Hampton Bay 5-piece Simone Firepit Set

Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 08ba0ae3

Company: Hampton Bay 5-piece Simone Firepit Set

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Hampton Bay 5-piece Simone Firepit Set

June 5, 2006

Dear Sir: We have purchased a Hampton Bay 5-piece Simone Firepit Set in late March of this year. The marble tabletop we have noticed is cracking and pieces are breaking off. I first thought, I would glue this piece that fell off on, but then I figured that this furniture is not going to last even one year. We paid seven hurndred dollars for this set and indeed this is not worth it. I am not sure if I directed this question to the right people, if I did not, I am sorry. If I have, can you please email and let me know how I can fix this problem. I have the original purchase receipt, so no problem, there. I must say I have been so disappointed with this product. I purchased Hampton Bay patio furniture because we have your fans in ervery room of our home, and thought that this would be also a great product. No such luck. I will appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you: Mrs Nancy A

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4accf1f9, 2008-04-02, 02:41PM CDT

I have the exact same table, with the exact same problem. It is one and a half years old. Hampton Bay, or Home Casual ( i guess they are the same) refuses to help me. I spent alot of money and they are no help. Not a good way to do business. I expressed my concerns and they do not care.

fd40eb7e, 2008-04-26, 10:29AM CDT

I also have the same set and have the same problem. We purchased our set 5/4/07. The marble top started deteriorating in about six months. We went back to Home Depot, where we bought it. They tried to get a replacement top but said no parts were available. Since it was still under the one year warranty, Home Depot said we could bring it back for a refund.

9fcb3201, 2010-06-01, 01:26PM CDT

I also purchased this set. It is now 2010 my set is totally crumbled on two sides of the tabletop. I called the 800 number on the tag that I saved. NO REPLACEMENT PARTS ARE AVAILABLE even thru the manufacturer. They refuse to stand by this defective product that does not stand up to heat, sunlight causes fading even with the marble sealer they recommend to preserve it. They told me I'm on my own to find a replacement top and suggested I make my own thru a tile company. We paid $750 for this set. It should be made to last! The tag states that it is "MARBLE"....it isn't. It does not stand up to heat sunlight or fire. We have had only a few small fires in it over the years. I'm angry they won't at least help out with replacement tops for it. This item should be recalled!

For now, we are stuck with a very ugly looking firepit set. It will cost hundreds to replace with custom made tiles that are fire resistant. A one year warranty was not enough. The paint on the set has also bubbled even with proper storage.

Home Depot should reconsider carrying products from this manufacturer if they are not willing to stand behind this defective product with no replacement parts. $750 is a lot of money to go down the drain. There are enough complaints here to warrant a recall! Please contact me with a solution at your cost...I have spent enough time and money on this.

Mrs. Andrea H.

c167989d, 2010-06-28, 10:47PM CDT

I have one of those tables too! I wish I knew what kind of material to use to make new pieces for it. I would do it myself, but am unsure of how safe it would be to use with a fire.

8d41d674, 2011-03-15, 11:45PM CDT

I purchased a used set and I'm finding out that the seat fabric is almost impossible to replace as well...

What I'm going to do about the stone cracking is to chisel off the stone..I know..but start with a blank canvas.. you can use an heavy duty paint and make your own pattern to make it look like stone or what ever..I do custom firepits just started last year ...I saw that table and thought i could fix it but I think this is a better way to go...

Let me know your thoughts

V. Hart

Huntington Beach Fire Pits

e12f7f12, 2011-06-11, 11:23AM CDT

I have had this set for years and other than the little wire handles on the bowl breaking, there have been no problems with it at all.

18b1faab, 2012-03-05, 10:15PM CST

We have the same set and it is an eyesore and useless, Hampton Bay and Home Depot should step up and take responsibility. They were more than willing to take my credit card!!!!!!!!

Lori M

Debra G., 2013-05-15, 11:49AM CDT

If anyone can help, I am looking to replace one chair from this same set. We are a military family that moved to Italy and one of our chairs was ruined. Please contact me.

David D., 2013-09-07, 04:49PM CDT

I also thought i got a great deal on the pit set. I cannot for the life of me find a replacement bowl. The fabric does melt easily and the marble chipped right away. Anyone know where we can find parts or some sort of help for these problems?

76d15f15, 2013-10-15, 12:13PM CDT

We are in the same boat with the table top chipping. I tried calling the 866 number on the tag and get a recording that the number is no longer good. Anyone have any ideas on how to replace it - a do it yourself job?

Thanks much!

Hughes L., 2015-04-07, 09:11AM CDT

I bought the same fire pit set, when marble cracked after 6 months I had the pieces customed made with granite

But now the fire pit bowl is falling a part & I can not find a place to provide a replacement part, Home Depot customer care have been absolutely no help, & Hampton bay even worst...any idea where I can get a 25 inches diameter replacement fire pit bowl for my table set.

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