Lufthansa - Flight from Munich to LA

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Lufthansa - Flight from Munich to LA

July 12, 2006

Dear Lufthansa Customer Service,

On 25th June 2006 I was traveling with ten students from Munich to Los Angeles with the flight number of LH 452.The beginning of journey looked quiet fine. Due to a very long journey we had been offered two meals. The first one was fine. But second one was meal with pork. Because we are from Turkey and are Muslim, we are not allowed to eat pork. My students are on the ages of 14 and 17 so I hold their responsibilities and their parents would be annoyed if they know they had eaten pork. So I asked a crew who was called P. Kamanaski if there was any other choice for me and for my students to eat with the explanation of that we are not allowed to eat pork. Her response was so furious and unrespetcful to me. She shouted at me and told me that it was the only choice for us to eat and it was pork. The two guys (one of them is called Andy and I can give his mail address if it is required) from USA who were sitting next to me unfortunately witnessed that unpleasant conversation.

The crew had already picked all the meal trash and we were nearly landing when another guy who was crew, too came and told me that the kids can have some sandwiches which were left from the first class. On that moment I felt very bad as we were begging food from someone, and sandwiches

which were left from the first class meant obviously begging. Beside this if they had the choice of sandwich why that crew called P. Kamanaski did not told us this alternative first instead of being unrespetcful and shouting at us. So it was a very late choice.

As a being a member of Lufthansa Club and having the membership of Miles & More, I would like to ask and complain how can Lufthansa leave my group of eleven , ten of them children, hungry on such a long ( 12 hours ) air journey. We have been very insulted with the disrespectful behaviors. We paid for our traveling and we were not there to beggar food from the first class.

As a being Muslim we are not allowed to eat pork according to our religion. We expect there should be some respect to people’s belief and religion especially in a country like USA and Germany.

We are traveling back to home again with Lufthansa on the 16th July, 2006 and have some hesitations about being left hungry again. We all trusted Lufthansa very much and I hope they will recover their mistake.

Best regards

12thJuly2006 Nebahat

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