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Posted on Sunday, March 12th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by f56ef39d

Company: Rockaway Bedding

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I think you should change your return policy. April 2005 we were interested in replacing our 10 year old mattress and went into your store on Hoper Ave in Toms River to look at a King Koil mattress that we had heard good things about. The saleslady was very helpful and we told her that my wife is quite ill and spends a lot of time in bed so we need something that will hold up. On a whim I asked about the Tempurpedic. She said that it was solid foam but that they had a better one by Spring Air that had a more solid foam on top and was guaranteed not to sink in. If it sunk more than 1/8 inch Rockaway would replace with a new one or with a different one if I wanted. She was a good saleslady because we paid $1441 and took it. Fast forward 8 months, the thing has 2 huge depressions and is very uncomfortable. I call, you inspect, and we get a refund to use at Rockaway, sort of with a few "adjustments". Like $45 for shipping that was free the first time. Oh, and $40 per box spring since they are OK. So we go into the same store, talk to the same saleslady, and we leave having paid yet another $45 shipping for the King Koil we really were after 8 months ago. And of course we got no consideration for purchasing a less expensive mattress than the Spring Air that you now no longer carry ... I wonder why. So, we paid $1441 plus the $45 shipping that we got free the first time, plus another $45 shipping for the replacement mattress. Now, the people coming in the store right behind us get to buy the King Koil for $1249 and pay no shipping. Hmmmm.

So, since the saleslady switched us to a faulty mattress 8 months ago, we get the priviledge of paying $1441 + $45 + $45 = $1531 for a mattress that the people behind us bought for $1249. Not bad, sell us a faulty mattress and MAKE $282 more on the deal.

I am now going out today to buy a new king set for our guest room. Do you think we are coming back? No, i don't think so.

I wonder how many other sales you have lost and they didn't say anything?


Beware! Seems they have been doing this for several years!



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