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March 11, 2006

This in in regards to Experian. I have been receiving items from several businesses that I never signed up for both at home and through the internet. Some of the things have been new accounts with items being sent to my home for teeth whitening that charges me $107.00 per month, Video Professor, Doubleday book club sending me an enrollment package and Columbia house both dvd and music the later of which I am already a member. They not only send me things I never signed up for but also try to bill my credit card. I have had to cancel my credit card because after contacting them for charges to my account they say it is fraud and had to issue me a new card. They also said that they would contact the credit reporting bureaus to show that it was due to freud and not because of credit problems. I then recieved another offer from Double day book club (even though I never signed up for it) It was a letter welcoming me to the club and giving me a special offer because of my credit worthiness. The second page to this was an opt out notice if I did not prefer to recieve prescreened offers in the future. All I had to do was write or call experian opt out. It went on to further tell me that information from my experian consumer report was used to make this offer and as a consumer I have the right to prohibit information contained in my consumer file for any consumer reporting agency from being used in connection with any credit or insurance transaction that is not initiated by me. I called the phone number for experian opt out and it was (of course) automated asking me for personal information including my social security number and without giving them my ss# they wouldn't be able to process my request. I was also told that they needed this information to send me a form to fill out and sign and would have a choice of a one year five year or a lifetime removal of my information being used for this purpose. I never said they could use my information for such puposes to begin with. They even went as far as giving my credit card number to companies. I thought that Experian was for credit reporting not credit information selling.


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