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Posted on Thursday, June 15th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 6d7d90fc

Company: Harlem Furniture

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Harlem Furniture

Mr. Bruce Berman, President & CEO

1000-46 Rohlwing Rd.

Lombard, Illinois 60148


Dear Mr. Berman,

On May 7, 2006 my husband and I went in to your Hoffman Estates store to purchase a bed-set. We decided on a bed and two matching nightstands. When we placed the order with Pablo Londono we were told that the merchandise would be available in two weeks and would be delivered by the end of the month. We were planning on having company in the middle of June and they were to sleep on this set. Your representative told us there would be no problem getting the set in time.

As of June 3, we had not received any word on our bedroom set from your company. I then placed a call. I was rudely told that they had no information and would call me when my order came in, with no date given. I explained what we had been told and how disappointed I was that we were told this would be in by June and received no communication otherwise for this inconvenience. I was told that was my sales representative’s fault and when the order became available I would be called, until then I was to wait.

On June 6, my husband placed a call to your store and was told by the customer service representative that our order was now scheduled to arrive July 18. We were very aggravated by this as we were originally told two weeks and it was now going to be 11 weeks. Also, we had purchased on our credit card and were paying interest on a bed-set we didn’t even have. Not to mention that our company was coming and had no furniture to sleep on. He then asked to speak with a manager and was told there were none available and they would call him back.

After receiving no communication from a manager, my husband called again on the 7th of June. This time he was able to speak with an assistant manager, Dyson. Dyson explained there was nothing they could do expedite our order without even apologizing for the fact that it was so late. My husband explained our situation and Dyson said that we could come in and pick out a new set. We were fine with that except that we purchased during one of your sales and received a discount on the original order. Dyson explained that if the set we chose was over our original price, we would pay the difference. In another circumstance that may have been acceptable. But there was no way we were to find anything within the range we had already purchased due to the sale prices. My husband then asked Dyson to cancel our order and refund our account immediately due to our disappointment with this company. Dyson explained that they could not credit our card unless we drove an hour to the store ourselves to show them the card the purchase was made on because they could not do it over the phone. We felt this was horrible service and refused. What kind of company does not keep files with their customer’s purchasing information and makes an unsatisfied customer drive out of their way to get their return? He then told my husband that he would try to find our card number and refund us. 5 minutes later we received a call from an employee in the accounting department stating they had our credit card and the refund would be processed within the hour.

After receiving my credit card statement, I noticed I was penalized for going over my limit due to the fact that your department did not credit our account until 1 week after we spoke. When we had purchased our bedroom set from another company, we went over our limit because the refund that was supposed to be credited was not.

I cannot believe how horrible the customer service and managers are in this company. At no time was any attempt made to contact us about our purchase or try to make us satisfied customers. I will never again shop in any Harlem Furniture store and will make sure to discredit anyone who speaks of your store or considered shopping with your company.




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