liberty national cancer policy

Posted on Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 97d9d0c2

Company: liberty national cancer policy

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liberty national cancer policy

June 26, 2006

my father bought a small cancer policy years ago from liberty and he had numerous problems filing claims and getting responses. I took over filing claims and after many mths of waiting and sending everything registered mail received some of the money. The last claim I filed in 2/06 for his last hospital stay I have yet to hear from them. this is a policy that pays for his radation and drs visits (I'm talking $5 per drs visits). he has since passed away from cancer but this company gave him so much grief during the last 6 mths of his life that I wouln't recommend insuring my dog thru this company. I will continue to make them pay for his last hospital stay til I die.


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8850156b, 2012-02-01, 11:31AM CST

I have had the same problem with my mother (years of fighting). I finally got an attorney, now he is taking 50% but at least we are getting something.

abaeff6a, 2012-05-31, 09:37AM CDT

If you have a Liberty National

Cancer Policy be sure you cancel at age of 65. I filled a calim in Jan his year at the age of 71 and was recently notified that my coverage had ended at the age of 65 for the treatments I had to have but they continue to take premiums out of checking accounts for these 6 years.

Patrick M., 2015-01-28, 07:32PM CST

I bought a Cancer policy through Liberty National at my work location,the agent was Ed Dobson and he was in front of 300 plus employees. He told how if you was diagnosed with Cancer you would get a lump sum of money between 10,000 and 50,000 dollars. I paid I believe 0.92 cents a month in 1974. In 1978 I got married and my premiums went from .92 a month to 160.00 for family coverage. This policy was the one to have if you got Cancer and also it was suppose to pay what the cost of the hospital charges was to the person with the cancer. Well I have other policies with them and when I got my policy it said all of this. I paid around $135.00 a month from 1978 to dec22nd 2014. Then april 27th I was diagnosed with Metastatic Papaillary Thyroid Cancer and after I got better I got all of my bills from the hospital and filed a claim and I received around $2,600.00 I called and asked what is this little amount of money for and they said thats what your policy covers. Who in their right mind would pay $135.00 from 1978 to 2014 for a sorry policy like this. I called and Cancelled my Cancer policy on Dec. 22nd of 2014. They drafted my checking account again in Jan of 2015 but 198.00 dollars. I sent Liberty National an email and they said the would refund me. Its been 2 weeks and No refund I called the main office and I couldnt get an answer for 3 days. I have been nice right now I am going to go a different route if I am not refunded. If you buy a policy of any type get down and read it and probably be best to let a attorney to look at it.

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