digital camera purchase from Photonation

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digital camera purchase from Photonation

June 14, 2006

Last fall I had the misfortune to order a digital camera from Photonation of NYC. The camera I was looking for came out with them having the lowest price so I placed an order. On a Sunday afternoon, while involved in a very important public event associated with Hurricane Katrina recovery, I received a call from someone from Photonation who advised that what I had ordered was the camera only without any of the usual accessories that come with cameras, i.e. charger, etc. But I could upgrade to the full package including other stuff for about twice he price. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, I agreed, thinking that I could always return it if it wasn’t what I wanted. After receiving the item, I called and advised them that I would keep the camera but return the other stuff, i.e. camera case, extra battery, extra SD chip. I was advised that they would reduce the amount of the total by those items but the total “package” was far in excess of what I would have paid at any of the other stores. I advised them that I would send the entire package back. Later I received another call to make sure that I understood that there would be a “restocking fee” in excess of $100. I finally gave up, kept the camera and figured I learned a valuable lesson. Nowhere on their website did they indicate that the price was for “camera only”. During one of my conversations with them, one of them pointed out to me if I had clicked on an unmarked button at the bottom, it would have told me that. Hopefully someone else can benefit from this experience and stay away from Photonation. Marvin

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