Complaint against SBI Credit Card

Posted on Thursday, July 6th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 792a90fe

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Complaint against SBI Credit Card

July 5, 2006

July 6, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam, I am very much pained to inform you that I am being treated very unfairly by the local person of SBI

Credit Card Mr. Abhijeet & officials of M/s. Hardiya Associates, Indore (SBI Agent) for no fault of mine. In fact, once an unsigned cheque was issued by me towards the credit card payment through an oversight. I came to know about this mistake when my bankers debited me against cheque dishonour charges. At that point of time I was surprised to know about this incident of cheque dishonour as it had never happened before. Few days later I received a letter from SBI mentioning that your cheque was dishonoured because it was not signed. I fail to understand when an unsigned cheque was received, why it was presented to the bank instead of informing me on receipt of the unsigned cheque. However, immediately on receipt of this letter from SBI, I issued another cheque which also got cleared. After few days, I received a statement showing late payment charges of Rs.330. I immediately contacted the customer care with a request to reverse the same explaining the fact and circumstances. I got

assurance from them that it was being taken care of. After one month again I received another statement which doubled the amount of late payment charges. I again contacted the customer care and subsequently sent an email message on 4th February, 2006 also. But, I did not receive any reply to it. However, I kept on following up with the customer care and was told that your matter is under consideration. In the meantime, I received a call from the local agent M/s. Hardiya Associates, Indore saying that an amount of approx. 1900 is outstanding in my account. I was shocked to know about this as I did not use SBI credit card ever since the matter of late payment charges originated. When I contacted M/s. Hardiya Associates, Indore, they told me it is the late payment charges only along with interest and penalty. I told them when the matter is under consideration how come such charges accrue to my account. Then they threaten me to file a legal case against me if I fail to make the outstanding payment. Then again I sent an email on 6th June, 2006 to which I received their reply on 7th June, 2006, again saying that the matter is under consideration. Meanwhile, their local agent M/s. Hardiya Associates, Indore kept on disturbing me on telephone for payment and one day told me that they can settle the matter at Rs.800/- and will give me No Objection Certificate. Though I was not willing to pay these unnecessary charges for no fault of mine but in order to avoid any litigation / unnecessary tension I decided to pay and get rid of this fuss. Finally, I paid Rs.800/- by cheque on 15th June, 2006 and when I asked for NOC, the officials of M/s. Hardia Associates told me that they will send me NOC within 2/3 days. After waiting for one week, I again contacted M/s. Hardia Associates for NOC and they told me they were busy with their financial closing and therefore, it will be sent to me by 3rd July, 2006. Once again contacted them on 4th July, 2006 for NOC but the concerned person refused to talk to me and disconnected the telephone line. When I reached their office to talk in person, they arranged my talk with Mr. Abhijeet who told me that your settlement is not possible at Rs.800/- and asked me to pay more amount for NOC. I never expected such type of behaviour from them. I have again sent an email on 5th July, 2006 with a copy to their Head – Customer Care for redressal. I therefore request you to kindly look into my matter sympathetically and do justice to me. Hoping for an early favourable action. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours truly,


Badgara House,

Indore – 452001

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