Hampton Bay - outside solar lamps Model #79339 79330

Posted on Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 574c6995

Company: Hampton Bay - outside solar lamps Model #79339 79330

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Hampton Bay - outside solar lamps Model #79339 79330 July 4, 2006


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On 23 Jun I purchased a set of six outside solar lamps Model #79339 79330. I installed the units on 24 Jun and they worked fine but on 26 Jun one of the lamps was very dim. I tool it apart and checked and one of the batteries would only charge to .4 volts and the other would only charge to 1.0 volts. I put the batteries in a separate charger and had the same problem. I called the number 1-800-283-6607 and got a message all was bush to leave a message, I did. After a day with no answer I sent an email to COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_62863# and the message was returned as undeliverable. I called again and left another message and have had no call back. In the time I was waiting for a call back or answer to my email I purchased a set of Ni-Cad batteries put them in the unit re-installed and Sunday night 2 Jul the lamps looked good but Monday night 3 Jul the same problem, needed a flashlight to see if the lamp was on. Something, have no idea what is wrong with the charging circuit as the new batteries exhibit the same problem. Since the web page and the email address listed on the warranty papers aren't available and the phone number I called doesn't return my call I Google Hampton Bay and arrived here. Can you get me a solution to my problem or direct me to where I can get a solution? Thank you.

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