Louis Vuitton return policy complaint

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Louis Vuitton return policy complaint

July 14, 2006

Dear Complaints.com,

I am writing about my horrific experience with Louis Vuitton. I bought a bag at the Louis Vuitton store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. The price was $840 including tax. I decided that the size wasn't right, but had never used the bag. So I complied with the 14 day return policy, It was 5 days after purchase, I went to Hollywood store, as it was nearest at that time, to return it. The store manager asked that I show it, and she said that there was a small stain on the bottom of the bag, so she could not accept the return. She told me to go back to the original store where I bought it.

So, I went back to the Beverly Center store, and as soon as I told one of the workers that I wanted to return, they asked me to see it. The initial salesperson took out the bag and looked inside, and told me that there was hair in the bag, so I could not return it. He took it to the manager of the store, and he looked at the bag, and concurred with the salesperson that because there was hair in the bag that they could not accept the return. They realized that that was a stupid excuse, so they said that the handle had changed color to a little darker tan. But of course it had changed color, as it oxidized by the air. This is a natural course of every bag that they have, and they admitted it. I told them that but they said that they could not sell it. It was obvious that they have no intention of accepting the return, so they were making every excuse to me. They told me to call the customer service center, which I did. The customer service center said that they could not do anything, as they are going with the manager, and told me that they want me to take it to the Beverly Hills store. They were pretending to try and sympathize with me, but they were condescending, and never intended to help me. They were just a front for good customer relations, when customer were screaming that they can't return bags. I was so irate that they did not take a bag that was never used, so they called in the security guards to get me out of the store, as it was hurting their business. When the security guards came, they confessed to me that they had seen other customers come with the same complaint that they can't return unused bags within 14 days of return policy.

I finally took it to the Beverly Hills store, and was pretty sure by that time that I would not be able to return. Yup, sure enough, the Beverly Hills store said the same thing. I was outraged, but not surprised.

The return policy is to make you feel comfortable and to trick you into buying the bag, but they have no intention of accepting the return even if you have never used the bag and bring it back within the 14 days. They will make any excuse why they will not accept the return the bag, and since they already have your money, they do not care. What is upsetting is that they are deceiving their consumers about their return policy, so they can trick you into buying a bag that you think you can return it 14 days, but you have no chance in hell of being able to do so.

SO CONSUMERS: If you buy anything at Louis Vuitton, please know that you will not be able to return anything unless you are the president of the United States or Oprah Winfrey!

A very disgruntled former Louis Vuitton consumer,


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f2602315, 2007-11-15, 12:47AM CST

I have purchased from Louis Vuitton boutiques all over the globe and never once have I had a problem returning anything that I was not happy with. As long as you comply with the terms of the return policy, there is not an issue with returning a purchase.

In this instance there was probably something wrong with the bag and they were uncomfortable providing a refund for it. LVMH is a billion dollar fashion conglomerate and they would not risk their reputation with shoddy customer service - Especially at all of the boutiques in this complaint. Not to mention the customer service center being so poor!

Also, the security guards would never tell a customer (especially one that needed to be removed from the store) that other customers have come in with the same complaint.

This whole complaint is absurd and poorly written.

684c1edf, 2008-03-18, 04:52PM CDT

I have purchased from Louis Vuitton several times and I did not have any problem yet. I have returned two times the product, a wallet and a belt within the 30 days that are provided by Louis Vuitton in Greece. They were very happy to do the exchange. Although I dont know what happend in Beverly and Hollywood.

cd13f017, 2008-05-19, 09:31AM CDT

The same thing just happened to me and my friend. On May 11th, 2008, my friend and her mom bought a bag from LV at Macy's store in New York. It was a 3000 dollar purchase.

Few days after the purchase, haven't used LV the bag, my friend's mom bought a Goyard bag instead because it was lighter and easier to carry. So she asked my friend to go and return the bag.

On May 17th, 2008, me and my friend took the bag back to Macy's. We gave the bag, the receipt, and credit card to the cashier. She took the bag away, we waited at the cash register for a while and the manager came out with the bag. He said to us that the bag has hair in it and it was dirty so he's not going to accept this as a return. We tried to tell him that the bag was not used at all, but he wouldn't believe us. How terrible, we were very surprised because he was accusing us of lying to him.

We finally gave up and took the bag home. We got the manager's phone number and called the store to talk to him again. We spoke for a while and he hung up on us!!!

Tomorrow, my friend's mom is going to the store to talk to the manager.

658cf0e6, 2008-05-22, 05:32AM CDT

Sorry to disappoint the last commentator, but I have experienced very poor customer service with Louis Vuitton twice, once in Madrid & once in London Selfridges.

The Madrid example occured when they charged my card twice, an error I highlighted to Rena, the manager of the store, upon my return to the UK.

Rather than being helpful I was told my credit card would be refunded the overcharged amount but I would not recieve a refund for the bank charge for the currancy exchange, my time or phone call costs to Madrid to highlight THEIR error.

Very poor customer service!!

943cc1af, 2008-05-31, 10:30AM CDT

I recently had the same experience. I bought a 1300 bag over the phone(there is no LV in my state) without having ever seen the bag in person. When i received the bag, I discvered it was too big and clunky for my bodyshape. I was told before i made the purchase that i could return it if i didn't just love it. However, when i returned it via mail, they denied my return saying it looked like someone had touched it. All i had done was put it on my shoulder and look in the mirror. They refused the return and told me it would not be overturned no matter what i did. I asked them why they don't just say they do not except returns. Then i would have known what i was getting in to.

47a68c49, 2008-07-04, 12:51AM CDT

I must say that I am tremendously disappointed with LV, not only their service but the product itself. I purchased a LV bag while holidaying in Shanghai on the 9th June 2008. To my biggest horror, I discovered that the bag has a defect. The inner fabric where the zip is stitched on is tiered up at the seam. I purchased on the 9th, but did not use it until the 18th when travelling home. So only after a few hours of use, I discovered the defect. Since I have returned from holiday, it was impossible for me to physically change the bag in LV store in Shanghai.

Hence, I emailed the store to inform them about this issue with some photographic evidence. What I got in return is an accusation that I have scratched the fabric myself. I think this is the biggest insult of all because I was so excited that I have saved up money to buy my first LV bag and this is the treatment I have received. So please people, save your money and your trouble. DO NOT BUY ANY LV PRODUCTS!!!

13f243ca, 2008-07-17, 12:40AM CDT

I too also have experienced bad service from Louis Vuitton. I do believe that some stores are nicer than others. The ones in Vegas are not nice. They did not greet me or my husband when I went into the store. I wanted to return a bag that I purchased in Century City, LA. I loved the bag but when I went home I noticed that it had a tiny scratch on the surface of the leather that wasn't very obvious. I told the salesperson in Vegas that the bag had a scratch and I had just purchased it 4 days ago and like to exchange it. The salesperson couldn't find the scratch for a long time but when she finally found it she went to the manager who told me it was in unsaleable condition. I told the manager that I just want to exchange it and I bought it in the condition. The manager flat out told me no.

I decided to go back to the same store a little later to try to return it again, the different salesperson was going to let me return it but then the manager saw me and came over and said that the bag was in unsaleable condition therefore cannot be returned. I mentioned that the salesperson could not see it and their sad excuse was she did not look closely.

I did go back to Century City LV store and return the purse. I did not want to exchange it anymore by this time and I did not mention the scratch. I learned my lesson which is to keep my mouth shut and don't be too honest. THe sales people accepted the bag without any problems. LV is a luxury brand that many women save money to buy. If they continue to doubt their customers than they are going to lose customers. But maybe LV doesn't care about common people like you and I.

642b1b55, 2008-07-31, 01:00AM CDT

I have the same problem. I tried to return my L.V. bag within 14 days and I was told that the bag had dirt and it could not be resale. I was shocked and disappointed. I will never again buy from L.V..

db86d61a, 2008-08-07, 05:05PM CDT

I had the same problem in Chicago. The wallet I purchased was never used. I placed 6 credit cards in the card slots to determine whether the wallet was suitable for my needs. After determining that the wallet was too bulky, I decided to exchange the wallet for the French wallet. To my dismay, the manager and sales associates both concurred that putting 6 credit cards in the 6 card slots constituted USING of the wallet. Therefore, they are unable to return a used item. She added that I should only place 2 credit cards to test it out. I would NEVER purchase any items from Louis Vuitton.

6f120de7, 2008-08-26, 12:29PM CDT

I hate to see LV products. In Beverly Hills and South coast Plaza, their stores are packed with Asian customers. In Shanghai, Tokyo, their stores are packed too. Funny in Paris, only tourists checking out the lastest LV. There are a lot of better local french designers that only avail in France, so you don't often see a french person wearing LV product.

LVHM target a certain type of consumers well. With poor customer service, unfair return policy but why people keep flocking to their stores. I bet that the majority of these suckers are not well-traveled. Experieced travelers would not want to carry a LV around.

88812fbc, 2008-08-26, 06:06PM CDT

I have never bought any LV and never will. Reason I have my friends carry the same bags, so boring. The stores in Beverly hills and South coast Plaza are packed with Asian customers. In Shanghai, Hongkong, Tokyo women are crazy for LV. Interestingly you don't see many french wearing this brand. In Paris only tourists flock into LV store, usually french people don't wear LV, simply there are many beautiful brands in France but most tourists don't know. Why the heck LV so popular in certain regions? Not to mention its lousy customer service and unfair return policy.

Is it monkey sees monkey does?

My guess is the majority of LV shoppers live in a box. If you have been to France regularly, you would never want to carry a piece of junk LV. The french is very creative, a lot of local designers are much better than LV.

88812fbc, 2008-08-26, 06:12PM CDT

I have never bought any LV and never will. Reason I have my friends carry the same bags, so boring. The stores in Beverly hills and South coast Plaza are packed with Asian customers. In Shanghai, Hongkong, Tokyo women are crazy for LV. Interestingly you don't see many french wearing this brand. In Paris only tourists flock into LV store, usually french people don't wear LV, simply there are many beautiful brands in France but most tourists don't know. Why the heck LV so popular in certain regions? Not to mention its lousy customer service and unfair return policy.

Is it monkey sees monkey does?

My guess is the majority of LV shoppers live in a box. If you have been to France regularly, you would never want to carry a piece of junk LV. The french is very creative, a lot of local designers are much better than LV.

86af1150, 2008-11-30, 02:10AM CST

My sister and I were shopping at Louis Vuitton South Coast Plaza store on the week before thanksgiving at Costa Mesa, California. We were looking around in the store and bought a purse over there. We had a worse service there and had never been treated like that in any other LV stores .

We were tried some flats (shoes) and no body serve us untile we went to the 'check out' counter ask for help. There were two guys chatting and didn't care about our requests and had let us waited about 10 minutes at the shoe section. And, It was very odd that every shoes that my sister wanted to try were out of her size?! (at least 7 styles). So, we thought he didn't want to give us the servier becuase we intruppted his chatting with other guy?

After we gave up buying a pair of shoes, my sister bought a purse instead. Of course, we had to go to 'check out' counter and the other guy was standing there. He gave us a unfitting box for the purse and told us that that's the box that he could gave us. The case was way smaller then the purse and when you see the bag, you could see the purse came out from the case. We were standing there and totally in shock for a minute. Lucky, there is a lady came out from the back and told us nicely that she would take the purse back and re-wrap for us. So, we got the perfect case which fit the purse and left. After experiencing the service like that, we felt like that we've been treated unfairly and rude for spending and shopping in the store. We wanted to go there and enjoy our good time while shopping and turns out the service treats us badly. If the quality of service is getting worse in a such high-end store, then I would not recommended people to go there to shop anymore.

9bd8ff40, 2008-12-16, 10:10PM CST

I bought the Loius Vuitton Gallieria GM bag in July 2007 from the Houston Galleria Store . I have lots of bags, so I did not carry this Loius bag daily. I carried it on average 3-5 times per month. I noticed that the bag's handle/strap began to turn "dingy" black and the leather was wearing prematurely. I took the handbag back to the store after I was approached by a woman at the post office who stated she was having the same problem with her bag. She stated that she returned her bag. I then saw another woman in home depot and I approached her. True enough her bag had turned and ugly "dingy" black on the handle and top upper trim. This is when I decided to take my bag back to the store. The manager tried to explain to me that the bag did not have a defect and that the brass was turning it black. However, this bag was turning black where there was no brass. Anytime you purchase a bag for $1,270 and carry it 3-5 times a month- over a 5 month period, and the trim turns dingy black and the leather wears thin, and you see other women that have the same issue with that same handbag, there is a problem with the quaility. The quality of the trim and strap on this bag is very poor. Louis Vuitton is well aware that there is something terribly wrong with the quality of this handbag. I currently have 3 Louis Vuitton handbags. Unfortunately, I will never buy another Louis Vuitton.

a82e996b, 2009-01-26, 03:28PM CST

I gree with all of you. LV has a lousy products and mistreating customers. You are not paying for what you get but instead it likes trashing your money away.



!!! BUY OTHER BRANDS LIKE FENDI, DB, COACH, etc... but not LV!!!

9cc6f6e9, 2009-02-20, 10:13AM CST

I will never purchase from Louis Vuitton again either, I have contacted the local news station as well as file a complaint with the BBB"

I purchased the Damier Neverfull GM bag for $798 from Louis Vuitton,Orlando, Florida. When I took the bag home, I place a few of my personal items in the bag and realized the bag was too large for my liking. On 2/18/09, returned to the store to EXCHANGE the bag for a smaller version of the one I initially purchased, which was a better fit for me; however, the associate at the store refused to honor my exchange. When questioned as to why I could not exchange the bag, the associate point to two small strand of hair in the bottom of the bag. This was the reason the bag could not be re-sold. I feel as this is discrimination based on the fact there there is nothing wrong with the bag. The strands of hair were more than likely from the items I placed inside the bag to see if I really like it. I had no intent to obtain a refund, I only wanted to exhange it. After being embarrassed, I left the store and immediately filed a formal complaint on their company website on 2/18/09. On 2/19/09, the company responded with the following:

Dear Ms. P,

We would like to thank you for your visit on our web site and your interest in Louis Vuitton.

Thank you for your email informing us of your recent experience at our Orlando boutique. We appreciate your feedback, and we will be sure to forward your comments to the appropriate executives for review. Please know it is not the intention of Louis Vuitton to treat any of our store visitors with anything less than the utmost courtesy and attention. We value you as a customer and welcome your feedback.

After researching this issue and speaking with the store manager at our Orlando boutique, I can confirm we are not able to accommodate your request for an exchange. This decision was made based on the condition of the bag as it was presented to our Orlando store employees yesterday, February 18, 2009.

Please note, the return policy for Louis Vuitton as stated on the receipt is the following: "Merchandise may be exchanged or returned for a store credit within one (1) month of the original purchase date, or may be returned for a full refund (except for watches and jewelry) within fourteen (14) days of the original purchase date when accompanied by the original sales receipt. All merchandise for exchange, store credit or refund must be in perfect saleable condition...A refund may only be made in the same country as the original purchase."

As the Damier Canvas Neverfull GM was not in "perfect saleable condition," we would not sell this bag to another client and therefore cannot accept it back into our inventory. We appreciate you understanding in this matter.

A formal complaint has been filed on your behalf. If you wish to discuss this or any matter further, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Relations Specialists at 866-VUITTON.

Best regards,

Sarah Morgan - LOUIS VUITTON

[email protected]


* They cannot even tell me why the bag cannot be resold. This is not over by any means.

9ea3c9ce, 2009-08-16, 09:39PM CDT

I just bought a Louis Vuitoon Keepal Band 45 Dammier for $1,200 at Louis Vuitton at 5th Avenue, NY. I noticed a huge leather defect on the side earlier this week, and I decided to exchange it for another one. I was really suprice for treatment they gave me. Even though there is ONE month exchange and return policy. I was accused indirectly that I cause the damage by putting water on it. And I was passed on to different managers and sales person and customer sercvice and even given a Customer Sercie telephone number. SHAME ON LOUIS VETTON. I can not exchange it because of the damage that was originally there. SO THE LOGIC HERE IF LOUIS VETTON GAVE YOU A FACTORY DAMAGE PRODUCT YOU CAN'T RETURN OR EXCHANGE IT in one month.OMG, I was about to cry because of frustration and explaining that damage was there, but they keep telling me that I caused the damage. OMG. OMG. OMG. That all I can express. GOD KNOWS THAT I TOLD THE TRUTH.


I already called my credit card to block the LUIS BETTON charges. And I am thinking to bring this case in local news called Shame, Shame Shame. Because I think the local new yorker need to be aware of BAD Customer service andto inspect their purchase for damages.

I have a picture of the damages that manager told me at first that it was packaging problem, but he told later that he didn't say anything like that. LIAR sales manager. SHAME ON HIM. I would like to put in website to show the POOR QUALITY WORK OF LOUIS VETTON.I could get a better quality from other store.

All I wanted just to exchange which guarantees in the return policy, but the twist is that I counld not exchange any LOUS VUITTON factory damage. OMG. Anycase, I will keep pursuing my options to get my money back from my credit card and also called the local NY news called SHAME, SHAME. I also just talked to couple of lawyer friends. What legal actions that I can do on my case against LV.


55f933e0, 2009-08-17, 02:58AM CDT

OMG This has just happened to me!! I bought the never full monogram 8/4/09. Its to big for me so on 8/16/09 I tried to exchange it for another, thinking their would not be a problem is the purse is brand new, the very rude manager said that at the very bottom of the bag was dirty! I told her no it is not this is lint at the bottom it comes off!! I said look at this bag its perfect. She said she would not be able to resale it so she could not exchange it. This happened at the San Francisco store on geary st!! They are so rude I was going to buy my wallet when I made the exchange, but I will never buy another bag from louis vuitton AGAIN!! I was so embarrassed. I'm really thinking of speaking to a lawyer. Their return policy is a LIE!!!

4703aa05, 2009-08-27, 01:26AM CDT

I believe this complaint, see mine as stated below. I strongly think LV's strategy is to steal peoples monies whatever the case may be!!

You are correct LV renders poor services at the store and poor customer after care. I bought one of their new bag products lats year may 2008. In less than a year, the thread of the bag started to come off. I took this to the store and the sales consultant who attended to me, completed a repair form stating the bag had worn out. I insisted that she changed it as that was the wrong judgement. The bag was faulty, i mean i paid 580pounds for this bag and it was less than a year. Ignoring me, the sales attendant told me i will be contacted. A few weeks later, I got a comment from the store in the UK that my bag had been assessed at the repair centre and they were not taking liability for it because i put the bag on the floor hence the wear and tear. There was a hole in the bag as a result of the losse threading.

I was furious i called the customer services department and was advised that the manager at the store will ring me. True to them, he rang me but ofcourse without looking at the bag; he argued that i had put my bag on the floor. After arguing with him and insisting he went back to look at the bag because from his comments i did not need to be told that he had not taken a look at the bag, he agreed to call me back after he had seen the bag. 45mins later he calls me singing a new song!!!1 He admitted that he should have looked at the bag and clearly indicated that one part of the leather at the joining was short!!!...I wasn???t the least surprised. The bag was very newly produced and it had no quality proven history yet, which I had clearly stated when I reported the issue. I mean that style and bag type (BELLEVUE) was only 4-6months old!!! All I wanted was to have my bag fixed. But from all indications it seems the repair will cost a fortune and a big quality issue had been detected and so they would prefer to put the blame o me the customer!!! Anyway this manager told me he will send it back t the repairers but there say was still final. As you would expect egocentric people, the judgement of the repairers did not change. I was then told to contact the customer services department if I wanted to lodge a complaint!....I was told that their independent legal (false if you ask me) adviser will look into the issue. At this time it was already 4 to 5weeks wait.

I sent this email but got no response until another 5weeks. Yes it was 10weeks and i still had not heard from LV. I sent an email to them expressing my disappointment. Then 2weeks later i get an email from their so called legal adviser 'Allisson Currier'. She had the nerve to tell me she was not aware of my complaint until the time she responded. From her email it was obvious she had not even looked at the bag talkless of try and independently resolve the issue ( This I came to confirm when i was told that my bag was still at the Selfridges store since it was first returned). Her email said that she was sorry for the delay but the judgement of the repairer still stands. To top it up, she ended the email by stating

??????I am sorry for any dissappoint this causes, but trust this letter clarifies Louis Vuitton's position in this matter satisfactorily''

Well this letter was dated 13th August, I responded and spoke to many people who tossed me back and forth. No one at the customer services department was interested in speaking to me. It seemed like they had put a big note on my account, DO NOT ENTERTAIN THIS CUSTOMER!!!...Anyway they got the manager of the store i originally bought the bag from to call me. This time it was a lady, she apologised for the treatment i had received so far and told me she will be in contact with me in 4days after she had sent the issue to France (it was always been dealt with in London) but until now 27th August I have had no response!!

ec9681a9, 2009-10-02, 01:22AM CDT

I am having the same problem now. I bought a bag for my sister in Melbourne LV store and then went overseas to join my sister. She doesnt like the bag, and would like to have a bigger one. Then I took it back to the store to return the bag and get a bigger one. The staff refused to do it. She said it must have been used, because the color changed. Thats ridiculous, because I just showed it to my sister, and then put it in my luggage and took it back.They are terrible. How can they do that?

1234419c, 2009-10-12, 02:16PM CDT

My husband bought the Beverly GM bag, on line, for me for my birthday. He was assured that I could return it if I was not happy with it for any reason. That particular bag is too big for me to carry on my shoulder as I have a pacemaker so I returned the bag two days after receiving it. It had not been used in any way. The bag was returned to me saying that I damaged it! I have made pictures of the bag showing absolutely no damage of any kind. What kind of customer service is that? That was my first LV and it will be my last! I am telling all of my friends so they do not get taken like my husband did.

1234419c, 2009-10-12, 07:37PM CDT

I see that many of us now know the hard way that Louis Vuitton does not ever intend to accept a bag back for any reason despite their written return policy. Is this legal? My husband, who is an attorney, says it is not. I wonder how many of us there are that have had this experience? Should we bring an action jointly?

1234419c, 2009-10-12, 07:42PM CDT

I was wondering how many there are of us that have had this expenience with Louis Vuitton? My husband is an attorney and when they would not return the bag he bought me for my birthday, he wondered if is deceptive trade practice? I know that I did not damage the bag and I have pictures to prove it. I think we should bring a group action.

d65db098, 2009-11-29, 04:33PM CST

OMG, my son and I had the same experience! The receipt specifically says; 1 month for refund or store credit/exchange/ 2 weeks on certain items- with a reference if it is saleable.

We bought a belt and it broke. We returned it within the month and they exchanged it. The second belt broke and they wanted to superglue the broken piece, or order a new belt. Obviously, if two belts broke within a month, they are not well made. Offering to superglue a $420 belt onsite is appalling. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN, EVER, NOR WILL MY SON, HIS FRIENDS OR ANYONE I CAN FIND TO FOREWARN. I have never been treated so rudely. She said the belt looked used. IT DID NOT. Considering he could never wear it because it broke when he was putting it on, it be kinda hard to look used. Obviously the staff is well trained to be congenial before the sale, and absolute ogres after the sale. This is pathetic.

ded33e3c, 2009-11-30, 02:16AM CST

I bought a wallet by cash around $450 in Valley Fair, Santa Clara, CA. I return in about 4 days. I said I already tried it out in 1 day but it's not fit me. At first, they said they don't have cash to refund me and asked me to go home and waiting for their call with no time frame. 4 hours later, they called me and asked me to bring the item back. Then they said because I tried it out, they would not take it as a return. The wallet is still like new and nothing damaged or miss used. I said "You're a big store and in term of customer service, you would take it as a return, right?" The manager said "You said we are big store and you tried to damage the item, then return to us?" I said "Don't put your words in my mouth, do you see the wallet damaged at anywhere?"

After talking back and forth and they are trying to please you by words "I apologize, but we don't take the return when you tried the item out. You can't try it, you just can return when it's original un-touched!".

I asked "Why you keep asking me go back and forth, then you said the item can't be returned? You break your own policy rule that it did not saying anything about you don't have cash in hands to refund. You just want to sell your products and care nothing about your customers?"

They said "If you want call cooporate office to complain, we are sorry, but we - 3 managers here - don't accept your return".

What a pissed off people and store policy of LV! I'll file a complaint with other agency to investigate the case!

c652be55, 2009-12-02, 08:37PM CST

I have had really bad service as well. Although I have generally been able to return and exchange pretty easily, its the way that the sales people behave that makes it such an AWFUL experience. It's just sickening. When I leave an LV store no matter how much I like the products I feel nauseated and not just from the exorbitant pricing. It's just funny how human nature is. When we feel we are superior to others for whatever reason we have a choice to make: we can 1) choose to condescend toward others and make them feel bad, thereby misusing our influence or status 2) We can choose to treat others kindly and with respect, using our achievements or status to bring happiness and comfort to others. When the former choice is made you have a lazy exercise of our moral capacity.

Louis Vuitton has become a comedic display of a misuse of status. It's really annoying. But their bags are fun and the artwork involved in their advertising is nevertheless fabulous.

I still don't want to shop there anymore. :-)

72037ed2, 2009-12-21, 11:05PM CST

This story is totally believable. Especially when you consider that the sales people often times work on commission. They sale purses, but not so many that they want to lose a $1000 dollar sale. My advise to all is pay with your credit card. When you pay with plastic you can bet you last dollar that the store will take the bag back and issue a refund if not then they will experience a problem later. Call your credit card company and explain the situation and return issue. They will be on your side and they will Take your money back from the store and issue the refund.

50099e69, 2010-01-05, 10:50PM CST

Recently,I have had similar experience but fortunately after one hour of frustration they finally refunded me. I don't think I will ever purchase another LV products again.

f809fbf3, 2010-03-17, 08:03PM CDT

I'm also one of a customer who experienced a horrible services from Loui vuitton. My girl freind brough my a wallet, but I felt it was too big. so I decided to go back to a store located in Topanga mall. I lives about 40 minute from a location. The first day I've arrived at 8:30 PM. The store was already close. Then I've rechecked the business hours which came out around 10:00 AM to 8:00 pm. I've got out from my jop about 7:00 PM. with all the rush to catch up the closing time. I finally arrived at 7:55 the next day. The gentlement receptionist has already stood block the store entries, didn't allow us to get in. I've provided the reason for my late arrival plus our driven time to get there. That gentlement receptionist told us to wait infront of the entrance, so that he could go consult with a store manager. Minuts later he came to us with a dinied face and words "sorry! we're close.

That was unacceptable to me.

9f153474, 2010-05-09, 10:30AM CDT

I bought LV purse model PF BRAZZ, problem with Zip end and thread wad fray off. I just bought it in January 8, 2010 from Emporium branch, Bangkok, and found the defect and send to repair on March 21, 2010. The expected return date is Apr 21, 2010. I have followed up a few times, and being informed that the product has not yet arrive in Hong Kong. Again today, sales staff informed me that the purse is being sent to Singapore.

I'm very confused, the purse is brand new but have defects and now the delay of services. I wasn't expect to receive poor service from LV brand.

Today I've followed the status again, sales staff told me if my purse arrives she'll call me by herself.. I think it terrible experience of me for about Louis Vuitton.. How can I get my purse back soon.

c458eec9, 2010-07-21, 02:32PM CDT

Tell you what instead of throwing your money away buying over priced purses just send me your money and I'll send you a box filled with old purses I don't want..no stains, hair or miscolored handles all in excellent shape..I need money to pay my mortgage, pay my bills and buy food..buying over priced handbags...with morons like you around, no wonder this country is going to hell in a handbag..pardon the pun!!

7d3c9de1, 2010-07-25, 02:29AM CDT

Why dont you decide what you want FIRST then buy it? I dont blame LV, the kind of people who buy things from LV dont want "returned products", unless absolutely 100% it doesnt look used. Instead of deciding after the purchase the bag isnt the right size why dont you do your homework prior, and in the store you could have tried the display bag on for size etc.....

230425bf, 2010-08-18, 12:23PM CDT

Hi,i've just been left horrified and nauseated by the treatment i've received from Louis Vuitton In Ireland! It seems to be their store policy to treat their customers with disdain and as all of you know,prices are exhorbitant and items never go on sale!! Recently i purchased the BREA MM in the much coveted and elusive Rose Florentine although this was not the handbag i had been stalking. The one i wanted was the ALMA PM in the same colour. I had been into the store one a week for 8 weeks even though i had my name on waiting list for the latter handbag. Then,i went in and as usual was told they didn't have any however miraculously one appeared in a drawer that day and although it was not the alma i bought the brea only because it was the colour i had been craving. I decided i was going to hold out and not use it for as long as i could and continue checking in weekly with the store.Eventually a haughty sales clerk (as most are....probably due to their outstanding credentials to avail of their job!) told me that this colour was well and truly gone and they were not getting any more of them. Five days later i got the call to say that the alma pm in rose florentine was in store. THankfully i had not used the other and although it had just gone a month,the store said i could exchange it for the other. Of course when i got there,it was a different story!! They decided that the handbag was used because the leather of te handles had changed colour on the undersides......mind you the very same handbag must have been handled by sales clerks far and wide in these shops. Anyway i decided to by the other handbag i had been dying for and when i got home realised that the plastic off the feet were off and that in fact the metal feet were all scratched!!!! Imagine the cheek of them telling me my handbag was used and then clearly selling used ones. I will be taking them to court over this matter as they were happy to take that one abck woth the scratches on the metal feet!!! How they go about selling that with it's fault i do not know yet they couldn't sell the first one i bought which still remains unused!!! Perhaps the snooty ones hired by LV get hefty discounts and are allowed purchase these "damaged" handbags. This was my fifth handbag from LV and i vow NEVER to be a customer of theirs again. Their goods are lovely but the treatment one receives for spending ridiculous amounts of money is pathetic. Maybe it's just because it's a french brand........they feel obliged to give the french treatment to FULL PRICE PAYING CUSTOMERS!! And for those of you who can't afford them,don't bother reading these websites and voicing your opinions.

be01f1d5, 2010-08-19, 11:50PM CDT

I had the same problem, Louis Vuitton deceive their customer by claiming the 14 day return but they will not take anything back. I have reproted them to the BBB as well.

f6e15cb2, 2010-09-04, 04:06AM CDT


c3c75788, 2010-09-04, 08:39PM CDT

My complaint is against this customer service rep online whom answered my call to place an order. The product was out of stock online, and then she checked my ordering history, in which I made a purchase and a return via the mail from Saks. The rep said that I could order if LV's records showed that I purchased an item within a month. As soon as she saw that I also returned the item, she said that I did not purchase the item, and therefore, could not locate another store for me. I argued that I did purchase it but returned it, which should make no difference b/c the policy talks about a purchasing history and doesn't mention that you must keep the product. She then said I had to keep the item for it to be considered a purchasing history. What a joke! Evene the previous reps never told me that. Then I told her that she was rude and asked for her manager. She hung up on me. I was like WTF. Anyway, will be calling 1st thing in the morning for a complaint. Going to watch movie now and sleep =) This is the 1st time in 10 years that I returned an LV item, so yeah, you'll only be treated nicely if you buy and buy. Don't return lol What a bunch of losers. I think I just saved myself $1,000 and going to Gucci or Prada!

50e31217, 2010-09-19, 11:11PM CDT

I made a return today at Louis Vuitton boutique on a purchase that I made online through their website. I was able to make the return just fine. So the false statement that you and the others made here is not entirely true. The bags are throughly inspected prior to the acceptance of the return.

4371d953, 2010-09-26, 10:28AM CDT

I bougha bag and changed my mind and retutned it. They refused. I will call my credit card company if I can refund the money since they do not honor their 14 days retrtn p0licy. They are saying that because there is a damage they cannot accept it. Their return policy is very deceiving the public. I think the sale person are trained that way. I suspect they are "plantimg "something already inside that bag, that they already know what kind of damage they will tell constomers.

6ea17e61, 2010-09-28, 07:18AM CDT

My husband and I just experienced the worst customer service ever at the Yorkville LV in Toronto. I have shopped at the majority of shops in Yorkville and never experienced such a hassle.

They accused my husband, a physician, of having two stolen credit cards and secretly tried to hide the fact that they called the credit card company. They never once asked for picture ID nor explained what the hold up was for. It was my 30th birthday and they held us up for 45minutes, keeping all of my bday guests waiting at the restaurant and incurring us parking expenses.

The leather manager and operations manager, Ben, were extremely rude, disorganized and incapable of managing. Moreover, they lied to our face. They told us that our card got declined, however never even tried our card! I called AMEX and a manager at AMEX confirmed that my card was in good standing at that no purchases were declined. When we asked them for proof of the decline, the manager stated that she had proof and 'tried' to find it, but justified that she was a big stressed because she was handling two clients simulatenously.. Clearly she never even tried to put the card through and lied about it. The bloor street store seriously has management issues. After buying several LV bags, I will not be purchasing the brand anymore.

We felt patronized and disrespected - they should not be treating anyone this way. My husband is a physician, not a credit card fraud artist!

In sum, they discriminate based on age and race. These are grounds for a complaint in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I will be pursuing this matter further for damages.

7b95e187, 2010-10-07, 11:42AM CDT

I am surprised to read this.. I was just googling what their policy is on "wear and tear" and I found this site. I got a small LV bag as a gift, so I had no receipt. I returned it for a larger one at the store at Hollywood and Highland for a speedy purse. Then I decided that the speedy was too small and so I returned it for a way larger (and more expensive purse) at the Beverly Hills store. I used the speedy for probably about a week or so. Perhaps it was because I was upgrading and always spending more, but they took the original exchange, even without a receipt.

990a1dad, 2010-11-23, 09:11AM CST

I wish I could say the same. But unfortunately I got the same treatment as the others. I have had the Tivoli PM bag for 6 days still in the box that it was shipped in and was accused of damaging the bag. I was then told that I can't get my money back or exchange the bag. I will NEVER shop LV again!

fd13e092, 2011-01-05, 08:59AM CST

The LV return policy is unfair to consumers who have purchased high dollar handbags, never being used and is still in its original packing.

Unhappy with the LV

Store in North Park Dallas

532c4e20, 2011-01-10, 08:12PM CST

First time in my life, I purchased LV bag and a pair of shoes from Las Vegas LV store. I live in Oak Brook, IL. After returning home, I realized the shoes are bit large. I could not return within 14 day window due to my health problems. I was told that I can go to Oak Brook store by Jan 15, for an exchange or store credit. I went there today ( Jan10)and I can vouch for their lousy return policy. The girl takes the shoes out and blows air on it and said that these are used. I have never worn these shoes except for trying them in the store and once after coming home. She claimed she found sand granules on them! The manager will not be available till Wed to decide whether they are returnable or not! I felt humiliated by the attitude of the girl. This is a first pair shoes I have bought which needed an exchange and when you pay $ 600/pair, you want to be able to use them. You are dealing with clients who have expensive tastes and fat wallet - you do not want to treat them this way. I agree with your hair findings as I do with my sand granules.

I feel that they should change their policy to "No returns allowed" as that is what it is based on what I have read here as well my own experience. This way no one would have a false sense of security.

I would never buy their products ever again as I am apalled by the service.I wish more consumers would search this prior to buying LV products.


4d1f42a8, 2011-01-19, 03:01AM CST

Bad customer service should not be a surprise considering the way Louis Vuitton treats their employees. There are a number of employees and ex-employees suing Louis Vuiton and some of the managers at the Rodeo Drive shop in Beverly Hills.

The former employees claim that the management used to make fun of Jewish customers and would refer to them by the code name "PITA" - meaning "pain in the a*s." When a Jewish female complained she was fired. Others are suing too.

b32e3ef4, 2011-01-28, 11:38AM CST

It has nothing to do with age and race. People use that excuse with everything. Its how they treat everyone!!!

e662a3f2, 2011-02-11, 11:22AM CST

I agree that Louis Vuitton is arrogant and does not care about its customers.

I was deciding between to purses, one for $2500 and the other for $2700. After 5 minutes of staring at them I asked what the prices were again and got the same answer. I eventually went with the one for $2700. When I got to the counter and gave her my credit card, she "double checked" the price and realized that she made a mistake and it should have been $2975!

As far as I am concerned it was THEIR mistake and they should honor the original price. They obviously do not care about customers.

I am fairly well off and am very active in the community. My wife loves LV but after this experience I will make sure that she will NEVER buy anything from them. Furthermore, I will make sure that all of my friends here about this experience.

6522d61f, 2011-02-14, 12:23AM CST

i agree too..this was happened to me today but it is located on canada yorkdale centre..it is unbelieveable that i was being inform by the manager to leave the store in 10 minutes while i was waiting for the staff to get me the new bag from their inventory..i was quite surprised that time and try to find the staff that was helping me and after i found her, she said that there is no more new bag and however, the one that is in display has been taken by other people.i'm like so pissed off and argue with the customer who wanted to purchase that bag..then the manager came again and said"this bag should not be given to you and she is the one who has it now" however," you still have 5 minutes more to leave this store or i ask security to escort you out from this store" and i'm like asking" i'm waiting for the staff to get me my item and you kicked me out,what kind of attitude it that" ...he just ignore me and said if you raise your voice, i definitely will kick you out from here".. what the heck....will definitely sue this guy....

543113d7, 2011-02-20, 01:10PM CST

I also agree.. I wish I read this so much sooner. I always wanted a LV bag

and I went to Boston with a friend to buy one. It was $775. It was on a Friday that we went. That Monday I only wanted to exchange it for the smaller bag. I got the run around for over an 1hr or more. I told the sales girl I was within my means of 14days to return or exchange by one of your sales people. They told me I couldn't exchange the bag due to the color of the handles changing. In 3 DAYS... I was also told that there was hair in the bag and it smelled like smoke. Are you kidding me. I don't smoke. My husband doesn't nor do my friends. They said I must have animals. I don't have any? I asked to speak to the manager. She also said the handle color was different. What is that all about in three days? The sales girl also mentioned to her about the hair in the bag and the smoke smell. I couldn't believe the BS I was hearing. I told them to return the bag and if they don't I'll tell everyone about this. They said "Miss we ALWAYS return/exchange bags that have not been used or damenged". They did nothing for me? Three days I had the bag. Still in the box the same way they gave it to me. The sales girl had to take the paper off of the bag from the box. I called LV customer number. She asked me where I bought the bag. I told her. I also told her what happened. She said she couldn't do anything about it because I didn't buy it online...... Three days. How can that be ok? I will NEVER buy from them again. Nor will I EVER buy LV.

124e23ea, 2011-03-24, 11:52PM CDT

you never explained how your pubic hair got in the bag!?

Anonymous, 2011-05-03, 09:08PM CDT

I bought the Louis Vuiton purse on April 26,2011 at the International Plaza ,Tampa in Florida ,. The next day April 27,2011 I went back to exchanged for a different color, but when the manager at the stores ,his name was Tony Butera inspect my purse, he told me my purse has a piece of a hair inside the purse and scratch on the corner of the purse<he was impolite to me and give me no reason to exolain, he told me louis vuiton policy not to take it back, but louis vuiton has 14 day return policy in the receipt and asked me to leave the stores, I want him to explain to me why the stores cant take it back but he dont want to hear it and went in the back of the store and called security ,but when the security come they said the store manager told them that i was loud for which is i was never that type of a person that get loud anywhere but depend what kind of situation that I'm in.I believe in my heart, Louis Vuiton stores has scam me

whoever buy Louis Vuiton purse have to think twice before you decided to purchase one, because there policy is not say what it suppose to be. My advice to anyone out there who thinking to purchged Louis vuiton, please please please do not purchase anything from L.V because you will regreted, take it from me, i been there.

A very angry and an upset customer

Kim Nguyen

Anonymous, 2011-05-03, 11:32PM CDT

I had purchase a Louis Vuiton purse for the amount $1,200.00 on April 16,2011 at the International Plaza Mall , in Tampa ,Florida. The next day April 17,2011, I went back to the stores for exchanged for a different color.The manager, his name is Tony Butera inspected my purse and told me that Louis Vuiton can't take it back, the reason is the purse has a piece of a hair inside the purse and he also told me the purse has scratch all over at the bottom of the purse which is i dont see any scratch at all, after he finished inspect the purse he wrap the purse and hand it back to me and told me there is no refund or exchanged ,but i told him Louis Vuiton has 14 day exchanged or refund policy, he don't care, don't give a hoop what i said ,he just let me stand there all alone, talking to myself like I'm an idiot, to me that is not a professional, you don't treat anybody or any one included your customer that way, you treat them in a very respectful way because they the one who bring business in to you, without them how the hell, excuse my language, Louis Vuiton is in business He went back of store and call the security and told them that I'm here to make trouble and also said i was too loud and asked me to leave the store immediately. I was never loud or say anything stupid in the public, that not who I'm, my parent don't raised me up to be that kind of a lousy person.Anyway Louis Vuiton has ruin their reputation that for sure. But for anyone out there who is about to buy or thinking to purchased anything from Louis Vuiton , please please please take my advice dont buy anything because you'll be regretted because it happened to me, I don't want it to happen to anyone. That all i had to say


Kimberly Nguyen

Anonymous, 2011-05-03, 11:39PM CDT

I had purchase a Louis Vuiton purse for the amount $1,200.00 on April 16,2011 at the International Plaza Mall , in Tampa ,Florida. The next day April 17,2011, I went back to the stores for exchanged for a different color.The manager, his name is Tony Butera inspected my purse and told me that Louis Vuiton can't take it back, the reason is the purse has a piece of a hair inside the purse and he also told me the purse has scratch all over at the bottom of the purse which is i dont see any scratch at all, after he finished inspect the purse he wrap the purse and hand it back to me and told me there is no refund or exchanged ,but i told him Louis Vuiton has 14 day exchanged or refund policy, he don't care, don't give a hoop what i said ,he just let me stand there all alone, talking to myself like I'm an idiot, to me that is not a professional, you don't treat anybody or any one included your customer that way, you treat them in a very respectful way because they the one who bring business in to you, without them how the hell, excuse my language, Louis Vuiton is in business He went back of store and call the security and told them that I'm here to make trouble and also said i was too loud and asked me to leave the store immediately. I was never loud or say anything stupid in the public, that not who I'm, my parent don't raised me up to be that kind of a lousy person.Anyway Louis Vuiton has ruin their reputation that for sure. But for anyone out there who is about to buy or thinking to purchased anything from Louis Vuiton , please please please take my advice dont buy anything because you'll be regretted because it happened to me, I don't want it to happen to anyone. That all i had to say


Kimberly Nguyen

34533550, 2011-05-13, 05:23PM CDT

I had a wonderful experience with LV mail order. Received a bag, not sure of size, kept it for close to a month debating it and exchanged it for smaller bag. No problems and credit give for the price difference. Great service.

29b5beaf, 2011-06-08, 12:31AM CDT

I had the same problem. My boyfriend bought me the monogram canvas speedy 35 and i wanted to exchange it for the damier ebene canvas. I hadn't worn the bag, just tried it on a bunch of times at home to decide if i was happy with it. 3 days after i had it i decided to go to the LV store on 5th avenue to exchange it & as soon as i walked in the manager took my bag and analyzed it like a hawk(as if she was looking for a reason not to exchange for me) the manager told me the handles were a little stained, and obviously it is oxidized by air, so it happens naturaly to any one of their bags. They tell you you can exchange or return within 14 days of purchase, but they dont mention that you SHOULDNT try on or take out of the box as it will "show signs of wear". . I wasn't aware of their horrible return policy before and now im stuck with a 900 dollar bag that i dont really want. AND FOR THE PERSON THAT SAID WHY DONT WE DECIDE WHAT WE WANT FIRST- ummmm, have you never recieved a gift? anyways, i will never buy from louis vuitton ever again.

c458eec9, 2011-07-29, 06:40PM CDT

I've said it once and I'll say it again, you idiots buying overpriced handbags are a riot, you want us normal, sane, call us crazy if you like, people to feel sorry for you because some store told you to shove that silver spoon up your a**! I do NOT feel sorry for someone who pays out the backside for a fashion accessory only to decide the color is not acceptable..gotta have that to die for $3000 bag, oh give me a break you people are such morons! Be honest, is this candid camera, there can't be people this pathetic in the world..here's what you can do, I actually saw this on tv, stand outside the store and offer the unwanted bag for a special price to other potential customers, or you could just donate it to a poor deserving less fortunate, someone who only wears 4 diamond rings instead of 10...insert eyeball roll here!

efe95c43, 2011-08-01, 09:32PM CDT

I agree with you. I had the same experience in CC.

9fb17949, 2011-08-04, 09:31PM CDT

Louis Vuitton San Francisco is equally terrible - not only are the sales folks arrogant they are dishonest and deceitful. They brought us a "fresh piece" double wrapped. A couple of days back without even opening the bag, we wanted to exchange it for something and they would not accept it. The rationale being a tiny(very tiny) smudge which we would not even have noticed had we inspected when we bought it in the first place. Their sales process and refund policy is deceptive in multiple ways - one they show something and pack something else. Secondly, they could very well have a transparent packaging or similar which would void the policy if opened - however they don't. Its a pity that such a seemingly big brand would offer such a poor and terrible customer service experience.

147ec6ac, 2011-09-03, 12:27AM CDT

the same thing happen to me.I had the bag for 7days. the manager told me that dirt was on the bag. I hate this so bad because I was indicted to LV not any more.I left the bag at the store and called my credit card and made a complaint. Do not buy LV folks The as too big.

5a86bab2, 2011-09-19, 07:38PM CDT

3 days ago I bought the batognolles horizontal. After seeing pics of the vertical I decided I liked it more so planned an exchange. I did some "return policy" research and was worried after reading this page bc I had used the bag for 2 days. However, I still went to the LV store to exchange and am glad that I did. They took the BH back easily and gave me the BV :-)

807db304, 2012-07-01, 12:05PM CDT

I just got a bday present a bag from there from my byfr I went to exchange in 5 days he told me that is not in perfect condition it's scratch on the side white stain inside wich wasn't truth and I couldn't exchange ..... I talk w my byfr he told me that they sold that purse from the window and it's been touching before I guess coz I didn't wear it ..... Horrible policy a purse of $1850 ncant exchange or return its bullshit

2e22c0af, 2012-10-12, 09:53PM CDT

you can also post that on http://www.fumbiz.com , put this fraud company right on spot!

3c2411d0, 2012-10-17, 08:50PM CDT

I ordered a bag as a surprise gift for my wife's birthday. She opened the pack and felt she would like the smaller size. We ordered a new bag, similar style but smaller size. Returned the first (bigger) bag. The so called quality department did not accept the return stating there was a hair in the bag! The hair probably fell in when my wife put the bag on her shoulder to check the size.

The most frustrating thing was that the customer care representative will not even forward to his senior executive. Very frustrating! Felt cheated!

SL, 2012-10-22, 11:15AM CDT

My husband got Totally PM for my Bday from South Coast Mall in Costa Mesa, CA. It looked good for my petite size but when I tried to fit my stuffs, it was kinda small. I went back the next week to exchange it for a bigger size. The sales person denied to exchange saying it looked like used. This is my first LV bag....what a disappointment.....will never buy a LV bag again.

Mich C., 2014-06-13, 11:39PM CDT

I have about 35 LV bags, I shop LV frequently including the one in Champs Elysee Paris. There are long lines just to get into the store and I can assure you the house of LV is alive and well even in France. I HAVE NEVER had an issue returning or been given an attitude. After reading a lot of people's complaints, I've noticed some similarities. 1) LV bags costs thousands of dollars, if you're not sure about something, think about it before you buy it. It's not Macy's where you can return at will. 2) Just because you drop a couple thousand dollars on a bag does not entitle you to special treatment. You're buying a name brand bag not for someone to kiss your ass. 3) Try the bag in the store and walk around before you pay. Do not take it home, put your crap in it and then try to return. Who wants to buy an LV bag that has your fingerprint smudges, your hairs or your perfume all over it? Certainly not me, so why should LV take that back?

Jenny P., 2014-07-07, 04:04AM CDT

Dear LV users,

Today, I had a really headached and such a bad service at Louis Vuitton at Galeria in Houston, Tx. I had bought 1 week ago a Brea MM orange red epi leather LV bag price $2500. However, I showed to my family, we were discovered one side of the bag material is waved. It looks uneven from left to right and there is a bump in the middle of one side of the bag. If you take your finger and slide from side to side and you will feel the wave of the leather unven. We took the Lv bag back to the store and tell them that we would like to exchange a another same model. The sale person told us that we can't exchange anymore after this time. I told her that i had the Lv bag only 1 week under 14 days return policy. So, we asked them to return transastion first then we purchase the other same model. The sale person did it for us but the store manager Linda Nguyen wasn't nice by keep asking us about the Lv bag that it is nothing wrong about it why you want to return and buy another same thing.. ?? I told her that the Lv bag is manufacturing defect. I showed her again about the wave leather uneven from left to right .. I would love to pay high price for high quality but this lv bag is really not worth it. So, the store manager told me that " you should look at the bag before you buy it and do not return again." I feel like why in the world that i'm running into this problem with such a high-end expensive brand in the world and treat me like need to have this bag... Hello ... I already had a Gucci bag and other brands.. This is my first Lv bag. All i want is to buy a good quality bag but it wasn't good quality and really bad service too. They were trying not to give me another return or exchange if i purchase another one. To me that is not right because i have a right to exam the bag within 14 days to see if anything wrong.. and i have a right to exchange if i change my mind to a different style. The store manager Linda Nguyen told me that is No More exchange after this which is my first time. So, i feel like there is no right policy when they said 14 days return and 30 days exchange ... what is that means to you ???? I'm writting here just to let you guys be careful next time you step into LV store. Don't let them fool you about their return and exchange policy. After all that craps ..I had decided not to purchase the other purse because of their service is really bad to the return or exchange customers ... eventhough with their poducts are defected.

b20d8b04, 2014-10-17, 08:19AM CDT

Below is a copy of the email I sent 2 days ago. I would like to send it to the head of LV for North America

So if anyone has that info please share it. I also thinking of buying another bag, getting the local news involved, not even take the bag outside the

packaging then returning it the next day to prove to the public that their return policy is s complete hoax as printed on the receipt.

----- will I even get a response? Prob not. This was a $2800 purchase- no loose change here.


My first ever LV purchase was probably before you were even born.

My LVs consists of 2 overnighters, 3speedies, 2 briefcases (vintage by now) a backpack, 3 other purses, 2checkbook covers, 2business card holders 2wallets plus I'm on my 4th key holder AND the most recent purchase. Most were purchased but some were gifts.

Never have I ever tried to return or exchange any of these because I like what I received as a gift or like what I purchased.

On my recent trip my goal was to get a bag big enough to contain my LV Wallet, my Meds and my checkbook cases. I had your associate carry the purse I was using (multi/black) to demonstrate the heaviness of its contents. My concern for my new purchase was the fact that I needed a purse whose handle was constructed similar to the speedy since the handles were sturdy enough

and was able to carry the weight on an everyday basis.

While there, I took my items out of my purse and put them on the Pallas. It was a tight fit. Prior to going to your store, i had looked at over 200 purses online and tried to determine what type of handle the purse had to have and how it was attached to the rest of the purse very much conscious of the weight I was going to subject it to. Your associate never showed me any other purses.

The deciding factor in the Pallas was after your associate said "if it doesn't work out you can always exchange or return it"! I was hesitant buying that particular purse because of the handle and it barely fit the everyday items I carry.

Remember- my concern was weight/size and handle-- this is when he even said "you can always use the strap to avoid giving too much weight on the handles". Is he paid by commission? He could have sold me a larger purse but it would have only been 1/2 the price of the Pallas!

Now clearly from my list of LV items I own ---what are the chances I would return an LV?

There were several lapses in your customer service area:

1) don't be flippant about how you say "you can always return or exchange it"

2) don't gloss over the word "saleable" in your return policy

3) ask LV headquarters to CAPITALIZE the word "sellable" on your receipt and define the parameters the store requires

4) don't have your associates say the purchase is "exchangeable or returnable"

5)don't pay your associates based on the $ amount of the purchase

6) when a customer asked for an email of her receipt - send it (yes I called back that same afternoon and asked your store to email me a copy of my receipt and I never received one)

7)when a customers calls to say a return is planned-- you might as well say "don't bother coming in if you have already used the purse even just once"

How else is a customer going to know if the purse was too small unless it was used at least once?

8)don't accept a cash transaction since you never have sufficient cash to give a refund back to a cash customer (here your associate failed again-- I had to look for a Chase bank because I wanted to pay in cash and he could have saved me a trip had he said it's hard to get a cash refund back if you ever need to--

9)answer any emails you get -it's good customer service

10) read the emails you get- you would have saved me another trip (see the office address on my email?) had you said we have a strict policy on returns or exchanges so don't drive all the way from South San Francisco cuz we really never allow an exchange or refund.

I went out of town the Sunday following my purchase and the purse sat in the same packaging for several days. If you ask any of my friends if they ever saw me use the purse I doubt you would find anyone that will say "yes".

This incident really dampens my feeling about the Louie Vuitton brand---the fact that I have a purse that's not large enough to fit my everyday needs is really irritating! I'm not entirely sure it's LV headquarter's stick policy as I can not comprehend their lack of wanting to attain customer satisfaction -- perhaps your store is too worried about your charge backs to headquarters that you would ruin a 30 year brand allegiance?

Here's the biggest question-- will you even bother to answer this email or should I post it online?

Michael F., 2014-10-27, 05:54AM CDT

My wife just had the same experience at the LV store in Orlando, we bought the Speedy 25, when she bought the Speedy 25, she was also looking at the Speedy 30. This was a Saturday, when she got home, she decided she actually wanted the Speedy 30. So we boxed it back up and put it in the closet. She had to go out of town for the week. So the following Saturday we went back to the store to exchange it for the Speedy 30, which costs more money. They told her they could tell she used it, she never used it. They tried to point something out on the handles, I couldn't see anything. So we had the Speedy 30 sitting in front of us, so I started looking it over, I found 2 black specs on one handle and the zipper pull, I showed these to the manager and said look your going to sell this one with these black specs, she didn't care. I told her for all I know what you are pointing out on this purse could have been there when we bought it. We didn't inspect it with a magnifying glass when we purchased it. She didn't care. We will be disputing this with the credit card company on Monday and calling the BBB. My wife has been buying LV for 30 years, but I doubt she will ever buy another.

Michael Ford

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