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June 14, 2006

Heather S 9597 and Sarah M 9773:

Attached are scanned images of the rebate form provided by JC Penney at the time of purchase, and my sales receipt. No where on the form does it imply that there is only a rebate for a single item, or that the maximum rebate is $30. The rebate form clearly indicates - as marked in several places - by using a plural form of language, that multiple items may be purchased and rebates obtained. When it

refers to Receipts, and asks for more than one UPC Codes, that clearly means more than one. The only thing that I have received from you in the mail is the post card. The rebate check for $10 has not been received by me, nor cashed by me.

I stand by my original request that both items I purchased are eligible for a combined rebate amount of $40 as indicated on the rebate form and sent to my one address.

Please let me know what can be done to correct the error. Sincerely,


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3cbeb744, 2009-07-13, 08:04AM CDT

I purchased a blender a couple of months ago and on the sign on the shelf gave the rebate price which is "unethical" you should she the "actuall" price and let your customer know of the rebate at the checkout. Anyway, I filled out and submitted all of the necessary info you requested and still have NOT rec'd my rebate of $10. This purchase was made in March/2009 and its not July/2009. Tried to check the status of my rebate and your website cant find anything on my rebate. I guess out of frustration it doesnt matter anymore but I will never shop at your store AGAIN!!! You probably dont care abt me losing $10 and I wouldnt be suprised if you dont repsond to my but you know the deal. TELL 5 FRIENDS AND THEY TELL 5 AND SO ON AND SO ON. If you care my trans# 7212 store# 2854. Whatever I dont even know why i'm putting in this much work and supplying you with info.

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