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Posted on Saturday, March 11th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by cd995c25

Company: Thales Navigation Consumer Products

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Thales Navigation Consumer Products

March 10, 2006

These people have no concern whatsoever for their consumers. I have a friend who, after talking me into buying a Magellan GPS, experienced problems with his unit. He has tried for the last two days to get help from this company to no avail. This contact was by phone and e-mail. The phone calls were several, the last of which I observed. My friend was placed on hold for 40 minutes, then via recording was told that there was no person available to help with his problem.

What kind of company conducts themselves in this manner. The answer is one that I am sorry I ever did business with , will never do business with again, and will provide my experience with this company to anyone who asks. They are a shame at best, a company full of greed at worst.


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a34a4b21, 2008-02-14, 10:19AM CST

Magellan Website is not user friendly. Phone calls to tech support gets you no where. Website does not recognize the ownership of my unit even though I have a registration number. So ---------evidently I don't even exist!

What do you think are the chances I will buy another Magellan product?

8b6488d5, 2008-03-17, 04:54PM CDT

I too had problems with their customer service department and similiarly with their pre-sales department. Seems that they are all out-of-country and have little or no resources at their disposal. I wanted to order the map upgrade for a Roadmate 760 but their web site would only accept an order if both the billing and shipping address were identical. In my case, they weren't. I found a website called that was able to take care of my needs. Suggest that this info might be usefull to others.

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