1998 Honda Accord - Honda USA

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Company: 1998 Honda Accord - Honda USA

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1998 Honda Accord - Honda USA

July 10, 2006

Honda USA I have a 1998 Honda Accord with 60,000 miles. Recently, the car started to leak a muddy like substance. The car was towed to a local mechanic who researched the problem on his paid access sites and advised it was probably due to a cracked engine block. I was amazed at how quickly the mechanic could diagnose the problem based on the symptoms. Research over the Internet have shown over thirty cases of cracked engine blocks. Discussions with Honda Certified mechanics (who wish to remain nameless for fear of their job, advise me that there is a know problem with 1998 Hondas and they have seen more than a few cracked engine blocks. Both the internet reports and the mechanics believe this to be a flaw with the design of the car. I called Honda USA and asked for assistance repairing the Honda with only 60,000 miles. I was told to have it towed to a Honda dealer at a cost of $300, pay the dealer for labor to determine the problem at a cost estimate of $500 and then Honda would see what they could do. I thought the investment of $800 with no guarantee of any reparation was a foolish thing to do. I pressed Honda USA for assistance, was finally (after over 20 calls) was given a case number. I included in the case that I have been a loyal Honda customer for over 20 years and provided documentation of service history and findings of my research. I was told by the case worker “we will not assist repairing an 8 year old car”. This leaves me with the option of buying a used or re-built engine (Honda no longer sells new engines) and having it installed at a cost close to the blue book value of the automobile, or going without a car. I though the direction by Honda USA of having a dealer look at the car before they would promise anything even knowing this was going to cost the customer $800, was morally wrong. Further, not providing assistance to a long time Honda customer shows there is no company loyalty to the customers who purchase (and continue to purchase) their automobiles. And I would still like to know why a car with who advertises that their cars are built to last beyond 200,000 miles would have a cracked engine block at 60,000 miles regardless of age. I am presently saving up to buy a Toyota. Myles Port Washington New York


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