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July 10, 2006

July 9, 2006

I was charged $16.95 for WC *VALUE PLUS and $16.95 for WC *VALUE PLUS this week. I don't know what happend because there were no any transactions with those units, I searched in the web, I found that there are also complains about them in COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_61746# I dont know how to contact them regarding taking the charge off my bill. Did anyone have this similar problem and/or know how to fix it? thanks Ryan


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c2652801, 2007-09-30, 06:14PM CDT

I was also charged by this company. I was charged 19.95. I have the 800 number to call and complain. It's 1-800-566-8640.

8ac59239, 2007-10-03, 10:35AM CDT

My husband received a call on his cell phone from someone who identified themselves as being with our bank. They convinced him to sign up for their membership services and charged our account $1.00 on 7-25-07. The next day I called and explicitly followed their instructions to cancel.

Nevertheless, WC HOMEPLAY charged our credit card $19.95 in September. I had legitimately ordered some other things and did not realize what had happened. Today they charged our account $19.95 again. I investigated them online and read of numerous complaints of similar tactics. I called WC HOMEPLAY and told them to cancel.

In light of the complaints and the fact they already ignored my first cancellation, I also called my credit card company and am disputing the charges of almost $40. Visa advises me I should get my money back and that there will be no further charges allowed by WC HOMEPLAY.

cb069ef5, 2007-10-06, 08:58PM CDT

yea today i went on to my site, i found that i got charged the same amount as you did.

i also got charge from a site call http://www.healthcareprivileges.com/index.php

aout 49.99

i was kind of mad

i going to say shit to them

7ab712f5, 2007-10-30, 10:38AM CDT

i called 800-566-8640 and spoke with Paul. I explained that i had no idea what it was and asked him to put the money back in my account and to cancel whatever the acct was that they said i had with them. they said I should have my money back in 3-5 days

078ff66e, 2007-11-20, 05:27PM CST

i had same charge i just noticed it i do not know what it is

0e43968c, 2007-12-03, 01:11PM CST

I didn't even order or sign up for anything and they were charging my account twice a month. I don't even know what it is. I had to call to find out and The number is on your credit card or bank statement.

6fe84632, 2008-01-03, 09:12PM CST

I also have been ripped off by WC VALUE PLUS for $19.95 for the past 4 months by these crooks. I can tell you a contact telephone number for them. The Number is 1-888-833-7279. They are located somewhere in Minnisota. They tell me that I agreed to some entertainment club. I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

ba788957, 2008-01-23, 12:47PM CST

Yeah so I got some random charges totaling about 50 dollars. Called the bank and started some fraud claim. I checked out the Whois database info for valueplusonline.com and here is what I got.



Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com

Referral URL: http://www.networksolutions.com


Name Server: NS1.BINC.NET

Name Server: NS2.BINC.NET

Status: clientTransferProhibited

Updated Date: 21-may-2007

Creation Date: 28-aug-2003

Expiration Date: 28-aug-2010


Provell International

11100 Wayzata Blvd

Suite 680

Minnetonka, MN 55305



Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:

Wells, William [email protected]

Provell International

11100 Wayzata Blvd

Suite 680

Minnetonka, MN 55305


952.258.2131 fax: 999-999-9999

Record expires on 28-Aug-2010.

Record created on 28-Aug-2003.

Database last updated on 23-Jan-2008 13:23:04 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:




P.S. Anyone who lives in MN please go throw human shit at anyone who comes out of this building.

P.P.S If you go to www.provell.com you will see that yes, these are bastards charging you. WC HOMEPLAY, WC VALUEPLUS etc.

001aedde, 2008-02-01, 12:44AM CST

Yes, the same thing happened to me. who are these people, how'd they get my info. I'm going to cal them tommorow to get the charges taken off. Cause it's a load of bull.


2ccb6fc1, 2008-02-09, 03:20PM CST

yes i had the same problem charging my chase for first months and i noticed it right away. i knew i havent had any service regarding wc homeplay whatnot.

so i looked up on internet found the no.


this is the company that control memberships.

i requested my refund and cancelled my membership(which i never knew about). Also it is wise to inform ur credit card company about the scam. they close or stop furtue transactions.

hope it works for you too.

2ccb6fc1, 2008-02-09, 06:33PM CST

sorry this is the right #


f010d4b6, 2008-03-13, 08:12AM CDT

I was charged $14.95 on the 10th by a businessmax, called and cancelled they returned the funds the 11th. The same day the funds where returned they charged me yet another $14.95. Called them they said both times the account was under my 13 year old daughters name. WHAT!! I asked her how that could have happened she's 13. She couldn't explain it to me (of course). So, on the 12th Im charged $16.95 twice one from Homeplay and one from Value Plus. Im pretty upset by now. I looked them up and found this page. By the way thanks for the number. I called and I asked the man why I was chrged and what it was for. He said a business I had ordered from had allowed them to charge my card. I can't believe this Im apolled. I only order from secure sites, if it don't have a secure symbol I don't order from them. I even pay for a lot of my things through PayPal. So, how did they get my card info. It's pretty pethetic if you ask me.

dfd5203a, 2008-03-15, 03:32PM CDT

Thanks for the info. This happened to my 75-year-old mother who had no idea what these charges ($19.95/month) were for, and never ordered anything from Value Plus or Homeplay. We filled out the online cancellation form at www.programstop.com, so we'll see if she gets her $$ back. I also advised her to contact her CC company to dispute and stop any further charges from these scumbags... Can you say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?????

0db79b52, 2008-03-26, 05:19PM CDT

I just had the same thing happen to me! I am only 18 years old and really don't have much knowledge about how this stuff works. I was told I signed up for some membership and they have been hitting my account a few times a month for little 1 or 2 dollar fees! I also recieved a phone call from a woman saying I would recieve all this free stuff in the mail for agreeing to a trial membership. I have no idea who/what is going on?! I am in college and certanly can not afford this crap!

a60f1786, 2008-04-02, 11:22PM CDT

I also had to canceal my credit card to stop them taking moneys!!! I had called several months ago and asked to be cancealed, they replied that they did canceal my membership. Cancealed membership to I don't know what and was still taking my money.

14e197c8, 2008-04-16, 08:59PM CDT

this happened to me two days ago. I immediately called the number that was on my credit card statement and cancelled the account. This is why using charge cards over the internet is risky, scam artist get your card number and make charges hoping you'll take the bite and keep letting them charge your card. Be very aware of your credit card and bank statements. Anything that looks suspicous, most likely is fradulent.

af25b5e8, 2008-04-21, 06:30PM CDT

I was charged the exact same amount (16.95) onto my credit card also. I contacted the membership service line, cancalled this membership then talked to a supervisor about this matter. Told the individual about my problem. Also included the amount of 135.60, the exact amount of funds withdrawn from my acount excluding the bounced check from the transaction, since Aug. '07 They said that they will send out a refund form out to my residence immediatly for an immediate refund for the total amount.

fd201dff, 2008-05-01, 06:07PM CDT

Fight back ... I guess that's all we can do. I phoned them .. and emailed them .. immediately upon receipt of their snail mail telling me they'd given me a "subscription to their service."

I'd never heard of this company until I got that notice and so I know I didn't sign up for anything. I never touch pop-ups and so I know they didn't get my info. there either. I wrote about this and sent it out to my myspace friends .. over 1300 people. I'll keep writing about and telling anyone who will listen. This just isn't right~!

Blessings to all.

ca0b5e1a, 2008-05-24, 11:47AM CDT

I no longer wish to be part of this program. Do not take anynmore money out of my bank account. Thank you June Parkinson

8612fee3, 2008-06-11, 11:09PM CDT

I was charged $19.95 WC *HOMEPLAY-V twice last month. I contacted my credit card company and advised them of what happened. The first representative stated that she could not do anything until I contacted the company the charges came from. She gave me the company phone number that was on my credit card statement and told me to call them and try to resolve it. Which was very frustrating. I called 800-475-1942 that Visa gave me and spoke with a representative. I advised him that I never ordered anything from this company and asked him why was I getting charged and not receiving any services or merchandise and DEMANDED them to issue a refund. He explained that they was a distributor and he could not tell me which company I ordered from because it was so many. He stated there was a form that I need to fill out that it would be mailed to me within 7-10 days and I never received anything in the mail. He also stated that I would receive a credit on my bill within 1-2 billing cycles. Wrong Answer. You do not charge someone??s credit card multiple times with no explanation of a company, supervisor name, phone number to a corporate office, description of the products ordered or any company contact information.

I called my credit card company AGAIN and this representative stated they would put in a dispute and the Visa Representative stated they will call the company and send me a dispute form. The representative apologized for what had happened however she never gave any prevention tips or offered to give a new card number. This made me nervous as well. I??m being scammed and Visa does not care. I didn??t think about the it until I hung up the phone. What if they continue to charge my card and what can I do to prevent this from happening again. I called Visa back and again advised of my situation and requested a new card. She stated she would replace the card even though it wasn??t lost. What do you mean it??s not lost. Someone has my credit card number! She waived the fee for a replacement card. After this I contact the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint with them.

c0c91148, 2008-06-12, 11:39PM CDT

my boyfriend just had his account overdrawn. he found out businesses that were automatically withdrawing from his account and both value plus and homeplay were on the list. i googled value plus and didn't recognize the site. i have their phone number so decided to call in the morning. then i googled homeplay and found this site with complaints about both these "business". they are charging him 19.95 a month too. and overdrew his account. does anyone have a solution to this?

533786b4, 2008-06-18, 04:39PM CDT

yes i had the exact same problem two charges of $19.95 from my account.... makes me so mad!

1334b747, 2008-06-30, 05:49PM CDT

I am an attorney currently prosecuting a case that involves similar conduct. I would be interested in hearing more about your experience with this company. My name is Mark Tamblyn and I can be reached by email at [email protected]

c1241374, 2008-07-04, 11:10PM CDT

i have been charged ever since i puschased shapely secrets that company is a big scam when i bought the dvds they didnt mentioned anything about the charges now they say they only charge you 27 dollards a month but i get 60 dollards taken from my account every month is ridiculous

0a1aa3ee, 2008-07-24, 01:43PM CDT

that's bullshit. you can only get signed up via telephone with a telemarketer (someone offering a gift card in exchange for signing up for the membership), purchasing something online with a distribution partner (frederick's of hollywood), or through direct mail.


da04fc21, 2008-07-24, 11:04PM CDT

Ryan, the same thing happened to me. Value Plus and WC-Homeplay also charged me. I bought something from easy curves for my girlfriend and I think they handed out my billing information and charged me for many things that I did not authorize. One night I checked my statement, and I found charges scattered through the statement. 19.95 here, 9.95 there. It all adds up at the end anyway.

026bdf7c, 2008-08-01, 08:52AM CDT

HomePlay's number is 800-475-1942 I just had to do the same thing with a charge for $19.95. They immediately sent me a refund though. I don't buy things online, so I have no idea where they came from, but they wouldn't disclose any info either. They were vague and kept saying "you signed up for an added bonus offer" and I'm like I didn't BUY or sign up for anything! These guys are SCAMS!!!!!

af459254, 2008-08-02, 03:57PM CDT

All the membership schemes described above are the work of Provell Inc., formerly Damark Inc. This is a negative-option membership services company similar in its business model to Vertrue Inc., WebLoyalty, and Talegiant.

These companies typically use partner companies to dupe consumers making web-based purchases into joining their membership schemes. The partner companies, which pass consumer cfedit information to Provell, Vertrue, etc., get a kickback.

For instance, anyone ordering a Pedegg through Amazon Marketplace has their order passed to Telebrands, which passes the credit data to Provell without their knowledge or consent. Provell signs the consumer up for Value Plus, and the consumer starts finding $15-$20 charges on monthly statements.

The FTC and state AG's have started taking notice of these scams. While I am unaware of law suits against Provell, 6-7 state AG's have sued Vertrue for its business practices.

Banks have been complicit in these scams. As reported by the Fe. 6, 2008, New York Times, there has been a class action suit against Wachovia Bank for knowingly ignoring phony debits and customer complaints related to this marketing. The banks generate revenue off the reversed debits and do not want to lose the additional income.

6c892b41, 2008-08-20, 08:30PM CDT

It's so funny and so NOT funny at the same time. Yes, this has happened to me also and I said fuck this, right away and called them up. The funny thing is as soon as you call them they ask if it is about a cancellation/refund. The number I called is a different number than what everyone was saying on this site, and both homeplay and valueplus charged me 19.95 and a floating mysterious 1 dollar here, 1 one dollar there (which I stupidly mistook for itunes downloads). They blamed the charges on my live in boyfriend, Which was the not so funny part. This caused us to fight to the death. Well, not really but, you get my point. I fuckin' hate these people and they WILL get caught if we keep complaining guys! They will pay for what they are doing and hopefully they will pay out of their asses

d4f2a0c7, 2008-09-04, 12:49PM CDT

I want, whatever this is cancelled and my money put back in my account as soon as you receive this. The bank has been notified about this matter, you had no right to take 19.95 out of the account. If this is not corrected you will be hering from my attorney. Mr. Steve abernathy. attorney at law. so please see to it that it is taken care of.



193155e0, 2008-09-05, 06:14PM CDT

I was charged $16.95 for the same Value Plus etc. I would also like to know how to eliminate this transaction from my account. I put through a cancellation right away but somehow they still continue to debit my account.

49349548, 2008-09-13, 01:26PM CDT

I found 4 months of charges on my credit card for 16.95 each. I called my

credit card company closed out my account. And they said they would check into this as fraud. I just received a letter from my credit card campany saying becuase it was an on going charge auto charge they called it I would be charged and would have to pay it. I have not gave these people permission to charge my account. How is this not fraud.


5b2daf49, 2008-10-16, 05:30PM CDT

the charges stemmed from a telemarketing firm who represented the value plus and homeplay companies. your boyfriend authorized them to bill your credit card as payment for using the programs, which were mailed to you but you never looked for or received. he's lying to you and the companies are legit. the only fraud going on here was that your boyfriend claimed to have authorization to use your credit card, but obviously doesn't if you're disputing the charges.

i've worked with both companies before. they do legitimate marketting and have incredibly strict guidelines to follow to actually proceed in charging people for either program.


fd6a0cd5, 2008-10-16, 05:57PM CDT


This is not a scam. You, or someone who said they were authorized on your credit card, approved these companies to bill you under certain terms described via telephone to receive the programs - Budget Savers/Value Plus, Homeplay, and Lifeguard Health Options. If you are being billed, and the company is still active, it is because the company legitimately received permission to bill you.

Seriously. Do you think a business would be able to bill you, without you giving them your credit card number, unless they were doing it legitimately? You agreed to billing terms on the phone, and they are billing you for them. It is solely your own irresponsible consumerism that has resulted in what you *think* are fraudulent charges. They are in fact charges you agreed to.

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant the average consumer is. When someone asks for your approval, that you will be billed under described terms, and you say yes, you will be billed. This is what these companies had to say to you to actually receive approval to bill your credit card. Smarten up, don't accept anything over the phone if you aren't prepared to actually pay for terms you accept, and you won't have any questionable bills.

Homeplay, Lifeguard and Valueplus are both legitimate businesses who unfortunately do business in a field laiden with scams as well as dumbass consumers, many of whom have decided to so eloquently post their concerns here. If you are being billed, it is because you agreed to it. If you didn't agree to it, someone else did on your behalf and has committed credit card fraud - however, they call contact numbers left by consumers so it was someone within your household (lol).

These companies do not hide from the public and have no reason to. The laws regarding telemarketing are incredibly strenuous and they would not be in business if they didn't abide by them. Again, if you are being billed, you agreed to it.

5a0215ec, 2008-10-27, 04:22PM CDT

I just got a call from my Wife, who works at the bank and looks at our accounts almost daily. I was just hit for Six (6) charges of $19.95 each from Homeplay. No idea how they got my name, or CC#. As they are pending transactions, and haven't hit yet, I'm told I can't cancel anything yet... They may have tapped into the wrong account. They've never seem my Wife when she's angry... *gulp*

5ce1b2e8, 2008-10-29, 05:39PM CDT

I found these on my cc as well... along with the number here it is everyone....


168b3b30, 2008-10-29, 05:41PM CDT

I found this on my cc as well along with their number. Here it is everyone....


ad2e950f, 2008-10-30, 10:14PM CDT

I am a teenage girl. I have a debit card and for some reason, I got charged with this. It's only $1.99, but either way. since I'm just a kid i don't know what to do. I'm scared to ask my parents about it because I'm afraid their gonna get mad at me. All i want is to find a way to get it to stop before i end up getting charged more than i can afford.........

33425122, 2008-11-14, 01:38AM CST

I also was cahrged by homeplay aslo budget savers nad a foreign transaction fee to my debit card. also i was charged by a diet pill offer that i tried to stop from charging my accout due to harrassing phone calls from companies every day with an offer for a free gas card and what not and the funny thing is they all have my debit card number and information...

OBVIOUSLY they are gettting your information from somewhere. Yes i fell for one scam, the acai berry diet pill scam and i guess fell for all the others affiliated with them as well.

I filed a dispute with my bank to get my money back because my account was overdrawn. I DONT HAVE THE MONEY FOR THiS so i obviously wouldnt sign up for these things!

Now i am just waiting for my bank to investigate these charges and get back in contact with me! the guy gave me at temporary credit until they find out if they win or i do!

But i dont recall getting homeplay or doing any foreign transactions?

c21023c9, 2008-11-25, 06:58PM CST

what the is this company

dc518747, 2008-12-07, 12:31AM CST

I was charged $19.95 for both homeplay and budget savers after calling twice and telling them I do not want anything taken out of my account and promised me that they would not be taking anything out and the next day charged me 2 $19.95 and a dollar and a $1.99. I will be contacting my bank but will not be getting this back until investigation is ended. I don't know how to stop it but this should be illegal and something should be done.

thanks Sonya

609eb6f9, 2008-12-17, 11:11PM CST

Whatever dumb ass is talking about igorant cunsumers think about it ihave been in kuwait i know they haven't called here i don't buy anything on the net and i don't have any family with my information. so answer that one!!!!!!!!!!!

3a0c740f, 2008-12-21, 10:38AM CST


518914b4, 2009-01-12, 01:56PM CST

i was charged twice from wc *homeplay , how on earth do i cancel this rubbish. 40 dollars was debited from my account

4e0c75b8, 2009-01-26, 10:32AM CST

I just realized I have been charged $19.95 by Homeplay since May 2008. I called them and they said they would send me a form that i could request a refund. We will see....I guess I will wait before disputing the charges with my credit card company. I also had random $1.00 charges from Value plus. Unbelievable!

ba590b05, 2009-02-03, 07:47AM CST

Watch out for these jerks. I called to cancel with them two months ago, but they only canceled one portion of it. So they were able to continue to charge me after I told them to cancel me the first time and refused to give me my money for the past two months. When you call to cancel with them make sure you tell them to cancel you out of EVERYTHING! Their number is 888-833-7279. COMPLETE JERKS!

4b7eac21, 2009-02-14, 03:41PM CST

How do I get this 19.95 off my account?Value Plus???Who was that?

1574d2e5, 2009-02-20, 02:25AM CST

I got hit by Budget Savers and HomePlay and neither received my permission to withdraw money from my bank account. I just looked over my most recent statement and found a withdrawl from HomePlay. It's time for a law suit. Who is with me? Class action. You can email me at [email protected] if you're interested in being named. I will get back to everyone here after I speak with my lawyer. It's time to play hard ball.

5d50ce20, 2009-02-22, 01:19PM CST

i check my bank account a couple times daily and i saw that they charged my account too 2/22/09 $16.95. i remember getting a call about a few days earlier, it was an unknown number and they were blowing up my phone all day because i wouldnt answer. so finally i picked up to see what the big deal was and they were talking really fast so that i couldnt understand them and i could barely get a word in for about 10, 15 minutes. i told them i don't want anything that they are sending me and not to charge my account. and they said they record what is said, so if i say i dont want anything charged or anything sent to me, wouldnt they do as i say if they were smart? because they charged me anyway. i don't have time for this kind of bullshit. so i called my bank right away and just closed that account.

00cb4fce, 2009-02-23, 05:42PM CST

I'm having the same issues. My CC company is looking into it as fraud. The phone number I try for Budget Savers and Homeplay go straight to voice mail. I can't even get them to cancel! So, I changed my card number. I'm not even sure when they hooked me....probably when I was sleeping and answered the phone and started to sleep talk! This is crazy!

8e579240, 2009-02-25, 09:22AM CST

ok, i just saw that my card was billed as well because I reached the end of my 30 trial, which I didnt even use. here are two phone numbers that came up on my bill.





give the first number a try, I got a much nicer operator. but these two numbers, i just used them today. Tell them you want to cancel your membership and be refunded the money. He said it would take 24 hours for the cancellation to go into affect and that the refund would be posted in 4-5 days. so now im waiting to see if the money goes back into my account....

hope this helps

2516f3a1, 2009-07-11, 08:14PM CDT

I also was charged 16.95 and I really don't recall giving my ok to charge me

5019b4fc, 2009-07-22, 10:31AM CDT

For the smuck that works or makes money of this that actually posted here,, quote


This is not a scam.

I reply. NO I did not sign up for anything. No I don't give oute my details over the phone, or for some scammy free offers online.

The real test to see if this is a scam which you fail to mention, is what did people get for their money. Did they their moneys worth or where they conned.

For the rest, like myself, we are left wondering if a firm is so underhanded in it's dealings, so deceptive about what it sells and how it's get your money. You have to wonder what other shady double dealing such a company has been up to.

A word of warning to Mr. Smarty pants. You can bet your ass your being watched by the FBI.

Finally if it quacks likes a duck, if acts and retorts like a duck, it's a duck....a very shady duck.

To that end since this is done via card info, my card has been cancelled. The bank fraud people are looking into it since it is a visa mater.

It's a wonder no ex employes ever come forward to tell the truth about how this done. This and the phone number scam. Cause Im sure these people are shitty employers.

bb98b52e, 2009-07-22, 01:07PM CDT

I beliveve that they get there CC information from a number of sources, some legit, some not legit.

To me, its the only thing that makes sense. I think that a proportion of people have been tricked by pop up boxes. Some by phone calls. However from reading the forums it seems that a lot of people are now aware of these tatics, as I am. Yet still my account got hit. No I did not give out my details in a pop up Box, and no I did not give them out over the phone.

I did use the services of Amazon,godaddy and impluse(Stardock) during the time I think this must have started. I have used these before, without anysort of problem. I have not used any other new online company to purchase products with.

So either a company I pay bills with sold my information to these scum or they obtained it illegally from a data breach at such a company.

To the moron that preached this is not a scam so loudly. YES IT A SCAM. The people that had money taken from their accounts have nothing to very little to show for it. When you have mutiple fake companies all assigned to the same owner/owners all pulling the same stunt it's scam. All you have to do is call the number, and the voice recording informs you about cancellation. Thats speaks of a scam. For every 1 person that catches it 9 may not, thats quite a profit.

Quote "

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant the average consumer is. When someone asks for your approval, that you will be billed under described terms, and you say yes, you will be billed. This is what these companies had to say to you to actually receive approval to bill your credit card. Smarten up, don't accept anything over the phone if you aren't prepared to actually pay for terms you accept, and you won't have any questionable bills. "

It never cease to amaze me when a dumbass scam artist gets caught up with, and tries to play the blame game.

As I said before, I did not fill in any pop up box, did not sign up with a telemarketing company. So this company, or the same company by a different name

MAJOR SAV 866-5530741 NE got my details by hoodwinking someone I do pay oline with or bought stolen infromation via a compromised legit retailer.

For example http://phoneowner.info/Number.aspx/9097599199

From this we see that people are having problems with at least the last four digits of their cards being given out, plus a phone number but not an address/current address. Might explain why I never got a letter.

Finally if it was not a scam, how come the same company goes by so many different names. How come when you call the company has to operate through a front Membership services company. Your stole our money, thats all there is to it. When we catch up with you, don't cry like a baby.

fd6a0cd5, 2009-07-25, 03:50PM CDT

Let me do you all a favor, since I worked for the company that sold these programs for a while. This is how the process works..

Firstly, these businesses have been going for 15+ years. Scams simply do not last that long. They are not scams in the eyes of the law, however a consumer who simply refuses to be vigilant with THEIR money will get ripped off. If you are posting here bitching about it, that's exactly what happened. Stop being so proud. You're an idiot, or someone was an idiot on your behalf and agreed to be billed for you.

The companies who sell these programs acquire your contact information and last 4 digits of your credit card by buying it from other companies whom you have shared that information with. IE, you bought some useless shit, probably from an infomercial or off the internet, and whoever you bought it from sold your information to other marketing companies.

Whoever sold you valueplus, budget savers, homeplay, etc. did not have your credit card information. When you agree to be charged for the program - or someone does on your behalf - they go back from to the company who sold the initial information and buy the rest of it to complete the transaction.

These companies are regulated on both the state and federal level pretty intensely. They have to be in order to stay in business, since the telemarketing field is so full of scams. They record every single piece of any conversation that has to do with billing to protect themselves. After the initial call is placed, a quality control department reviews the phone call and determines whether or not the consumer was coherent enough to make a transaction and agreed at least twice to be billed for each individual program.

The script they read to you is designed to seem like you aren't really being billed anything, but if that's what you got out of it you weren't really acutely paying attention.

If you never even received a phone call - and as far as I know these programs are only sold via the phone - someone received the phone call on your behalf, said they were authorized on your credit card, and accepted to be billed.

Most of you are idiots. Good job.

9a5d1078, 2009-07-31, 09:25PM CDT

I ordered something from a company called "JOHN BECK" where they were supposed to teach you how to buy forclosed homes for a fraction of the price, but instead they just sent me a longer informercial that showed nothing at all. The "JOHN BECK" program wanted me to sign up for a monthly online newsletter, I said no, but apparently no was not a good enough answer, so they personaly decided to just take the $19.95 a month from my account without my consent. Sometimes late at night there are informercials. Don't buy anything that is not a physical item, never try to buy information, because then bad things happen to your account.

d37fee51, 2009-08-18, 08:48AM CDT

i GOT A LETTER FROM THESE PEOPLE ASKING ME FOR A NEW CREDIT CARD NUMBER AS MY OLD ONE EXPIRED. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THESE POPLE ARE. THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER ON THE LETTER, BUT AN ADDRESS. MAYBE IT WOULD HELP SOMEBODY TRYING TO LOCATE THESE CROOKS. P.O. BOX 5265, HOPKINS, MN, 55343-2265. I just went thru this with a "long distance service"removing 40.00 per month out of my checking acct. Why would I approve a long distance service with a cell phone? Duh? Cynthia in Louisiana

[email protected]

d482d80f, 2009-10-13, 12:54PM CDT

My credit card was charged from a scam company called Homeplay after I brought the swivel sweeper G2 for 2 installments of 19.95 [http://www.getswivelsweeperg2.com] . I gave my CC information to buy that sweeper and said 'NO' to all the offers they asked me that required subscription. I signed up for *FREE* $25 gift card that swivel sweeper G2 web site offered. I never received a $25 gift card but my account was charged $16.96 TWICE by Homeplay in addition to the amount on sweeper. I think the swivel sweeper is also a scam, else why did they give my CC information WITHOUT my consent to a fraud, scam called Homeplay. Plus, I didn't receive any phone calls or did not signed up for anything over the phone.

c17eb7f6, 2009-10-14, 03:11PM CDT

We also were charged $16.95 for an unauthorized charge. We are taking it to our bank and filing a claim.

074f03e0, 2009-11-20, 02:18PM CST

I was charged $25.95 and I had never heard of them. I found a number and called them and they said that my money will be back in my account within 3-5 working days.

308a55da, 2009-11-23, 06:19PM CST

I was also charged 16.95 on my statement this month from a place called HomePlay. I also bought the swivel sweeper. There is a 900 number that can be called for $9.00. 900-622-8000.


308a55da, 2009-11-23, 06:31PM CST

I have a number. 800-475-1942. I called this number and they told me that I signed up for this when ordering the swivel sweeper. I cancelled it and am going to mdispute this with my bank. I think these people need to be looked into.


0c213bc5, 2010-02-22, 01:58PM CST

I was charged 24.95 from Home Play. I called the 1-800 number that was posted by another person who complained. They will refund the amount and gave me a confirmation number.

20d8d11b, 2010-04-12, 06:10PM CDT

OK. just had the same problem with Value Plus....I bought the Montel Williams Health Master machine..(EXCELLENT product btw...no BS!!) however withe their "marketing partners" which the operator burns through the sales pitch with..Value Plus was in there, the fine print or "speech" says first 30 day trial free, thereafter... the FEES!! they also got me on another one billing as "travel member services" on my bank statement, at least I got an automation that worked, got my "member number" and am in process of killing that...total of $45 a month x 2 mos...MY fault for not checking everything last month!! feel like an idiot...live and learn....anyway...contact number for VALUE PLUS ...WITH a live body at the other end=1-800-475-1942 for the other one that actually lists as www.todaysescapes.com=1-888-243-6178 hope this helps some others!! peace and Blessings..Mac.

dc45c78e, 2010-04-26, 02:20PM CDT

My mom just found a $24.95 from Homeplay charged for 2 months on the 19th with an international charge. This made her call her bank. She went in had her account closed and the bank refunded her money. They have checked and did not find any leads as yet. Now that she thinks about it she ordered a swiffel sweeper from the tv over the phone ( one time payment in full). I checked on line and this web site popped up. It is a scam and seems to me that it is added to most everything. How can so many different items be sold and have this extra charge. This web site says it has many companies with different names selling and advertising. Someone needs to step in and shut these people (companies) down.

480563b3, 2010-06-02, 02:10PM CDT

I want to cancel membership I don't know anything about this,and i don't want it.

89077d64, 2010-06-05, 11:58AM CDT

I am not ignorant, I fell for this scam, I ordered a FLAVORWAVE from an INFORMERCIAL on TV...was offered these products, which I refused...and then was told that I would recieve a packet in the mail, in which there would be a number I could call in order to cancel membership, if I wished, I had 30 days to cancel...I never recieved the packet, nor a number to cancel, however, i did recieve the charges on my bank account, totaling $104.80. I don't call that being ignorant....I call that being STUPID, the oposite of SMART,... WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN....If it AIN'T sold in a store....I AIN"T buyin it...

bfb2df3a, 2010-06-09, 01:52PM CDT

These "programs" are numerous and have several variations, as many people have pointed out. They slip into your account by being bundled with some other product or service that is purchased. They use loopholes and crafty tactics to get card numbers and "consent".

Their main tactic is the idea that you get a free or $1.00 "Trial offer" for two weeks or a month, during which you can cancel. The problem is, the letter (not a "packet" as they call it, just a letter) often times either doesn't arrive or is seen as junk mail and thrown away. When you don't cancel, you're rolled into a full, automatically-renewed "membership".

What you can do is call their toll-free number. It is supposed to be printed on your bill alongside the charge(s). There may be more than one "membership" that you're being charged for. So when you call, simply say you wish to have ALL services cancelled and your money refunded. You may have to make a point about asking if there are other memberships listed under your name. If it has gone on a while unnoticed (some have been billed in excess of 3 YEARS before noticing), you will be referred to a form you have to fill out to try and get your money back. If it has been longer than 2 months, however, you may be out of luck.

A very important note is that when you call, you will be reaching a call center that is employed by but separate from the company. You are likely talking to and agent who makes minimum wage and is -very- limited in what they can do to help you. The key is that, while you are probably very angry, try to be NICE. The person you are on the phone with has no real connection to Provell (just the way they want it). They are provided with no way to transfer you or put you in contact with the main company. They also do not have your whole credit card number- only 6 numbers of it that they can use to look up your account (typically used only if someone else ordered it using your card but not your name).

Provell is indeed skirting the edge of what can be considered a legitimate business. At its heart, however, it is nothing but a scam.

4fbd73b7, 2010-06-14, 10:29PM CDT

They have been taking $21.68 from our account since April . I just found out now . I'm pissed !!!!! I have no idea who this , I need to fix this as well and have no idea how . I am on phone as we speak with the bank . we shall see what happens . Nichole

4fbd73b7, 2010-06-14, 11:07PM CDT

Bring it on ! I want to sue as well . They have been taking $ 21.96 from our account since April . I'm pissed . Lets get these bastards . I think they got our card number when my husband purchased extenze on tv .I want justice !!!!!!!

ef681688, 2010-08-19, 05:43PM CDT

i just reviewed my statement and was shocked to find 24.95 taken from my account for wc@homeplay. i called the number next to the account and was able to cancel the so-called membership. this should not be allowed to happen to innocent citizens trying to make a living in todays society. i am very upset about this. The number i called is 1-800-566-8740 ( live operator) in case this happens to someone else.

0229bce8, 2010-08-21, 01:10PM CDT

I was charged $24.95 from WC Value plus I have not been able to call them yet because the are not there on the weekend.The number I have is 1-800-475-1942.I hope this will help.

1ca9f641, 2010-12-01, 05:52AM CST

Thanks so much for the phone number! I haven't gone on valueplusonline.com for a while, but I tried to go on the site this morning an was unable to. I HAVE gotten money from them when I've filed for stuff before. When I've sent in gas receipts, they have made good on their promise to send $5 per receipt. I think it's a great website, but they're having issues. I'll call them; hopefully, everything's okay, and they're still as legit as they were when I've dealt with them in the past. Thanks so much for the number! It is hard to find! God bless you!

f64c95dc, 2010-12-29, 07:41AM CST

I just found out I have been charged $89.99 a year for some discount club I know nothing about. This has occured since 10-31-2001. What can I do to try to get my money back? I called the number and requested a form to dispute the charges and have heard nothing for a month. Dave

77c16b80, 2011-02-05, 09:11AM CST

you guys charged my account without my saying so i would like to have my money back NOW. (24.95)

f6ede579, 2011-02-13, 07:04PM CST


a859fe91, 2011-03-19, 02:56PM CDT

We called our bank and got the number for Value Plus & Home Play. We also got an immediate refund. Our bank advised that we keep any documentation that we received. A stop payment was placed on our account by the bank as another form of protection.

60f2d619, 2011-06-17, 04:04PM CDT

the reason people get charged is because they forget to cancel during the trials not after the trials.they get you digital signature at the end of reading terms and conditions stating you will cancel or get charged *which is done by a lawyer* so a court would say its your fault for not canceling adn all call are recorded so if you gave your digital signature your just screwed.

d49c3a1c, 2011-07-22, 10:40AM CDT

Yes I have just got off the phone and got it taken care of but they said that they have to send us a paper for us to fill out and mail back and it can take up to 2 months to get our money back, that's not right. I called 1-800-566-8740 ( live operator) in case this happens to someone else.

d62d9dee, 2011-08-25, 07:55PM CDT

I got a phone number for you-800-925-8674 but you have to fill out refund request forms. I still haven't gotten mine yet. Tell them you never authorized this and to stop your account. No point in yelling at them, I already tried and I also yelled at a supervisor. It still did nothing.

decac11c, 2011-09-05, 01:27PM CDT

Good luck, for the last four months I have been billed for different COs. In May it was SEM*Budget Savers 800-475-1942 MN (same ph #) on 5/17/11. I canx on 5/31. In July it was SEM* vALUE pLUS 800-4751942 MN (same ph #) on 6/27, Canx 7/28/11. In Aug it was ValuePlus 8009258674 (new number) 7/27/11, canx 8/30/11. Does anyone have an address for these people. I want to send something in writing.

9a200c12, 2011-09-21, 03:25AM CDT

WHAT A SCAM...if I ever seen one! I got charged 24.95 in July 2011 and then again on 26 August, 2011 by WC MON VALUE PLUS....I dont know who these people are.. Nor did I talk to the them. I called them using this one 800 number. I work so much as a Steelworker and dont see my bank statement until the end of the month. I seen these "2" debits and complained to my bank...I reseached these characters, WC MON VALUE PLUS and seen they were scamming hard working folks..like you and myself. I said what the ??#@^..Called my bank.... HOT CARDED my VISA DEBIT CARD!

My bank gave me another VISA CARD with a different card number. I immediately called on 2 September, 2011 "in the AM"...the WC MON VALUE PLUS people... the same day I went to my bank. WC MON VALUE PLUS ...said I talked to someone

about "coupons"...COUPONS? and ordered some. I said, "NO I DID NOT!"..I talked to a supervisor and she said they would refund my $49.90 and that they would sent me ..a "REQUEST FOR REFUND" letter which I received that 7 September...even though that letter was dated 2 SEPTEMBER...THE SAME DAY I TALKED TO MY BANK. My bank gave me "credit" for those 2 transactions, 6 September, 2011 for 49.90 and THEN turned right around and did a "REVERSING PROVISIONAL CREDIT" on 14 September and 15 September,"disrepectfully" and took back the 49.90 they originally gave to me 6 Setember....Apparently, the bank did their own "investigation" and said I cancelled a order from WC MON VALUE PLUS on 2 SEPTEMBER, 2011 and that I would get a refund from them (VALUE PLUS). So basically, WC MON VALUE PLUS "lied"..because the Value Plus letter to me says..."you are "NOT" elgible for a refund."....even though said I would have to request my money back from VALUE PLUS. This letter is from consumer affairs, P.O. Box 658, Hopkins, MN 55343-0658. The awful thing about this... is that my bank and Value Plus, "BOTH" took 49.90 from my checking/ visa debit account.

Get aload of this..one of the 800 #...1-800-566-8740 says...after ringing once...says ..CONNECT NOW WITH EXCITING LOCAL LADIES..call 1-800# Talk..YA RIGHT! I have "NO" business calling that number ..I am MARRIED...and besides what is that number there if its about "customer service"...Apparently they have a few 800 numbers. 1-800-925-8674.... 1-888-833-7279.... 1-800-475-1942....1-800-566-8640. I am so angry that these people can get away with what they are doing...NOW I HAVE TO CONVINCE "MY BANK"...that I never got a refund from MON VALUE PLUS!

These guys are good at "ripping off people"!... even by the "twist of some wording". Value Plus convinced my bank that I was some how "negligent" ..BUT WHAT HELL! Lord forgive! I am so ticked!....THAT $ is almost $100...That's grocery money! I hope and pray they get caught and that someone goes to jail or fined...PUT OUT OF BUSINESS...if I can call it that. DAMN THEM! I AM SO ANGRY ....

Right now, I got took for 49.90 (2X) $99.80 ... By my bank and MON VALUE PLUS ...those piece of.!@#%$$%^&^%$%...WHATEVER! Someone is behind this!

BUT WHO? Help us somebody!

a3f65639, 2011-10-07, 09:34AM CDT

I've been getting charged from Value Plus Online for the last few months and had NO idea. I rung to cancel and they gave me a confirmation number. I got charged again the next month. When I rung them they said the confirmation number is invalid and I must have rung somewhere else.

75b2ed36, 2011-11-12, 07:16PM CST

Basically this is how this worked for me and I suspected this might happen when I did not receive anything in the mail from them. I made a purchase for Flexseal. A rep called me to tell me that my order was being shipped. He said he would send me a $100 free gas voucher if I would try a 14 day free trial from Budget Savers. I agreed. He then brought on a 3rd party (Budget Savers) into the call. They said they would mail me a package describing the program and I would have 14 days to call and cancel if I didn't like it. Of course the package never showed. Technically its there fault for not sending me the package and not giving me the 14 day free trial to evauluate. I suspect this is how they get oyu. They hope you forget about the phone call then they bill you a few weeks later since your trial period expired.

37957cd6, 2011-12-07, 02:59PM CST

Of course there are several complaints about this scam. Someone orders something via credit card, then when the order is completed they are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in the scam that is WC *MON VALUEPLUS at a fee of $24.95 a month. Then when the company is questioned about it, they send a refund request. The request is denied, then a further request must be placed in order for the company to investigate AGAIN. The hope is that you will not sent an additional request, and they do not have to refund your money that they have stolen.

39ea8521, 2012-01-18, 03:06PM CST

call1-877-907-2966 do not try to access so called account on line because id numbers do not work

13b93d23, 2012-07-03, 05:27PM CDT

I was charged 24.95 and I don't know what for. On my statement there was a phone number and I called. The woman said Member services and asked me what I wanted. I told them to not do it again. She only asked me my name and she was abrupt and hung up on me. My bank is checking it out.

Faith V., 2012-08-04, 10:34AM CDT

I also got charged 24.95 I never ordered this either. I am going to my bank on Monday to see what can be done. the scarier part is how they got my bank information. we go through a credit union.

Marlin S., 2012-12-16, 12:05PM CST

I was charged on December 3, 2012 $29.95 with offer of getting $100 to be used at stores like $50 at Wal Mart. They said I would get the $100; when I did if I did not want the program, they would then return my money anyway. I have heard nothing from them at all. He said that within one to two weeks I would get the money. Well, it has not two weeks; however, I do believe by now the $100 should be here. It does not take that long. The money was withdrawn from my checking account. I have had similar transactions; I should know better. If I were to go to the bank, they could not give me the $29.95 back as they would probably tell me that I had entered into a sales with them. However, I can stop further withdrawals and issue a complaint about them. I am going to be calling a 800 number to see what they can do.

george, 2012-12-20, 02:54PM CST

I never heard of this co.thay took,$9.95,out of my account,12/19/12/ How do I contact this co to get my money back?

Daniel B., 2015-06-07, 06:14AM CDT

I keep trying to stop the money coming out of my Bank $24.95 it's been a long time. .i keep telling this company to stop taking it out of my Bank account. .no good. .i will get a new bank account now..

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