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harbor freight

July 7, 2006

My name is Mike

A year ago christmas I was in the albuquerque store on jaun tabo bvd a attendt was pulling some retractable hose reels off the above shelves,, when 8 to 10 fell of the shelves about 8 feet above me ,I tried to duck but most of them fell on me , knocking me on the floor,,, a couple of employees came over , looked at us sruged ,and left us thair , i got up bought one of them ,then left ,, that next night I got up to go to the bath room fell ,on the floor ,both my hands and arms were paralized this went on for 3 months finally my left arm started to get better ,but my right arm and sholder do not function since then since i am or was right handed I have now been in dire agony for a year and a half ,, the lady at harbor freight ,In calif office said they would help me with expences ,but they went back on thair word I contacted a attorney but to no avale iamnow thinking about contating the local meda to do astory about them that they have no ins to cover coustmers , Mike

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