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Posted on Saturday, June 17th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 26b05270

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Target Corporation Policies

June 16, 2006

I could not find an address to send a letter to Target Corporation. I e-mailed this letter to a black hole on their website. Letter sent 6/17/06 Wow. I have never had so much trouble finding a company's corporate headquarters' address as Target. I would like someone to please forward me the address to where I would send a Customer Complaint letter. This is not towards the store it is towards your companies policies. Not only have you lost my business but I will make an effort to inform everyone I know (via media!) about your policies. Aside from registering as a bride at Target and being told after the wedding I could only return 2 items in one's visit topped it. I tried to return 2 sleeping bags bought at your store for my son's birthday. He received 4. I had no issue of in store credit since I did not have the receipt (Please note someone else bought these and I will let them know to not shop for my family at Target again). Not only could I not get in store credit the only option I was offered was to make another purchase for an equal or greater amount. This would have been fine with me as well but then you through another hoop for your customers to jump through, I needed to pick the items in the same department on that same day and could not combine the total of the two items. I had to pick out a $19.99 and $22.95 item not a total of both form the sporting goods section only. My son is 3...there was nothing for him other than sleeping bags that he needed. Allowing me to walk two isles over to get him a toy or clothing would have been fine to. I called the manager of the store who noted she did not agree either but did not have the power to over ride company policies. This is a VERY POOR policy and Target has lost my business, and the business of my close friends and relatives, over $40. I wonder if it's worth it. I also surfed the net looking for your address...found a lot of upset X-customers. Target will follow many chains that closed because they did not care about the major key in business...Customer Satisfaction. I will be contacting a few news media outlets in my area ( connections will be used) I will make it a key topic at all Weddings/ let all brides and mothers to be not to register at TARGET. You know that bull eye you have for a logo??? Well I'm going to aim and fire.

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72832410, 2008-01-21, 08:20PM CST

I am also looking for a name or address to contact Target Corp. My daughter in law registered there for her baby shower. She decided the crib set does not work well with the color of the room and tried to return return, no credit, no nothing...tough darts! I am telling everyone I know never to shop or register at Target. They are penny wise and dollar foolish...they've lost a lot of business due to this policy.

bcc9af6a, 2008-04-29, 12:46PM CDT

You can mail them at

Target Stores

Mailstop TFS 1A-X

PO Box 9350

Minneapolis, MN 55440

or email [email protected]

6c262ad8, 2008-05-15, 10:29AM CDT

Our family has the same complaint with the same policy regarding a baby registry. I received one response from guest relations doing nothing but reiterating their poor policy. Then I emailed back and received an answer that there was nothing they could do in regards to this policy. So much for 'customer satisfaction!'

6294ee3e, 2008-10-30, 02:28PM CDT

In recent years, I abandoned shopping at Wal-Mart for the calmer atmosphere at Target, even though the prices were higher. I, too, am just about fed up with Target. Thankfully, I finally found this site so that I could send a customer complaint to an ACTUAL physical adddress. Today, as I purchased my groceries, my cashier was a sloppily dressed young man who did not even look up to acknowledge me. After carelessly tossing (more like throwing) my canned goods into the bags, he topped it off by putting a bag of powdered doughnuts in a bag with 10 lb. of sugar. What kind of moron does that? He made absolutely no effort to help me with my many bags, but instead piled them up at the end and just stood there. I thought I was trading higher prices for better service, but if this continues I might as well return to the mobs at Wal-Mart.

Also, a few years ago, I learned of Targets awful return policy when a young woman from church gave birth to her daughter who did not survive. She attempted to take back the baby shower gifts that were purchased from Target since her daughter had passed away. The only option they gave her was to purchase something from the baby section for the same amount. How heartless! She left in tears. She could not force herself to even go into the baby section.

Beware Target, dumb policies are causing you to lose customers.

3881711b, 2008-12-25, 07:33AM CST

I had worked at Target for about 4 months. I am the guardian of a disabled adult in the home who is Hiv positive. I have 5 plus years experience in social services. I was approached by another target employee about her problems. She told me she was homeless in Washington at some point, ate garbage, is living in a hotel room, her son just tried to kill himself and is in a mental hospital and she currently goes to billingslee road for mental health services. I felt sorry for her and invited her over for Thanksgiving. I also tols her about section 8 housing because it would help her. On Dec 22, 2008 I was fired from Target Midtown in Charlotte, North Carolina. The reason I was told (I told her about section 8 housing and it was not my place to do so). The employee approached me with her problems and I was fired for trying to help her.

cca2cad4, 2009-09-13, 11:50PM CDT

I am a current Target employee I agree wholeheartedly about ALL and more that you are saying...currently they have a settlement of $75,000 for discriminations against African-Americans were they among other things spoke to them in a barading manner. Fast, fun and friendly atmosphere...huh more like Fake, Fony and Full-of-it! The address you need to headquaters is: Target Corporation

1000 Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Attn: Ethics & Compliance Team, TPS-20.

971d0209, 2009-06-23, 10:22PM CDT

As a former Target team member, and a shopper there I hate the return policy regarding the shop in the same dept. only for returns without receipt. But think of it this way: If you don't have a receipt how does Target know that you didn't just simply lift this item from another Target, or that particular Target and want $$ for it? They have NO way to track that that particular item was actually purchased. As for the registry issue, ALL OF THE RETURN POLICIES ARE LISTED ON THE SCREEN BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN SET UP A REGISTRY. If you don't like them, don't register. It's not Target's fault your guests don't know how to ask for a gift receipt or enclose it in your gift. Cashiers are not clairvoyant and don't know (unless they see the blue registry that you printed out at the kiosk) that you bought an item for a gift.

4b437ae7, 2009-09-04, 12:57PM CDT

I agree that target has the worst refund policy ever. I have called guest services muliple times be told different things, just to go to the target store and be told something completely different. I am writing corporate HQ as we speak. TArget sucks and in America, if something is broken or are suppose to be able to get your money back. NOT at TARGET. They are corporate GREED AT ITS FINEST!!! Shop elsewhere, let target wither away as it should.

fc5b4850, 2009-10-04, 01:52PM CDT


6d2f91a5, 2009-10-11, 11:58AM CDT

The Target store at 16400 Beach Blvd.,Westminster, California does not adhere to its posted return policies so the store has $206.00 of my money and will not return it to me! I returned defective merchandise, with all packing and the receipt within six days. First the store lied and claimed my check didn't clear. I immediately obtained bank evidence that it had cleared several days previously and returned to get my refund. The store refuses to give me a refund. After lying about my check they tried to force a gift card on me or a credit card, neither of which I want. I want my cash back. Now Target has my merchandise and I do not have my money. I have to file in small claims court to get a refund.

They are a criminal enterprise.

b8aaf07a, 2009-10-18, 08:34PM CDT

Apparently you must work for Target! You also have some info wrong. If an item does not scan into the system, Target will not refund your money. I also work for Target. The policies with this company are horrible. So is the management in most of the stores. Get your facts right before you start telling someone what to do. Mos of the complaints here are legitimate ones and I agree wholeheartedly with them.

aa664613, 2009-11-17, 11:01PM CST

I am posting this comment anonymously due to the nature of what I am discussing. Basically, I have been sexually harassed at Target by both laymen coworkers and supervisors who have followeed me around with the salaciious goal of discussing my private sex life in graphic detail - and, within my own earshot. They try to be clever about it using double-entendres and slang, but everyone knows what has been discussed; theose that can control themselves try to keep quiet, those that do not have self control or even care gladly open their mouths to let me know they have this kind of power over me. Because that is what sexual harrasment is - letting the other person know you can belittle them and have pwer to cause them harm or negative experiences.

Also, I believe the local police have something to do with this harassment. If you believe the passage that when the trumpet sounds all the secret acts of men per 1,000 years will be made manifest, then I also have to assume that when I stand before my persecutors they will not have any half-truth or cat-got-your-tongue manipulative tool at their disposal.

Well, I am not surprised that they would do this since I knew from the start they got pervesre pleasure out of others sexual proclivities. It's like the vice cop who deliberately exposes himself with an erection in hopes of entrapping another man into touching himself; one lewd act is followed by another type of sexually innapropriate action, one by officialsd or those in power and one by subordinates or coworkers.

These are the kinds of things that destroy any semblence of trust in others; why should I trust these people? Little tin gods living in their own fantasy tin world created from revenge and one-up-manship and lack of charity/respect is what they have forced me to endure in order to put food on the table.

Interesting as all this is, I have felt the love of the Lord in my life these past few days even though I am a sinner, and marveled as to why I would feel his presence even though I am a sinner. I now know; the timing was the key. The Lord knows when bad people are going to continue behaving badly towards ourselves and provided comfort and perspective.

By their own lips they condemn themsleves.

d0df4fd9, 2010-01-07, 10:49PM CST

I received a Polaroid Digital Picture frame for Christmas. Tried it. The device would not upload pictures from the computer (no USB function). Tried to return item in original package, with receipt, two weeks after purchase. I was told it had been "used" because I had turned it on. The person at the returns desk said the manager would not meet with me. I offered my business card, hoping to elicit the managers card in return. The manager refused to meet with me or provide his name. Instead, I was provided with a national customer service number. Each time I called, I was told the matter would be looked in to by a supervisor. Each supervisor told me the job of national Customer Service said their job is to back the store managers. Caveat Emptor!

3ff08814, 2010-01-11, 01:21PM CST

Unfair practices at Target. The son-in-law of one of the "higher ups" at Target is a good-for-nothing. He seems to get into trouble no matter which store he works at. Oh did I mention he works at Target. He has no respect for people or rules. It is my understanding that he got into trouble at one of the stores and was sent to the one in South Saint Paul where I happen to know the Manager. This manager was told to treat this guy with "kid gloves". Come on, why should he be so special. He's a loser. Anyway, this guy was sent to the S.St. Paul store and was up to his old tricks. He got called on it and said "I'm going to take you down" to the store manager. And guess what? He did... he got him fired. This manager served Target for over 9 years of unblemished service...and this is what he gets, just because everyone is afraid of the losers father-in-law. Totally unfair. Fire him too!!!!

15849366, 2010-01-27, 03:36PM CST

My complaint is that I was very excited about ordering a new crib and chest of drawers from Target's website for my new baby's room. I saved money almost the whole time I was pregnant. When it came to ordering them, I was very disappointed to learn that I could not have the furniture shipped to the store to pick it up. If I had it delivered to my home, it was going to cost an extra $300.00! That's crazy, because I was already going to spend a little over $500.00 on the furniture. I ended up ordering a similar crib and dresser from J.C. Penney where they did ship to the store and it was free shipping. I am extremely disappointed with Target and I have always loved Target and been a very loyal customer. Not so much anymore!

e69708bc, 2010-02-04, 03:28PM CST

Your not alone... Target is not the only store.. I was very unhappy with Kohls and never did find a corporate office.. As for Target. I was not happy to day.. I recently bought a large bottle of laundry soap.. only to discover today that I did not buy the one that says H.E. on it.. so I went to the store .. my luck I could not find the recipet.. I explained the problem to the clerk , I gave her my credit card so she could credit that...I guess If thats not the card you used to buy then it can't be returned.. she insited it must be another card... Nope I said that the only one I have ... I just want to return it or even exchange it... This young clerk had the nerve to tell me not to get made and raise my voice to her. Excuse me , I am the customer. How dare she even speak to me that way... The she says can I have your drivers MDL ....If I give her that she can issue a store credit... Well why did she not politly say that to begin with... So I ask for a manager.. I don't know who she called but some girl who looked to be 16 came to me.. only she looked at me and said O!.. you need to speek to so and so.. who she called.. How in workd does she know who I need to speak to when I did not even open my mouth. The the next person who did not look any older came... He had the nerve to start laughing while I was trying to speak.. I ended the conversation. I would have left But this is Minnesota and today the weather is not good out... So as I went thru the store to get what I needed.. They were all on there walkie talkies comenting on me as I went thru the store... Hello.. I am not the criminal here,,, and to follow like that was uncalled for ... I did get my instore credit and I got the things I wanted... But I am done with Target... not worth it to be treated like that ... granted I am getting older so sales personal. that look like there 16 just does not cut it with me... I understand these employees are most likely in there 20's . But for Gosh sakes ACT LIKE IT. Dress and carry your self as a capable adult... And word advise, does not matter how little the customers needs are treat them with respect and LEARN HOW TO TALK TO PEOPLE; The fact that threre is not away of getting a complaint to headquarters seems a little fishy to me... And ALSO USE YOUR ENERGY TO HARRASE THE ONES WHO ARE STEALING AND TAKING FROM YOUR STORE.. My money goes to Walmart.

0ae890c3, 2010-03-09, 07:33PM CST

The President/CE) is: Gregg W. Steinhafel phone number (612) 696-6234 fax (612) 696-6325 and his primary assistant is: Denise May. Denise's email is [email protected] phone (612) 696-6325. Hope this helps. Also, VP of Stores is Gart Butzer (612) 696-4968,

26177c47, 2010-07-22, 09:31AM CDT

I have an idea, Target and their lousy , basically non-existent customer service will receive a letter from me detailing the unprofessional manager at the North Huntingdon location as well as 7 other local Target locations. If Target does not provide a means of contact regarding not so pleasant store experiences, all store managers will learn about how lousy the North Huntingdon manager was and how they should consider providing better customer service.

8d10f985, 2010-08-20, 09:33PM CDT

i dont know whats going on with this target crap. my wife aplied there so so many times.and at teh time they were hiring, every times got a letter that the position i wanted was they arent hiring for :( my wife loves that store,and the fact that they help people and cumunities. she always wanted to work there.. every time we go, we see people who are around talk that work there, dont look like they need to be there at all...

d08bbf1e, 2010-10-01, 11:46PM CDT

I went to two targets today and a itam thats on sale both stors didn't have it in both locations . Not only that i wasted almost two house and both target didn't have the itam in stock.

ebd9d817, 2010-10-02, 08:54PM CDT

Well my horrible experience at Target:

I bought the new TinkerBell DVD for my daughter. The moron cashier puts the bubble bath, i also bought, in the same bag as the DVD. Needless to say the bubble bath spilled all over the DVD causing me to go back to Target for an exchange. The other moron behind the refund counter decides to give me a store credit instead of marking the receipt as an exchange. She decides to tell me after the fact that i was issued a store credit not an exchange. Now at this point there is nothing i could do about it so i went on my merry way and bought the movie again with the credit, not thinking i would find it cheaper at another store.

So i go in to Target to refund the movie, that i have 2 of now, with the receipt i paid for it for on my credit card. The woman tells me that is already been refunded! I explained the situation to her that i was issued a store credit against my will and her response was "there is nothing we can do about it!!" I said to her that i work in retail as well and there is something they could do about it. Then she decides that she wants to mock me and tell me "That's just fine and nice.......that's beautiful that you work in retail, but this store policy is not set up that way!!" WHAT???!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I told her i would have the manager now!!!!! So she calls the manager over and i explain the story again. She had no idea what to do so she has to call another manager. Now my time is being waisted because they have "managers" that don't know how to handle things. The next manager comes and this nasty creature they call a cashier, tells this manager "she works in retail and she knows there is something you can do about it!!" and looks at me and laughs in my face. The tone of voice she used and the sarcasm that came out of her put me over the edge let me tell you!!!! It took everything i had not to jump over the counter and knock her teeth down her throat!!!! That's how they treat their customers?!!!!! Well wouldn't you know that the manager got on the phone with corporate and they wouldn't do anything for me! This not being my fault and the fault of their employee still did not mean a thing to them. You know for a $16.99 refund Target is certainly not going to go broke!! What is right is right and the policies that they have there are unbelievable!! They lost a customer over this and i will be sure to tell EVERYONE I KNOW what happened and maybe they won't shop there either.

094fa131, 2010-10-26, 11:00PM CDT

Tonight I was all done shopping. All the lines where long, so I waited my baby was getting a little crazy from just sitting. I put all my items on the counter all 26 things. After still waiting the person in front of me had a problem useing there crebit card so I think. the cashier told me I would have to go in another line, but some one would help me put everyting back in my cart. By that time I was holding my child. After he put everything back in my cart any way. My clothes just any old way. I then had to wait again in another line. You would thing he may have open a register. Now after this I put all my items back on counter again. Still holding baby. This cashier didn't even say hi bo or anything. Rang up my items, didn't fold my clothes at all threw them right in the bags. This to me was so rude. I do love shopping at Target, now more so because of the food part. I will still shop at Target but not at this one on 1940 W. 33rd. st. 60608. I did spent $213.54 and still didn't get all that I needed. Christmas is coming I hope you find better help.

Judy Naujokas

[email protected]

bb17f2ce, 2010-11-23, 10:02AM CST


Yesterday morning at 9:40 am I was told over the phone that the Target located at ******* would be holding a Graco Lauren Classic convertible crib in Espresso ALONG WITH the matching changing table as a set. According to this week's promotion, when paying for the crib, the table is free of charge. My husband then left work to go and pick up the crib and table; however, when he arrived, they had given the last changing table to another customer and only had the crib. Unfortunately for us, that means that we are not permitted to have the changing table for free, as we were told they must be purchased simultaneously. Therefore, although it was reserved and held SPECIFICALLY for US, another customer was permitted to buy our item and now the store is out until further notice. I have called 8 different stores for 2 days now since the incident and no one has both items. Because Target sold our reserved item, we cannot have either.

They did give my husband a $3 apology coupon (which has obviously made up for our trouble and the $100 the changing table cost, as well as his missing time during the work day). They said that they would also hold the crib until this morning but would not reserve a changing table, even if one arrived. They are unsure any more will even come in and are unwilling to admit that giving our reservation to another customer was their doing in any way. So far, not a single other Target in a 1.5 hour radius has both items.

We have to conclude that we will likely not be buying these items together by Wednesday when the promotion ends; hence, we will likely not be buying Target at all. That will cost Target about $1,000 in sales merely from our baby needs alone - BEFORE the baby arrives! In fact, we are considering adjusting or completely removing our very lengthy and pricey baby registry created this weekend because of the issue. I felt you should be aware. Thank you.

7719f144, 2011-10-10, 06:50AM CDT

I am also looking for a corporate address to send a compliant to Target on line. I purchased 2 items from Target on line 2 weeks apart. Needed to return the one item because it was torn it took me 3 attempts to get it returned. (I also had all receipts and correspondence to the item and they could not locate it). This meant me driving to another state twice, because that is where the closest store was and they were not able to send me a return label on line. Now that I finally got it returned they are not willing to ship the new one for 6 weeks but they have 97 of them in stock. The only place on can complain to is the customer service dept. and of course they don't seem to care and I would like to go higher up. Now I find out the 2nd item which was a pack in play is not the color we ordered nor the color that is on the box. But to avoid the hassle we are going to keep that item. So therefore both items I purchased on line were defective and I cannot do anything about it but wait and keep the other item.

cabe5ef0, 2011-11-19, 01:41PM CST

Hah! I WORK for Target and even I want to write them a nasty letter concerning their awful training practices. I work Flow (stocking) and just today they had me train for cashier. Too bad their "training" is more like a DIY handbook that takes an hour to read and to top it off they plan to throw me at the cashier on Black Friday no less with no real hands-on training for an 8 hour shift from opening. Ticked off? You bet!

1fbb81d6, 2012-05-27, 02:50PM CDT

I got a prescprition filled at your store at 4750 Millenia Plaza Way Orlando, Fl 32839 and had to go out of town and the pilss were wet and falling apart and not by me they were in my purse after I picked them up the whole time and my purse was not wet and unfortunely since I was out of the state I and was so upset that the bottle got thrown away by accident by someone else who didnt know I was keeping the bits and pieces to bring back but I want you to know that I will never use your pharmacy again and I will tell family and friends my experince and not to use you. I spoke to someone at the store and never got to talk to the pharmist and was blown off like my complaint didnt matter so I basically spent $110.00 on medication I couldnt take. You can look up my name and see that I paid for them and I am on disability and can't do it again. They were percocet 10/650

0ccf7579, 2012-06-22, 03:47PM CDT

Sandra the Pharmacist molested my SON

c44f1e47, 2012-11-19, 03:12PM CST

I love Target for the most part but when it comes to Target Optical they are lacking. I have been dealing with this issue since August (it is now November) and have to go in yet again to get my eyes re-examined. This will be the fourth time and most likely with a fourth doctor. They have all been very nice, it just seems like they are incompetent and don't track things properly. I keep getting trial lenses and they are the wrong prescription so I can't see out of them, finally they ordered trial lenses that worked and when i ordered three months worth I received them and they were the wrong prescription again. This is super frustrating, I just want to see clearly.

0032557e, 2014-06-10, 02:39AM CDT

all customer should be treated the same so why wasn't I? today 06/09/2014 I had the worst experience while shopping at one of ur stores in Tulare CA 93274 I was treated like a criminal just for wanting to use coupons they wouldn't take my coupons while in front of me there was a lady buying the same thing using the same coupons and all her coupons where taken and she had many transations everything went great for her but when it was my turn to do the same they got all rude with me and wouldnt take a target coupon i feel so discriminated and treated very unfair if all customers are the same why was i treated different I just want fairness there is a coupon that came out this passed sunday for $5 of $15 personal care i had 6 trasations and the register wouldn't take it on either one the sad n unfair thing was that i had just seen him take all those same coupons for some one else the coupons went threw and still the manager of the person in charged didn't allowed to do it I just want to know what the reason I was treated this way ? please help me understand why wasnt i treated the same way as other customers

Michael R., 2014-06-23, 03:15PM CDT

Recently, I applied for a position at Target in Columbia Heights,MN. I jumped through 3 interviews by the third they where asking the same questions as if I was lying in the 1st interview. I got hired on a probationary status and pay set at a minimum. Then in the same sentence as we want you to work here came But you must take a U.A in 24 hrs also sign a form for a background check, ok, no problem with that. Well I had a family emergency situation and was unable to produce a U.A. When I approach Guest Services, some young girl rather then be discrete blurts my U.A. Situation out on Walkie Talkie? Nice! Now every team member in on my piss problem. I asked for a Human Resource Rep. Of course they were on break. So rather then say I'm sorry I'm not sure what to do , the little twit decide to refer to some vacant policy. She states if you leave the premises you forfeit your position and hiring status. I didn't even leave the premises people. So I make a choice to actually leave the premises based in there incompetence. The following week I called HR and was passed around and finally a lady gets on and tells me that not only am I disqualified from being hired because I didn't come back? (Thought that was what I did?) but that since I didn't submit a UA that the background couldn't go thru or be performed? (Lies) My background check came in the mail a week later! No problem. So what really happened?

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