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Posted on Sunday, July 2nd, 2006 at 12:00am CDT by 5b74c520

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Intex Pool Pumps

July 1, 2006

Intex Corp

Fontana, Ca.92336


I purchased my second Intex pool recently. My first one that I had for 3 years burned up in a fire. Intex is now selling their large pools with a smaller size pump. The previous pump Model 520 @ 2000 gph was barely enough for this size pool and actually wasn't large enough. They are now selling the Model 635 @ 1500 gph with their 18' x 48" size pools. This pump is not large enough for these size pools. And the pump I received does not sound very good either. The filters are smaller which causes you to purchase more filters.

I called the company to get some help on replacing this pump for one that is comparible to the last one I had because they no longer carry the Model 520. The first rep. told me to send a fax with my complaint and they would replace my pump with something comparible. No response. I called back. The second rep basically told me Too Bad that's the pump that comes with that size pool and hung up on me. The third rep could not transfer me to a manager but said he would have one call me within 48 hours. No phone call still. Intex does not care about their consumers. They take your money and forget you. BEWARE of purchasing INTEX POOLS! Also if you notice on their website, you can't even send them an email. When you call them, the only people you can get a hold of are sales reps ready to take your money but they do not care about your concerns. I want to return this pool and I am unable to reach anyone to do so.


Akron Ohio

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ba83bbea, 2008-03-16, 01:39PM CDT

We are having the same problem. We purchased our pool last summer and the Model 635 pump went out on us. Can not get any response from Intex and now Wal-Mart where we purchased the pool from doesn't carry replacement pumps. The pump never did sound good..and we were constantly replacing the filters.


Port St Lucie, FL

155dc300, 2008-04-29, 07:15PM CDT

i jest bought a intex pool last summer.

and the pump lasted three weeks. so when that pump went out i used my old

pump that i had with my easyset pool

it still runs fine. easyset had good pumps. but intex sucks now i've been looking for a new pump in fortsmith AR

and i found one for $167.00 the modle on it is 650 and i hope it last as long as my easyset pump i've had it fore four. years that is good i would buy that pump but thay dont make model number 51 and if my new pump quits i will take it back with the recept and tell thim to shove it up there asses. i paid $550 for my new pool and it wasent worth it. you can have the damn thing iif you have a pump to run it. with out the pump it is shit. and i feel like i could shove it back where it came from.

3eaa8595, 2008-06-07, 06:24PM CDT

I will agree with you 100%. The pumps that come with Intex pools are JUNK! We have replaced the original 1 month after purchase and then had to replace again this summer with an even bigger piece of junk that does not have enough power for the vacuum or skimmer. At $70-$90 a year for a new pump plus the cost of filters I can almost afford a whole new pool every year. Intex PLEASE work on your customer service and the JUNK you sell. It is unreal that you take peoples money and then leave them sitting with a GREEN SWAMP in the back yard because your pumps are crap!

ddb70d24, 2008-06-19, 01:56PM CDT

Our pump filter has gone out too, we used it for maybe 2 months last summer when we bought it. Got it out to get it started again this year and its not doing anything but making horrible noises, no suction at all.

It never was strong enough anyway either, the pool was never as clean as we liked no matter how long we ran it. Its much too small a filter for the large pool we have.

There are complaints all over the web about intex and their customer service.

I would definitely say BUYER BEWARE also. I think they bank on the fact that people will buy it and use it for one summer or partial summer, then put it up like us and be out of luck the next year when it bites the dust.

What a waste of money.

6330c003, 2008-06-20, 02:14PM CDT

I as well as my 2 neighbors have the same problem. If we dont leave the pump running 24hrs a day algee will form. This 1500gpm pump is for the birds and does not circulate near enough for the pool. If you buy this pool be prepared to spend 2 or 3 hundred dollars on a sufficient pump for it. Intex has not helped at all.


Goldsboro NC

9f24adc7, 2008-08-09, 12:06PM CDT

I absolutely agree, and am so frustrated with this company. They purposely sell pumps that do not support the size of the pool and do nothing to help you after you call. It is ridiculous and someone needs to step in and stop them from this awful business practice.

b949a5b0, 2008-08-10, 12:21PM CDT

Not only are these pumps to small for the size of the pools they are matching them with, but the pumps are garbage! This is our 4th year using our Intex pool and there has been 3 new pumps bought for it and now the one I have been using is broke. Seems strange that the only parts that are breaking are the impellers. Which is about the only part that is not sold for replacement. This pump was bought at the beginning of this summer, so it's not every 6 months old and now I'm not sure what trouble I will be in for in order to return it and get a new one because I am NOT sending the Intex company another dime! If they are going to sell a product (which is expensive) make a decent product with parts that can be ordered so the things can be repaired!

542cc4ce, 2008-09-21, 08:09AM CDT

If you get an ezcleanfilter the water/chemicals will move better. And the ezcleanfilter is a cleanable filter not like the throw away filters you buy at the store.

542cc4ce, 2008-09-21, 08:40AM CDT

Alot of people think the filters they get with there pools are cleanable"Not".

They are throw aways and when dirty the pumps have to work harder then they were made to. That is why alot of stores carry pumps because they make alot of money off of customers being tight and not replacing there filters like it says on the pool box and filter containers. That is why the ezcleanfilter was invented and produced.

a4a52137, 2009-07-07, 09:12PM CDT

I agree on the model 635 1500 gph. A month after our first season the pump went and I had to get a replacement. Of course the rep made me feel like he was doing me a favor by sending me a new pump which was under warranty to begin with. Now this year only after a month the pump sounds like it's about to go again. Other than when my children are in the pool I run the pump just to try and keep the pool clean but it's definitely not large enough for the 18x48 pool i have. The pump is garbage. I'm looking into a sand pump/filter and rest assured it won't be purchased from Intex.

2fe75e95, 2010-06-24, 04:02PM CDT

I can't begin to tell you the problems I have had with Intex! All I can say is Intex is bordering on being CROOKED! Please, please, will someone else arise and give them some competition?! As long as they are the only seller of pools that are within the average American's budget--people will continue to buy from them and they will continue to treat their customers like sh--!

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