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Posted on Saturday, June 17th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 4164098e

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CPS auto loan service

June 16, 2006

have a problem with CPS; auto loan service. My monthly payment is $360.00, I was paying $400.00 usually over the phone. I looked at my credit report and they applied my last payment as $392.00. I called and asked why and they informed me that they charge $8.00 to pay by phone…??? This information was never disclosed to me nor is it on the front or the back of the monthly statement. That is a very tricky, bad game they are playing. I was planning to pay my car off early and it not going to happen. This has been going on for almost 5 years. Then the lady on the phone had the nerve to tell me it is only $8.00.

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1aaa4e03, 2007-10-02, 01:17PM CDT

I have had numerous problems with CPS. I tried paying by debit and was also billed an additonal $8 of which I was not notified. Everytime I have had to call them for anything, the office reps in Florida are just downright rude. I have a check where it cleared the bank and they won't even let me talk to them about it. They just kepp talking over me..I finally hung up..

8e2f52fd, 2007-11-25, 05:42AM CST

I hate CPS! I've learned so much from them about what I need to watch out for in a loan company. The worst customer service I've ever experienced. Probably the sketchiest company I've ever dealt with. I recommend that no one gets a automobile loan from this company. If you already have a loan with this company, REFINANCE your car loan with someone else. There's just something not right about this company. You'll see if you have one of their loans.

16674504, 2008-08-30, 07:41AM CDT

I also had a loan with cps. It came down to there were chargeing me 8.00 to do anything overthe phone or even send a moneygram..I asked the lady and her reply was to do anything is an 8.00 dollor charge. I fell behind in my payments by only ONE mouth and they told me that i need to give them at least FOUR mouths of payment of lose my truck.

5ec3c9a7, 2008-09-23, 11:23AM CDT

I also have had nothing but problems with them. I am $70!!!! behind and they wanna get my van! Take it! Its a POS!!! They threaten,lie,and do whatever they can to make you feel aweful!!! They even sent a fax to my employer on a white peice of paper written in magic amrker to call them that they had an "Urgent" message for me!!! Yopu start screwing with my job and you'll NEVER get paid!!! These people are AWEFUL!!!!!!!

7f9c9e90, 2008-11-26, 01:30PM CST


b4ae60d5, 2008-12-10, 01:34PM CST

We too ahve a CPS auto loan. We mail in our payments. We were paying online or by phone. They charge $12 to pay online and $10 over the phone! Of course, they don't tell you this. You have to ask. I noticed this post is old so I thought I'd let anyone know who reads this they've gone up from $8. Very shady company. None of the reps. know ANYTHING!

f5e21b23, 2008-12-11, 11:04AM CST

My boyfriend has a loan through cps. when he first moved in with me he was from out of town and in the middle of changing banks so I used my bank account to make a payment over the phone for him. now every 2 months or so they will take an unauthorized payment out of my account. They are crooks and this time I am going to my bank. in the past we just made adjustments in the payment schedule. Not this time. They can come get the darn car for all we care.

f5e21b23, 2008-12-11, 11:05AM CST

My boyfriend has a loan through cps. when he first moved in with me he was from out of town and in the middle of changing banks so I used my bank account to make a payment over the phone for him. now every 2 months or so they will take an unauthorized payment out of my account. They are crooks and this time I am going to my bank. in the past we just made adjustments in the payment schedule. Not this time. They can come get the darn car for all we care.

b7541971, 2009-01-12, 02:02PM CST

Do NOT give CPS your bank info! My husband deposited money into my mother's account ONE time so CPS could take it out. We have also used our account for a payment and now they have taken money out of BOTH accounts UNAUTHORIZED!! A letter will show in the mail saying you authorized a payment on this date and they never even called us!!!!! They have your account numbers on file and if you fall behind they will take it out without any notice.

b56751ad, 2009-01-28, 06:27PM CST

I REALLY THINK THAT SOMEONE NEEDS TO INITIATE A CLASS-ACTION SUIT against CPS. They have resorted to unethical, sleezy practices in order to maintain their business. Even OTHER corporations turn their noses down on this company. Apparently, they hire high school drop outs that have NO CLUE what customer service is! We are in a recession, some people may lose their jobs. WHY in the world would they repo a car under 60-90 days without giving people a CHANCE to work out payment of some sort?!? They have tried to repo my car after being ONLY 7 days late on payment! So what are they going to do, repo everyone's car who is a little late and try to re-sell? Are you kidding me? No one is going to buy the junk that they finance!!!!!

So they will just have a lot full of 1/2 A$$ed cars that they couldn't possibly sell in this market AT ALL! I don't even think any other financial institutions are even INTERESTED in buying this wack ass, poor excuse of a loan company. Terrible customer services + ethics. Down with CPS!

8e174c91, 2009-02-13, 02:07PM CST



We too have a CPS loan, they are a piece of crap, but we have never experienced any of the stuff you guys do and we pay by check every month. Have never had them withdraw money from our account unauthorized.

But yes, bad company, only use them if you have to.

c9e5a131, 2009-06-15, 12:02PM CDT

I had problems with this company.. i paid my parents bills several times with my information and they some how got my address and phone number start calling and harassing me.. they are very ignorant uneducated about the things customer service. I think they hire people that are drop out and rude and ignorant and that says alot the comapany and management.

Anonymous, 2009-07-14, 04:39PM CDT

I have a loan with CPS, I also had the problem once when I paid them over the phone they charged me a $10 fee, the problem is no where do they tell you they are charging this fee for service. I now send them a check each month in the mail, my other problem with them is that I have been trying to pay my car off early, they are extemly worried about not receiving their interest rates. I went over my account and to my knowdledge they are included with the car payment. Now they are stating the amount on the monthly statment is only for the princple balanace, I have to pay more if I pay it off early. How is this saving me any money?? Has anyone else had this problem? Is their any advice anyone can give me? I want to be done with this company, I feel it's highway robbery.

9911c6b2, 2009-09-04, 12:02PM CDT

Wow it is very disturbing to see so many other people have the same problems that I had with CPS! I was barely out of a bankruptcy and before I got my discharge papers from the bankruptcy (3 months after filing)I got a letter from a dealership to come and finance a car. I got out to the lot, picked out my favorite car as the dealer instructed (never in 1 million years did I think I'd get approved for it) and the VERY 1st company they tried to finance me with I was approved - It was CPS!! I feel that this company in cahoots with the dealer targeted me at a valunerable time. I found out 2 years into the loan (when I got laid off and was having difficulty sending the payments on time for a few months) that the type of loan I was on had a fluctuating interest rate, so if my payment was due on the 14th and the received it on the 25th, the interest will pile up sky high and out of a $350 payment, only $115 dollars or so would go to the principle balance. I got back on track, but they called me at my job, left messages with cowokers, called my cousin in another state, sevarl other family memebers and friends, my 90 year old grandmother (who I have never lived with or used as a reference and a friend that I have not seen in 18 years!! All of these people were not on my list of people to contact - and a friend who I have So after having the car for 3 1/2 years (5 year loan) it was as if the car was never getting paid off, most of my payments went to interest.

One time I was behind almost 3 months, I made an arrangement to make a double payment at the end of June. I made the payment, they told me to call on the once the check cleared (ON Monday)I could get a deferement for the 3rd payment. The 1st was over the weekend. Monday was the 3rd, I called the CPS payment info line and it said "thank you for your last payment recieved on June 30, your next payment due is May 14th. (It was as if I never made the payment - even though the bank paid them) I asked for the rep I had spoke to about the deferrment, she could not be reached. I asked the rep I was speaking to she said she could not approve the deferment and would need to speak to the original rep. The 4th of July they were closed. On July 5th they said I could not get the deferment because it was too late in the month and by the following week, they were calling me repeatedly. I had been so harrassed, had calls from "consumer protection services" and lawyers, they repossessed the car - sold it for $2000 and now they continue to call me for another $3000 - when the car only was worth $1500 when they came to get it. A CLASS ACTION IS ABSOLUTELY NEEDED!!!

ea4e49b3, 2009-10-30, 03:57PM CDT

The daily harassment is too much for my family and I to deal with anymore. I have told them and my family has told them stop calling other people besides me. They continue to call people even though they have asked you several times to stop. My neighbors have been called...I don't even know them but somehow they have got their phone numbers and called them. My past landlord was called - I don't even live there and they called him. They have called my cousin - I have no idea how they even obtained that name or number to call. My cousin called my mom and said CPS is looking for Amy to repossess her car. OMG - This cousin has not seen me in years and does not even know my number...How did you get hers? They called my ex -boyfriend that I dated for 2 years - YES EX - we are no longer together. The only way I can guess they got his number was that I used his phone once to call them about a year ago and they must have documented the number on caller ID. He told me that they insisted on him paying this payment cause it was a legal matter. I never gave CPS his name or number. CPS called my prior employer and when they told them I did not work there CPS continued to call back 13 times in a row and the receptionist hung up on them every time and they continued to call back immediately again and again. When I started my new job I told Mrs Jones not to call me at work - she started yelling at me and I hung up on her - she called back 24 times and I just kept hanging up on her. THIS was at my place of business. I just want to give them the car back.

6e88d394, 2009-11-25, 07:33PM CST

I also have a loan with CPS and you are soooooo right. They are the rudest a**holes on earth. Anthony in Fla is who I spoke to and this man must have no penis because only a man with no penis would be that much of an a**hole. I was trying to ask a question and he just kept rambling on and on and on saying stupid things that he would use on someone to scare them into paying a payment. I have paid on my loan for 4 years I have 1 year left and I have fallen behind on 2 payments because as with most of America right now I am having money troubles. I have messages saved on my cell phone and they also called my father and left him messages and also they spoke to my father about my personal business knowing they weren't even calling my house. Which is totally illegal in my state. You can NOT even tell the person why you are calling if you are a bill collector until you verify that you are talking to the person that you are trying to collect a debt from. Also they called my phone 8 times in 15 mins leaving messages of nothing but the person breathing. I have it all saved and documented. I'm seeking an attorney I just want them to get in trouble for their unethical business practices. Note to all debt collectors...you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. Maybe if you work with people more people would be apt to pay their debt off quicker. Especially when you are talking to a customer that has paid faithfully and on time for 4 years. Learn to listen instead of talking over people. In my case I hung up on no penis Anthony at 407-551-6416 yeah that's his direct line feel free to prank call him at anytime-lol-I spoke to another lady who helped me and I got my situation straightened out...I cant wait to hear about CPS going under...It will happen I'm sure of it...My advice is if the place you are getting a car from tries to get you a loan with CPS DO NOT DO IT YOU WILL REGRET IT...Its the worst customer service you will ever encounter in your whole life and you will get screwed some how I promise you. Oh yeah I keep reading about these fees yeah they don't disclose that either they just assume you know they are gonna charge you $12 to make a payment by phone. I always send in a check I refuse to pay their F**k Fees

f145fb5f, 2009-12-18, 11:19AM CST

I too have CPS and this IS the wor finance company in the world I have been out on disability since NOV. but just yesterday they called my job and threatened my co-worker telling her I know that it's you and told her we are coming to get the car and hung up in her face and yes I have filed a complaint with the bbb! They ARE TRASH!!!!

1c49b2d3, 2009-12-22, 07:50PM CST

This page amazes me. I thought I was the only one with CPS. They call 8x a day along with my work and family members not knowing how they got there number. I'm not behind yet they call and tell me I"m a looser and to get a job even though I"m at a known hospital across the country for 8 years and I make my payments every two weeks and send them out bi weekly every other tuesday so they have it in advance when it's due on the 8th the following month. I've made 3 xtra payments and the last payment I made 600.00 even though my payments are only 430.00.... Now there telling me I'm behind again so I again send out copies of my statements from the bank which gets spendy cause it's numerous pages now because I have proved them there wrong the'd like a check to hold till the 8th... WTF???? hold a payment when it's not due for a month. They have bad language,screaming,and the worse customer service I've ever delt with. I had them on speaker one time down at the beach and people around me can here them swearing at me calling me a piece of sh*t and to get a F'n job to pay for my car...they were have a repo man on it's way to come get it. They literally stress me out. I didnt have the greatest credit report I was in the average 480-510 now that I have them and they put reports on my credit report monthly I"m not even at a 320... Now thats pretty sad when you can prove them wrong and they can still screw up your life. I have reported them and thats all I've heard! nothing back and nothing has changed. Now today I have a certified letter telling me I owe them 1200.00.... I get so stressed out I"m just seconds to letting them have the damn car, it's not going to hurt my credit now! I think they have done enough damage. But I'm worried they will only sell it for 2-3,000 and send me a 10,000 balance....I know what the law is and they DO NOT follow it and you cant do a damn thing about it but sit and report them and see no changes.... it's UNBELIEVABLE I agree with all of you, RUN!!!! RUN from this company they sound all great until your sink and hooked...

1f047555, 2010-02-26, 03:19PM CST

We dealt with the same guy in FL. Douche.

9216cefa, 2010-02-28, 12:41PM CST

My husband and i have a car loan with cps.What a nightmere!!!!!!!!! We areon a fixed income,my husband recieves a pension check and a disability check[he had to have both knees replaced]We got behind one payment in Dec.09[for the first time in 3 years]We contacted them and all together talked to five different peple.They houndedus!!!!!!!!!like as if we were criminals!Febuary 3rd of 2010 we straped ourselves to get cauht up,sending them,two payments with all the late fees of 1200.00,and we had to send it western union!We were set up for auto pay.making a double payment caught us up in cluding feb. payment.on feb.12th I went in to look at our account and we were overdrawn. How could this be?Then I noticed CPS had taken aother payment out for feb.THEY CAUSED SIX OVERDRAFT CHARGES!!!!Icalled and they told me to call my bank,bank said they could not give us back money they had.I called CPS back,they said they would have the money returned in two days.On day three... no money! I called them bsck,working with the same person,Deanna Ciucci,She was very rude and told me there was nothing they could do. I was so upset,as we were in the negative, and had to live for three weeks on nothing!!!I called the bank and had to tell them CPS took an unaturized payment.Today is the28th and the bank refunded the overdrat fees ,but have still been unable to get the 491.00 payment back from CPS!!!It is the first time we have ever gotten behind.We are paying an out ragous interest rate!We got a loan for 16000.00 and after 3 years our payoff is 11000.00.we are being screwed...BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

bc85bde0, 2010-05-19, 09:02AM CDT

they charged me $13.00 to pay over the phone and they call me all hours of the night and they start calling 2 weeks BEFORE my payment is due, they call all my family and my boss at work and my landlord and the payment isn't even due. They are awful to work with and i have told everybody that. Auto Smart is not so smart cause they continue to deal with them and they are giving them a BAD REPUTATION.But by the grace of GOD I won't have to deal with these people SOON....They are rude and I filed a complaint to the better business bureau.

bc85bde0, 2010-05-19, 10:54AM CDT

I am also glad to know that this is the normal for them. I am sorry that u all have to go thru that but i know first hand what unprofessionals they are and for the record. I have reported them to the better business bureau. They will CHEAT U they have called all my family asking nosey questins and giving out all my personal business and i have also filed a complaint to the better business bureau. This morning they was gonna repo my truck and i have NEVER even been late on a payment and them they came up with a $100.00 from somewhere that i didn't owe. before all was said and done they ended up with $362.00 and they have called 4 more times to ask for another 100.00 and it came out to be 36.09 total from somewhere and i am tired of making 3 payments a month and dealing with complete morons. STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE RIP OFFS........... I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE. I will NEVER use them again, I dont care if i have to walk..WHEN I THINK OF THEM, I THINK RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, STUPID, RIP OFFS AND LOOSERS....... F*CK THEIR BULL SHIT... THEY WONT GET NOTHING FROM ME NOW...... COME GET IT AND PAY FOR THE TOW OUTTA THEIR POCKET WITH SOME OF OUR MONEY THEY HAVE STOLE...........

bc85bde0, 2010-05-19, 04:01PM CDT

I know I have been hung up on 26 times today and I am keeping times and dates and names, when they will give you one before hanging up, I have filed a complaint with the BBB and even got a response. They are trying to charge me for 2 trucks. I have already paid 1200.00 to much according to my contract and cancelled checks and they say that I still owe over 8000.00 and I only owed 7000.00 to start with and when I ask where my money went or can I get a statement on my account they hang up on me. I am going after work to talk to my lawyer. This is awful and they are the most unprofessional people that I have EVER had to deal with. They cuss and talk to people like dogs. Well they cussed the wrong one. Someone will listen to me or I will keep complaining, because I think we have the right to know where our money is and how it was applied, don't you agree?

bc85bde0, 2010-05-19, 04:06PM CDT

They TRYED to over talk me to and I came out on top. They hung up on me and I wore out the redial button and of course got hung up on. But i finally did get to tell them what I thought. Don't take their crap. Report them to BBB I did and got a response in a few minutes and they said that they have recieved thousands of complaints on cps. Maybe if we keep reporting them, they will do something to get us to stop.

6fe28598, 2010-09-17, 08:11AM CDT

I too have a loan with CPS and I have reported them many times with BBB and with every site I can find. I never got a response from BBB the complaint was ignored as is all my requests that are made to CPS, I pay 380 every month my payment is 357 so I was thinking I am paying around $23 extra every month HA they make up fee after Fee, but yet can't send me a detailed statement of what the fee's are for. In the 3 years we have had this loan I should have paid $828 extra, but yet there accounting shows I am still behind $40+ dollars. If I am ever late I call and find out the fee and PAY it with the payment. They charge a fee for having a fee, they pray on people who might not have that much money banking on they don't have the money to sue. This company is like a BIG scam full of rude employees. It's just sad. I will continue to make complaints and hopefully one of them will get to the right person.

12b3c79a, 2011-04-01, 12:40PM CDT

I have never had to work with such arrognant and rude individuals. I think CPS Auto Loan is a shame and simply should be put out of business of good. they have the rudest staff. Which leaves one to believe that the employees are just trash picked out the street with extreme mental problems or CPS just condemns this acts.

368cb26e, 2012-02-03, 07:51AM CST

They charge me 13.00 EVERYTIME I pay by phone. It is unreal. I was suppose to pay 299.06 monthly for 36 months, I have been paying on mine for almost 5 years and it still isnt even close to what I agreed to or what I thought I had agreed to. My contract doesnt even come close to the one they have on file. The application they have DOES NOT have my signature on it. I, myself done some research and come to find that i needed an attorney. So thats where I am with them. I have not been late but one time and they were like starving animals til I got out of emergency surgery and paid them. They are rude, very unprofessional and just down right stealing from people. Thats all you can make out of it.

8e802918, 2013-02-07, 08:36AM CST

My problems are even crazier, These ppl call me at all hours of the day when I work nights, when they cant get a hold of me they call My family.

When I try to use thier Online Site to pay a bill I get

""""Sorry We can not locate any account Info associated with that SSN"""" My question to this would have to be if they cant find any info then how are they calling me and MY family.

My Advice to anyone thats not under a contract with them Yet if the place your buying acar from says CPS is the only ppl they could get you financed thru RUN LIKE HELL

Dan R., 2014-03-26, 07:50PM CDT

My experience has been good with CPS !

I pay within the 10 day grace and it's all good. They are a high risk company people!

Meaning if you have a loan with them your credit is damaged. If you had good credit you wouldn't need them. They did what they said and I recommend them if you have credit issues. Also on the website it states you will have a service charge in addition to your payment. READ EVERYTHING CORRECTLY PEOPLE! Wtf r u folks dumb?

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