American National Insurance Company out of Springfield Mo

Posted on Friday, June 16th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 65388f08

Company: American National Insurance Company out of Springfield Mo

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American National Insurance Company out of Springfield Mo

June 15, 2006

My name is Dennis. I live and work in Northwest Arkansas.

My complaint is with American National Insurance Company out of Springfield Mo.

The local Insurance agent that I originally signed with went to another Insurance company about a year and a half ago. My account was transferred to an agent named Herbert Morales located in Rogers, Ark. upon that transfer.

I have not been impressed with Mr. Morales or American National since my original agent left.

Mr. Morales failed to let me know my 16 year old son was added to my Auto policy by American National. They did this without my permission or knowledge. My premium is paid with automatic withdrawal, and I failed to notice that my Insurance had shot up over a thousand dollars every six months. My son did not get his Drivers license until he was 17 1/2 years old, but American National refuses to refund the overcharges, stating that a drivers permit constituted a drivers license. My son was not allowed to drive when he got his learner's permit because I required him to have a Drivers Education course before he could start driving, which he is taking at this very time. He was unable to get in the course last summer because he waited to long to sign up. He even had to get an extension of time added to his permit because it was going to expire before the class came around this summer. These facts don't matter to American National.

My son was added to my most expensive vehicle, which caused the cost to go from $375.00 every 6 months to $1400.00. American National claims they have no obligation to inform me of this addition to my policy, and it's my fault I didn't notice the increase. They also claim it is an Industry standard to add anyone that lives at your residence to your Auto policy once they turn a legal driving age. American National claims it is the responsibility of the local agent and the policy holder to straighten things out after the addition is made.

This is not only unethical, it should be illegal! When I complained to Mr. Morales, he refused to help me and pushed me off on another agent in a different town, but he still retained the policy. I AM OUTRAGED!

American National was sent a signed letter stating I wanted my policies canceled during the month of May, and another local agent faxed, E-mailed, and mailed this same letter. I talked to American National on June 14Th, 2006 and they refused to cancel my policies, claiming they have not recieved the said letter. This is a crock of dung! A fax, E-mail, and hard copy all failed to reach them? I don't believe it!

The only thing American National has done to date is send me a $302.00 refund check for switching my son from the most expensive vehicle to a less expensive one I own. This is totally unacceptable!

I strongly recommend everyone stay as far away from American National Insurance as you can. Cancel any policies you have with this company before you are sorry. They are not an Ethical company.



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0e252e80, 2008-02-06, 01:22PM CST

I also would like to post a complaint about American National. I am complaining from the other side of the fence. Yesterday, my boyfriend drove my car to pick up my son from school. As he was getting ready to turn left into our driveway, this man decided to go around him on the left hand side--on a residential street!!! He gave us all of his information willingly, and we both contacted American National right away. They did NOTHING about it that day...they just shoved it on a desk and waited. This morning I had no way to get my kids to school or get to work. It is now mid-afternoon, and I still have no hope of even a beginning of a resolution to the problems this has caused me. And they're explanation? The accident only happened yesterday. Well let me tell you...the repercussions of the accident started affecting me YESTERDAY --when it happened!!!

The agent representing American National's name is Mike Pinion and he was uncooperative before I even contacted American National. Once I contacted American National, I kind of expected some kind of sympathy that THEIR client had crashed my car...instead of sympathy I have been met with obstinance. This is the worst insurance company I have ever heard of...and I am going to tell everyone I can how horrible they are. It is my hope that they will lose all of their customers and all of their money, because they do not offer good customer service, nor are they courteous.

2c2cc7be, 2008-12-13, 08:53AM CST

ANPAC rates on teenage drivers have run a lot of their clients off and caused a lot of their agents to fold. Their managent looks at it as if they are the only ones in the market place. No matter how long you have been with this company, or how many cashback checks you have received, I would shop elswhere if I had a 16 year old driver. You may beat your cashback check in 6 months premium. ANPAC has a track record of Agents leaving and failing due to some of their managements ideas. They are a very small player and think very highly of themselves.

25d77e05, 2010-05-21, 03:40PM CDT

This company is out dated and needs to step into the 21st century. That's what I did when I cancelled all my policies with them and went back to State Farm Ins. I had all my policies with American National (home, autos, 2 rental properties) when I decided I wanted to get another sportbike motorcycle. They told me "sorry... we don't insure those." It didn't make any difference that I was in my 40's and that my driving record was absolutely perfect... no tickets no accidents in the LAST 10 YEARS. I had been insured with State Farm before insuring with American National and made the mistake of trying to save a few dollars, and that's all it was... really it was no saving when taking into account the wasted time to change companies twice. Not only would State Farm insure my new motorcycle without ANY hastles at all but I was amazed at how good of a deal it was ($365 per year) with excellent limits and coverages. Their only catch was that they wanted to insure at least one of my cars to do the motorcycle. That wasn't a problem... they got ALL my cars and everything else. I'll NEVER switch from State Farm again no matter what savings I'm promised. It's just not worth the hastle. If you're insured with American National, cancel everything! Their main concern is to make money for their share holders and pay the dividends.

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