2 small men with big hearts

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Company: 2 small men with big hearts

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2 small men with big hearts

July 8, 2006

They should be in jail in my opinion, and "man" called Brett has a mental age of 16 and needs anger management courses or a Business Ethics course.

If they offer you one of their low prices run, run, run in the other direction. They give a low estimate and then inflate the price (purposefully underestimate weights), they don't care when they deliver or what type of person delivers it to you. They couldn't care less if you sleep on a floor and won't give you a call or a thought until it's convenient to deliver and they want their money. On delivery day, when it finally comes, they will extort more money and hold your belongings hostage until they get it.

How do I know all this? I like many others had the misfortune to deal with 2Sm and to think they were an ethical company. I had to sleep on a floor for almost a month while they decided when it would be convenient to deliver my belongings. They then held my items hostage outside my home (like I was the crook and not they - very ironic but with the way they treat people their view of the world must be misaligned/warped).

In short the company avoided my calls, never returned any messages, purposefully hung-up when I was on hold and another person was on the line(they only have 2 lines and are always trolling for the next victim). I had to give a false name to get through, and when I was "Mrs. X the new client" I was put through in 2 minutes and given an appology for the wait. The company lied to us repeatedly about delivery dates, then accused us of being the liars, purposefully underestimated weight, then supposedly had trucks breaking down numerous times to explain further delays, but then lied to BBB and said I was a liar, never gave me any promise dates and that I was harassing them. When I finally talked with the "Manager" he accused me of being the liar and to read the "f..ing" contract (which if he had check would have seen that it was after even that date), the "manager" then hung up on me without a sentance finised on my part then call my spouse and cursed and swore at him, all without even checking what the salesmen's verbal delivery date and even what the written contract had promised. Oh yes, they also Extorted an extra $610 in charges and then tried to make themselves out as the innocent victims to the BBB.

Please, for your peace of mind and to save you money in the end, AVOID 2SM at any cost. Toronto has 29 COMPLAINTS at the BBB and if you check MOST ARE NOT RESOLOVED and the ones that are were "closed" were not to the customers satisfaction.

Also, check the other provincial 2SM and you will find the same scams are run pretty much Country wide. Just call the BBB or go on line and give the name and you will see.

Unfortunately, no Government Body does anything, the BBB is just a mediator, and the Ministry of Gov't services will just say to call them after you've been scammed basically. I don't expect any of my money back or compensation but will still file my complaints and hope the culmination of complaints will push the Gov't to do something.

I hope this prevents some poor soul form becoming 2SM's next mark/victim.

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