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Video equipment repair

July 20, 2006

California Video Repair 4747 Oceanside Blvd. Suite F Oceanside, Ca 92056 760-941-2112 On Thursday June 22, 2006, while on my way to San Diego from LA (where I live and work), I dropped two L4Pro monitors off for service at California Video Repair. I explained my need to Bob (Robert Buccelli, Owner), who then passed me off to James Hayes. James stated that he was able to provide the service that I was requesting. James stated that his independent contractor “Al” would be doing the repair. The agreed upon price was $130.00. I told James that I would be driving back to LA that Sat and asked if the monitors could be ready. James told me that the monitors would be ready on Monday. I agreed, and informed him that I would stay in San Diego in order to prevent an extra trip, and that I would be in Monday to pick them up. James gave me one CLAIM CHECK for each monitor. Neither document served as a written estimate as required and outlined by the Bureau of Electronic & Appliance Repair Regulations, Article 3, Section 2722. Both claim checks contained a section explaining the company’s diagnosis and handling charge. James crossed out the dollar amount on both CLAIM CHECKS and indicated that the charge did not apply. I called James Monday (26th) to ask what time he estimated my monitors would be repaired for pick. James informed me that my monitors would not be ready until Thursday (29th). I reminded James of our agreement, as well as the fact that I stayed in town for the purpose of saving another trip back and forth to LA. In addition, I informed James that I needed to use at least one of the monitors for a video shoot in the middle of that week. Had I known the monitors were not going to be ready has promised I could've kept one of them (one was brand new and in perfect working order, receiving preventative maintenance).I told James that I wanted to come pick up the monitors despite the fact that they were not serviced. James informed me that would not be possible due to the fact that Al had taken the monitors to his house in Temecula and would not be making any deliveries to California Video Repair that day. I told James that I did not care where I had to drive; I needed to pick up my monitors that day (Monday). James said he would make a phone call and call me back. Approximately ten minutes later I phoned James to see if he had an update. The shop did not accept my call from my phone. I tried to call from another number, and the shop answered. James now had a story that Al was in the middle of repairing my monitors when he suddenly had a “family emergency” and left town. James told me my monitors were at Al’s house in Murrieta, and I would not be able to get them until Friday (30th). James said I had no choice, and agreed that I would either need to rent or purchase another unit for my shoot. I stopped by the shop on my way to LA that Monday afternoon. I spoke to another employee in front of the shop. I asked if he was Al. The employee informed me that he was not Al, but that Al would be there the next day (Tuesday), and if I had any more questions to call James in an hour when he would be back from lunch. James called Friday to tell me my monitors were ready. I was working a video shoot and not able to drive to Oceanside to pick them up until Monday July, 3 (my next day off). When I arrived at the shop I was presented with two SERVICE INVOICES totaling $130.00. When I questioned what I was being charged for James informed me that Al they had completed the repair and $130.00 was the price we had both agreed upon. I reminded James that our agreement included the fact that the monitors would be ready by Monday, and they were not. In addition, I called and asked that I be able to pick the monitors up prior to be serviced. My request was denied due to the fact that the shop had released my monitors to be taken to the private residence of one of their contractors, who did not perform in accordance with my agreement with the shop. At this time both Bob and James both became hostile and indicated that the situation was my fault, stated nothing was promised, and tried to say that I should be thankful for them “trying” to do a “rush job.” I reminded them that I did not ask for a rush job, they were the ones that had informed me that the monitors would be ready on Monday, and were both aware that I stayed in town to pick them up. That was clearly our agreement. At that time, another employee came from around the counter and approached me. While only inches from me the employee yelled, slammed a pen onto my CLAIM CHECKS which were on the counter, and shouted, “Where does it say that! Show me where is says that! This will be a first!” I was then told to pay for my monitors or leave. We went back on forth on if I was going to pay or leave them. Knowing that I needed to use the monitors, I finally decided to pay and take them with me. I had already incurred expenses renting another unit while mine sat at Al’s house. Adam Beverly Hills, Ca

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05f833fb, 2009-11-24, 08:05PM CST

this guy honestly thought that he would get free repairs cause the units were fixed 1 day late. lets see what happens to this idiot an auto repair shop, because the mech needed an extra day. he probably hasnt been around long enough to understand that as in life and buiss. "s" happens. grow up and quit whinning like a little girl when you dont get your way junior.

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