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American Airlines Ticketing

June 19, 2006

American Airlines Ticketing On about March 22, 2006 my husband's ex-wife informed him that his boys would be available to visit for their summer vacation on June 1, 2006. On March 23, 2006 I purchased airline tickets for my husband's two boy's for their scheduled Summer Vacation. Additionally, I purchased 2 tickets for me and my husband, because we decided to fly back with the boys and make that the first leg of our own vacation. On June 1, 2006 his ex-wife did not put the boys on the airplane, as had been previously agreed to. She simply 'DECIDED NOT TO'. On June 2, 2006 I contacted American Airlines to see if we could change the names on the tickets of the two boys into our names, so his ex-wife couldn't use the tickets for travel to somewhere else than to our house. American Airlines said I could NOT HAVE a refund, nor could I transfer the tickets into another name. I feel that this is extremely unsatisfactory, as we have paid for these tickets but are unable to use them. We are still planning to use the tickets in our name, as this was going to be the 1st leg of our trip and to save any additional fees we'd have to pay for the boys to fly alone (they are ages 10 & 11). I'm not asking for a refund, simply a change of name for the tickets so that we could use them on a future flight for ourselves. America West has allowed us the name change for a charge of $50, and I feel this is acceptable and would be willing to pay the additional charge, just so his ex-wife can't use the tickets for her own use. Thank you, Barbara

Las Vegas, NV 89131

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