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AAA Michigan

June 30, 2006

In November of 2005, I mailed a check to pay for homeowner's insurance. Weeks later I get a bill in the mail saying they never received payment. They had the check but didn't know where to apply it, even though my account number and the address of the property were on the check. They said the check was being returned to me and had me authorize a debit from my checking account. Well, they took the debit and cashed the check. I had numerous checks bounce, was charged overdraft fees, etc. I tried to be calm and called to explain the situation. I was told the money would go back into my account in a few days. Well, a few days pass and guess what! Instead of giving me the money back, they took another debit of over $1,000. This was money that I borrowed to stay afloat. Please keep in mind that this is holiday season and I now have over $2,000 in excess gone from my checking account! After calling again, I was told it would take weeks to get me the money back. I ended up filing a complaint with OFIS, to which AA responded so rudely, as if I was the problem! I did get my money back quicker that way though. (there was one person at AAA who was helpful but she still couldn't clear things up)

I would advise not to do business with this company. They just do not care. I also had auto insurance with them at the time and, with my renewal, they tried to increase my premium by over $200 for 6 months, even though I had the same car, no tickets, accidents, etc. I now use Allstate and am much happier (and richer since I cut my premium amount in half!)

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