Symantec Corporation Norton Internet Security 2006

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Company: Symantec Corporation Norton Internet Security 2006

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Symantec Corporation Norton Internet Security 2006

June 20, 2006

Symantec Corporation Customer Complaint June 20, 2006 My annual antivirus software subscription was nearing the renewal date. I ordered the suggested product, Norton Internet Security 2006, to renew my subscription to my Norton Antivirus 2005 when reminded by the software. It was ordered from the Symantec online store. After the order was processed I got an email coupon for a discount to renew my subscription. Feeling this would involve too much time to get applied to the current order, I let it go. When I had not received the product a week later, I checked the status of the order online. It indicated that it was backordered. Oddly, after leaving the website I received an email notification of the backorder status. Almost 3 weeks later after just receiving Norton Internet Security 2006 I began the installation and followed their procedure to start the software for the first time. This went smoothly. The process includes uninstalling the previous version and downloading the latest virus updates which takes some time with a dial-up connection. Again all went smoothly. The problem started when checking my email. Messages could be sent but not received. I went to the built in help and followed all suggestions. This included uninstalling and reinstalling the product. After this process and the lengthy virus definition update download, the problem remained. I decided to contact Symantec for assistance. The 3 options are live chat, email or a $30 phone conversation. Since email is the problem, I elected chat. The first chat session basically followed the help section instructions. This session ended abruptly and without resolution after about an hour. These sessions do not have an ID or reference number so the second chat session could not begin where the first left off. It was late, I needed to get to work and I was very frustrated. I decided to uninstall and return the product. The issue now is how to get the 2005 version reinstalled and the years’ worth of updates that had been paid for. The technician could not answer this, referring me to the customer service website. The session again ends abruptly. The product box lists web address to get return information. This page offers 2 options to begin the return process, contact them by email and phone. Since the problem with the product impacts email I used the phone number listed 1-877-255-7907. When calling this number an automated message from Symantec indicated that his number is no longer in service and refers callers to the above address. Further exploration into the Symantec website did reveal a different number that worked. I did finally get to speak with a very polite representative who processed the return request. I found it discomforting that at no time was I asked why I was dissatisfied with the product. I asked for but did not get any confirmation number on this return. I will see if the credit appears or not. To future Symantec customers; Make sure that you can make Symantec software work by YOURSELF. Symantec places severe obstacles in your path to support. Also be aware that if you elect to proceed with the suggested uninstallation of their old products, any updates cannot be retrieved. Once they have your dollars, your are invisible to them. Symantec’s conduct through this entire renewal process has significantly lowered my opinion of the company and their products. Tracy Seymour, Missouri USA

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6b13768d, 2008-02-01, 08:29AM CST


I tried to renew my subscription on the internet. It was impossible to download. I and others have tried for days without any success. Please refund the money charged to my Bank One card.

8f8986f4, 2008-03-13, 03:13PM CDT

Once Symantec has taken your money it is almost impossible to get it back if the download fails. They have erected an effective firewall to protect themselves from customer complaints. After days of frustrating efforts and blind alleys I was able to get my credit card company (but only after insisting on speaking to a supervisor) to put me on the trail of a final solution. Believe me, it was not easy. The unlisted Customer Service number is 1-800-745-6048. It is answered in India, but they were able to get my account credited. I am now using ZoneAlarm for a firewall and anti-virus. I've had it with Norton!

5c18fcf4, 2008-09-04, 08:08AM CDT

ibougtnorton 360 when ibought my lap top from comet bot wheni put in thec ode it never worked T6HJT G2KKF YHAPD J7BQK VT23Q

93c75597, 2008-12-23, 04:59AM CST

i purchased norton at best buy it shut down my computer i just bought this tower it cost me over a thousand dollars now i lost money on this security i will never buy this produck again and i hope noby buy this product good luck if they do

john s., 2015-06-03, 07:57AM CDT

i turned off my outomatic renewal by mistake and want to turn it back on is that posible?

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