Frigidaire, A&E Factory Service, and SEAR Nightmare

Posted on Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 0c0054ff

Company: Frigidaire, A&E Factory Service, and SEAR Nightmare

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Frigidaire, A&E Factory Service, and SEAR Nightmare

July 22, 2006

On 11/15/2005, I purchased a Washer (Frigidaire MODEL:FWSB5700DS0 SERIAL NO:XC52300870) from Bestbuy. On or around 7/10/2006 machine developed a problem of slow and noisy spin cycle. Subsequently, a call was placed to Fridgeair reporting the issue. Frigidaire assigned a case no (3011662109) and referred me to A&E Factory Service (owned by Sears) for repair/replacement and problem resolution. I called A&E factory services to schedule a repair as suggested by Frigidaire. When I called I was put on hold for over twenty (20) minutes. Finally, A&E operator came online and scheduled a repair visit scheduled for 7/13/2006 (Ser.Order 96252440). On his visit on 7/13/2006 , A&E Technician (Tech ID: 0876177) determine the problem caused by "DAMAGE MACHINE BELT ONLY" and NOTHING ELSE. Technician replaced the belt and left without testing the machine. After he left, when I ran the machine, not only the initial problem of slow/noisy spin is still there but water was leaking underneath the machine creating an "ELECTRICAL HAZARAD". Again, I called A&E and report the problem of slow/noisy, water leaking and electrical hazard. A&E reschedule a second visit with a promise to send a "SENIOR TECHNICAIN", instead they send the same technician from previous visit. On his second visit, technician was rude,and unprofessional in behavior. This time, he looked at the VERY SAME MACHINE and diagnosed it "TRANSMISSION PROBLEM", Which was never there during his first visit two days ago. A&E Technician said Transmission IS " NOT COVERED WITH WARRANTY" and left without fixing anything. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE THAT MACHINE WAS PURCHASED ONLY SIX MONTHS AGO AND IS COVERED WITH ONE YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRANTY. When I contacted Frigidaire they also refuse to either repair or replace the machine as required by Law.

Based on my experience, my sincere advice is to "NOT TO BUY FRIGIDAIRE / SEARS PRODUCT OR SERVICE".

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