maytag air-conditioner / split system

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Company: maytag air-conditioner / split system

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maytag air-conditioner / split system

June 23, 2006

On 1/24/04 we had a new heat/air conditioner unit installed by Your Energy Source. The heating unit seems to work fine. The air conditioner part seems to be a lemon. It is a Maytag 1000.,ton 2.5, 13+SEER Extra High Efficiency Split System. We live in Dublin California where it gets really hot maybe 4 or 5 times a summer. Since its installation we have had nothing but problems. Below find a list of dates that the company has tried to fix it. Yesterday we turned it on again and the refrigerant is gone again. The company we purchased it from does not think this is important, but since I stay at home and am disabled the heat really affects me. Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated

3/14/2004 Unit signed off

8/30/2004 Called Energy source and reported that we were not getting cold air. A r worker came out and found a leak on the valve on the coolant line. Unit refilled

7/17/2005 lost all coolant again. This is the first day we have wanted to use it more than 1 to 2 hours.

7/18/2005Jason( a repair man for the company) came out and tested the coolant. he said it

was a problem with the coils. They needed to call Maytag to get the o.k. to

order the part.

7/27/2005Parts are to arrive

8/01/2005Jason came this afternoon. He added a can of sealant. Ran air conditioner now it doesn't blow any air at all. He will call Maytag and get back to us/

8/09/2005 Kevin ( a repairer) came and put in a new compressor

8/26/2005 Today was the first day after the new compressor. Set it to 83 and left for the day

Worried about the dogs in a hot house if it didn't work.Came home around

6 PM. Set it to78 degrees. The thermostat was reading 85 degrees. Let it

run until 7PM. Turned off the fan. It never got below 85 degrees .

8/28/2005 company came out and pressurized the unit.Said there was definitely a leak

somewhere. Unit was not bringing hot air back to the unit.

8/29/2005 Kevin came back and checked for refrigerant. Turned the system on and

pressures were ok.

6/20/2006 Used the air conditioner for approximately 2 hours

6/21/2006 used the air conditioner for approximately 2 hours

6/22/2006 Went shopping . Set house for 83 degrees. Arrived home and air was not

working again. 86 degrees--1/2 hour later 87 degrees. Turned unit off

and turned on our house fan to circulate air. Called Energy Source again

and told them I wanted a new unit.

6/23/06 Husband called the owner. He was put on hold. Work caused him to hang up

while on hold. I called company around 1:30 PM Was told my husband already

called. The owner is trying to get a tech out here No call from the company.

I roasted all day

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