Domino's pizza

Posted on Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 8569a733

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Domino's pizza

July 22, 2006

This is the worst experience I have Experienced with Domino's I had placed an order wide telephone for delivery and received the order vide Order number:46 dated 7/23/2006 at 15:05 hours. We paid for it and your delivery guy left, On looking inside the order we found that Jalapeno dip was not there as We have a habit of eating chicken wings and Garlic Bread with the dip, since it was not there we called up your store and people were telling me after being online for 15 mins that they will be sending me the Jalapeno dip to which I requested them as the pizza had been lying there for over to 30 mins on the table it had gone cold and I requested them to take the whole stuff back and send me the full order again, and by this time it had been 1 hour waiting for the food which was agonizing to which the store manager finally agreed after much persistence. 5 mins later I get a call from Mr. Asif who identified himself as the store manager and asked me not to return the stuff back and also keep the reorder as I was very hungry We ate the breads and The chicken wings after heating them in the Microwave.20 mins later we recieved the reorder and the delivery guy insisted that I return the whole stuff back this made me go in a very embarrasing situation as I had no Bread and the wings to return. I would like to inform you that I have returned the whole stuff back both the first order and the reorder and also the money as I donot want deal with Domino's any more and will also take case to customer court as I have taken in writing from the delivery guy that I have not taken the money back from domino’s and also returned the stuff back. I was a regular customer of their competitor Pizza Hut but sorry to say it has been a very bad experience with this company and above all these people are not courteous enough. I would like to know your Mumbai details where we can take this case forward. They have kept the money and the food also with them that is the whole bill amount of Rs.375.75/- Regards, Diwakar

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