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Posted on Friday, June 23rd, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 6261745a

Company: and Staples Store in Pickering ON Canada

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June 22, 2006

I purchased a Sentry Safe online with The website clearly stated that night time delivery arrangments could be made. I was later told that my order could only be delivered during 9-5 on Friday, which I agreed to. My order never came and I was told that it couldn't be delivered until Tuesday, so I cancelled my order. I decided that I would try a local store in Pickering, surely dealing with a real person would yield a better result, I thought. I was told that a safe would be delivered again on a Friday (1 week later now). I accepted and was happy that I would finally get my product. Today, Thursday, Staples in Pickering called and informed me that my order could not infact be delivered Friday and that I would have it on Tuesday. I was expected to take a vacation day to accommodate Staples in order for them to do business with me! Again I cancelled my order...I will never shop at Staples ever again

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cfb110c0, 2008-08-10, 06:00PM CDT

that is your choice and there is to many negetive people in this world anyway if you could not complain what would you talk about?

2607d52d, 2010-10-23, 12:25AM CDT

You are a spoiled little fuck!

This happens, such is life! Next time pick up your lazy ass and do what normal people do - get it yourself!

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