mint condition. I said I would agree on transaction provided however it should be performed through eBay for safety reasons; he okayed on suggestion and later on I received an eBay confirmation of transaction. After receiving that fake eBay email (I damn did not know it was false), I was surprised not to be allowed a Paypal payment. So I enquired the matter sending a message to this "David Miller" (apparent name of this swindler); here are my question and what he answered: "David, I have tried to make payment but apparently direct electronic payment to Western Union in UK is available only for US residents. I had to fill in a form with my address in Tahiti and I was returned a reply that the Western Union in Tahiti is Banque de Polyn


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