Ingles Grocery, Clayton, GA

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Company: Ingles Grocery, Clayton, GA

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Ingles Grocery, Clayton, GA

July 12, 2006

Ingles Grocery, Clayton, GA 30525:

Bought Grouper Fish today (07/12/06). Fish Counter advertised "Grouper - Wild Caught - Fresh"; however, when I opened the package at home I found the fish to be "slimy with a bad smell"!

I returned the fish to the Store Manager for refund. The manager was "huffy" and told me to take it back to the Meat/Fish Manager which I did. He took the fish and told me that he could give me a refund, that the refund had to be processed by the Store Manager at the front. I returned to the Store Manager and told her that I had returned the fish to the Fish Manager and he told me to return to the Store Manager for refund. I gave the Store Manager the "Debit Ticket" for the store purchases and she refunded the cost of the fish. I signed a "Return Ticket" for her. Upon leaving the Store I realized that the Store Manager had not returned my "Debit Ticket" and I did not know the cost of my other purchases and returned for my ticket. She "rummaged" around in the Trash Can at her counter and found the Ticket which she gave back to me.

The Store Manager (Woman) was short, rude and did not indicate that she was sorry for my inconvenience. I have been a customer of this store for the past six years since it opened in 2000 and have not been so rudely serviced in the past. The Store Personnel have always been very helpful, but not this time.

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