Starbucks at Georgetown, Washington, DC

Posted on Thursday, July 20th, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 1bbf19bc

Company: Starbucks at Georgetown, Washington, DC

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Starbucks at Georgetown, Washington, DC

July 19, 2006

Hi guys, This is an unfortunate story about what happened this afternoon. My wife and I went to a Starbucks at Georgetown, Washington, DC to get an iced coffee. I gave a cashier a $5 bill and a $1 additionally because my wife wanted to have some quarters for a parking meter. I didn't realize at first, but the cashier gave me the change but it was $2 short. She might have got confused because I gave her one more dollar for some more quarters. Anyway, we went back there and asked this middle aged guy working at the counter to give us back the two dollars. This guy wiped out his smile in no second and threw the 2 dollars to me. And then he slam shut the cashier bitching about something. We just didn't want to make a scene there, so decided to get out pronto without confronting him. Just wanted to share our unfortunate event with any of you. Thanks.


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00645f89, 2010-01-13, 07:18AM CST

i feel u on that and this is the worst starbucks i been to they are rude unprofessional. I went there one day cause i was on a coffee run buying my co workers coffees and i brought the cappuccino to my manager and she was furious and say did u get this from the starbucks there and i said yes. she said hold this cup my eyes got big i said i cant believe that it was so light they cheated me out of coffee and i went back i said excuse me and the girl responded rude YES like she was yelling and i said but this is too light can i get another please and i showed her the reciept and she slammed the coffee down as if pissed off and i said to her thanks and said it rude and walked out... they are defiently rude and u know im not racist but they are ghetto as well i will never go to that starbucks again im gonna stick to my neighborhood no matter what F a georgetown starbucks ...sorry for rude language but they suck

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