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June 5, 2006

We signed up for Monitronics because the salesman said they would have a person on the premises within 20 minutes and the police would take several hours. Two years later, we had a break in. I received a call, they were to check it out and call me back. Maybe it was a system error or something. I did not receive the call back for several hours and then had to drive another 3-1/2 hours to get to the

house. There was a broken window, a business card from the police, some rummaging, but luckily nothing was taken. When I called them the next day to express my displeasure, I was told they were just too busy to get back to me sooner. We were very unhappy about not having verification of a problem for several hours, from early afternoon until after 5 p.m. We contacted a new security company, sent a 90-day notice of cancellation for lack

of service. I paid through the end of the 90 days and called to verify that they had received my notice of cancellation and did not want to pick up the equipment. That was in March. Since then, they call me, and tell me I have to talk to the cancellation department. I have become very irate, I've already been on the phone for too long and they put me on hold again. I have never actually talked to the cancellation department. Three times I have become disgusted and hung up. I told them they can talk to the cancellation department and either sue me or cancel me. Last week I received a bill for $153, called again and told them they were harassing me, was put on hold to talk to the cancellation department, and hung up after 10 minutes. They said something about having contacted a Maxwell Security on time, evidently fulfilling their responsibility. I never heard of Maxwell Security. We sent a copy of the notice of cancellation by registered mail to the security

firm listed on our contract and it was returned as undeliverable. My feeling is that if Maxwell Security caused my unhappiness, and the loss of revenue, they can collect from Maxwell Security. Has anyone out there ever heard of a judge requiring the continuation of a service contract when there has been a failure of service?


Big Bear Lake, CA

Las Vegas, NV

I advise NO ONE to contract with Monitronics.

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