Wendy's - Burley, Idaho

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Company: Wendy's - Burley, Idaho

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Wendy's - Burley, Idaho

July 5, 2006

We went to Wendy's on Monday, July 3rd, 2006 because my grandson loves their chicken nuggets. It was getting close to 8:00 p.m. and he was really getting hungry. We went through the driveup window and ordered, and were told that the french fries had a waiting time and please pull up and they would bring our order right to us. After two other cars and two walkins came out with their food, my husband went in to wendy's at around 8:35 to see where our order was, he witnessed the service workers running around trying to put ice down each other's necks and pants, when he asked about the order the one young girl said, your french fries are not done -- I am not 18 and can't cook them. At the moment -- there were 5 service workers standing around looking like they swallowed the canary, My husband said he would like his money refunded, and they told her they couldn't do that -- he said yes, I want my money back, so they said he would have to talk to the manager, after another 5-7 minutes the manager came forward and he said he would like his money back, at that time the one girl who was chasing around came out and said what kind of sauce did you want on your frescatta, he said keep it I just want my money, the manager said that would be $15.59 and he said no I paid $16.12 for the dinner, and the manager said -- no I can only refund the 15.59 and he said no you will refund the 16.12 and you better do it now, then my husband said that his choice has always been to eat at Wendy's but it will no longer. They refunded his money and we went to McDonald's where they were friendly and very courteous and of course prompt as always.

isn't it funny that Wendy's has no complaint department so you can let them know how their company is being run!!!


Burley Idaho

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