2001 Kia Rio

Posted on Saturday, June 17th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by b0fe2fee

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2001 Kia Rio

June 16, 2006

My Rio's timing belt went out after 65,000 and I had to have the engine replaced just over a year ago at $3300 at an authorized Kia dealership in Owego, New York. The car has always overheated in the summer and especially if you have to idle for any length of time at all. After the new engine was put in, it kept having an oil leak. (I couldn't tell if it was overheating as well because it was winter.) I have been taking it back for the oil leak problem. They finally decided it was a warped head gasket. They replaced that while the engine work was still under warranty. It still leaked. In the meantime I moved to Iowa and took it in to see about the oil leak. They said the Owego dealer had put in a long screw where a short screw belongs and warped the gasket. Of course the warranty on the engine work is up. New head gasket. And new timing belt regulator thing and $1600 out of my pocket. Owego dealer accused Iowa dealer of making the screw story up. Owego dealer refuses to pay for the repair because he sold the dealership. New dealer in Owego is his brother (same corporation) who refuses to pay because he says it's the old owner's job to pay. Their cousin is the service manager! Owego dealer says that it's Kia's fault because they sent them the wrong screw! Meanwhile, I have moved to New Mexico with the new repair being a little over a week done. And the car is overheating! I have called Kia and they said they do not stand behind their authorized car repair dealers! This is the most frustrating experience I have ever had. I cannot recommend Kia or Kia Rio and I definitely cannot recommend Royal Ford in Owego, NY.

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c458eec9, 2011-07-20, 08:59PM CDT

My timing belt also bit the dust..the engine locked up on me on my way home from work, I'm still paying on this thing and this is not my first problem with this piece of s**t..so here we are one car short, then a drunk driver forces me off the road, I rolled my truck while the other driver (drunken piece of s**t) drives away without anyone seeing his tag number, so my paid off truck is totaled, I have no way to replace my truck, I can't even get the damn thing out of impound because I don't have $900, my Kia is lame and here I am with a $80,000 medical bill, Geico will only cover $10,000...I was able to get another car a 1999 Grand Am, which is a blessing, I can't drive, my roomate is doing all of the driving and working I might add, I am still under my Drs. care, not allowed to go back to work, in the meantime my disability insurance refuses to send me my short term disability..so my bills are adding up, I have no way to pay them and I may lose the only car we have because I can't pay the freakin bills, my roomate has been unemployed for over 2 years, she finally has a job, but she may lose it without transportation..UGGGGHHHHHH I f****n hate Kia..steer clear of them and if you drink and drive I hope you die a very slow and painful death!

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