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Company: 2000 Ford F250

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Tires Plus

June 21, 2006


Tires Plus

10510 Wiles Road

Coral Springs, Florida 33076-2006 RE: 2000 Ford F250

Inv. Nos.: 069647 & 069622

Dates of Service: May 10, 2006 & May 11, 2006 Dear Manager: I am the owner of the above-identified vehicle. This is to advise you that Tires Plus breached its warranties and the guarantee provided when my son brought this vehicle in for service. On May 9, 2006 my son, Christopher Thompson, took the vehicle to you to have the air-conditioning serviced. He advised your technician the A/C was not “blowing cold”. A system check was performed at a cost of $19.99 and it was diagnosed as needing a complete recharge. The system was charged with 68 ounces of R134A at a cost of $2.00 per ounce, or $136.00, and a labor charge of $114.80. According to information available to me, the F250 should have taken only 24 ounces of R134A. Consequently, I was overcharged $98.00 for this item. The following day, May 10, 2006, when the A/C continued blowing warm air, the vehicle was taken back to Tires Plus. This time you performed a “courtesy check” at no cost and recommended that the evaporator be replaced ($149.99), along with a new A/C liquid line ($44.99), drier/accum ($113.50) plus labor of $221.40. Your technician Erick was asked by son if this additional will fix the problem so that the A/C would blow cold air. He specifically replied that it would. In fact he told my son, “it will defiantly fix the problem, this is the diagnosis and this is the solution”. Based upon that guaranty, my son authorized this additional work. The vehicle was brought back the very next day, May 11, 2006, because the A/C was still blowing warm air. They recharged the system again and said “it might be the compressor if it still doesn’t work after this”. It did not work and your technician said it would need a new compressor! After spending $575.75 for work that was unnecessary, my son asked if Tires Plus would install the new compressor without a labor charge (parts would be paid for). You refused this offer. I hereby demand a refund for the cost of all unnecessary work performed on my vehicle. Tires Plus has breached its express and implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and the guarantee given to my son that the A/C would blow cold air after the last set of repairs were made on May 10, 2006. I trust we can arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution to this matter without the need for litigation. However, if I do not hear from you within the next ten (10) days I will proceed with litigation in Broward County Small Claims Court. Please advise me of your intensions. Sincerely, Russell Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_54231#


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