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DD's Blooms

June 12, 2006

DD's Blooms

Debbie Libert

1878 Princeton Drive

Clearwater, FL 33765

Mrs. Libert was under contract to deliver flowers for a wedding in May in Clearwater with a specific time for the flowers to be at the site before the photographer and guests arrived. Mrs. Libert did deliver flowers 3 hours after said contract time. Photos had already been taken and wedding ceremony was completed. Since this time Mrs. Libert has refused to talk with the bride or groom or any member of the family about this tragedy and has refused certifed mail from attorney. She obviously has decided that she owes the bride & groom nothing for ruining their pictures and wedding ceremony. She is certainly in breach of contract.

Mrs. Libert requests full payment up front with check made payable to her personally. IRS needs to check on this. She definitely is not reporting full income and should be put out of business. Her lack of communication tells all that she is in the wrong and therefore won't speak about her crime. Hopefully, someone can do something to this woman before she ruins someone elses special day. PLEASE CHECK HER FINANCIAL BACKGROUND. It should prove interesting.

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6a334547, 2011-11-28, 10:06AM CST

I have been waiting since November 2010 for Debbie Libert to remit to me a refund in the amount of $478.10 for overpayment she received for my July 10, 2010 wedding. The refund was ordered by the Pinellas County Justice and Consumer Services Office. Ms. Libert never responds to e-mails or telephone calls. My last recourse is to take her to court which presents a problem as I reside in Ga. while she is in Florida. I would like to hear back from others who have experienced difficulties with Debbie Libert. If ever there was a dishonest, cheating, con artist, it is Debbie Libert. Beware to all who consider using her floral services. She talks a good game, but does not deliver what she promises.

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