2001 vw jetta

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2001 vw jetta

March 10, 2006

Southwest signature VW and jeep Murfreesboro TN Ever since I was a teenager I had always wanted a VW Jetta. Last October, I finally got a used 2001 Jetta, silver and a beauty. Within 2 weeks, my husband was having to jump start it every morning. I took it to the dealer where I told them I would need an extensive electrical test because the battery was being drained every night. They kept it for 4 days, (while I had to pay for the rental) and gave it back to me, said there was nothing wrong with it and charged me $92.00 The same evening after I drove it home, I got in my car to go grocery shopping, and it was completely dead. Nothing. I called customer care and complained, and they told me that I could bring it back to the dealership and they would check it again for free. So I did, and after a week of having it again, they called me to tell me that they put a new battery in it and it started right up. Of course it started; the new battery is full of juice just waiting to be drained by my car! Idiots. Two weeks later (again) it was dying. Within this time, my blinker on the driver side went out. So last week, we were going to trade the monster in, so my husband went to change the bulb (and can you believe this!) the wiring was fried! So changed the whole thing out and it has been starting every morning. The biggest problem I have with the dealership is that they charged me for nothing, and even made the problem worse when I took it to them. The speaker in my driver door is giving me white noise static, even when the key is not in the ignition! I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY DIDI THAT! And the first time I brought it to the dealership, I asked for an oil change, which they agreed to do and even give me half off. They never changed the oil.


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