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Company: Karen's Furniture

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Karen's Furniture - Colmar PA 18915

January 6, 2006

August 29, 2006 - Business Reply - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_52016#

posted complaint for Karen's Furniture - Colmar PA 18915

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To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to respond to this complaint posted on your website. First and foremost, please accept our apologies in this response. We had no idea we were even listed on your website until another customer brought it to our attention. At Karen's Furniture, we strive for excellence. We have a dress code, attendance policy, and company manual that are strictly adhered to. After reading this customer's complaint, we can truly see why she would not want to purchase furniture through our organization. We are grateful the matter has been brought to our attention and will address this situation immediately. We apologize profusely that any customer felt this way as it is extremely unprofessional. We are handling the situation and hope to never have to address these concerns again. Thank you for your patronage and for helping to keep us updated on ways to stay professional and courteous.


Board of Directors

Karen's Furniture

January 6, 2006 - Consumer Message:

I have been a long time customer of Karen's Furniture- purchasing my very first sofa from the now- defunct store on York Road in Warminster. They always had a small, family feel whenever I shopped there. I purchased from there in the late 80's and made my last purchase ( at that location) just before they went out of business. It was always such a pleasure shopping there.

Last year just before christmas (2004) I went into browse at the York Road store and was surprised to see the same wonderful Manager from Colmar (Melisa) who said she was manging both locations. I struck up a conversation with her and although I was there to browse while my son was at the ice hockey rink down the street, I ended up purchasing a beautiful accent chair which I took with me that evening. When I came to pick up the chair, I brought one of my long-time friends long who Melisa warmly greeted and allowed us to browse, while she checked in every few once in a while to see if there was anything she could assist us with and she lead us to some of the new pieces of furniture that came in that mornig on the truck. My friend ended up custom-ordering a sofa based on Melisa's suggestion. Again, an enjoyable shopping experience.

Approximately February of that year I had returned for some lamps and was treated like 2nd class by a maneger that was filling in for Melisa, while she was recovering from an accident (I was told). I felt that because I was only looking for lamps, that she couldn't be bothered. I left without purchasing anything.

FAst forward to May, I needed some occassinal tables & a jewelry box. It was a pleasant surprise to see Melisa again. (this time I was in the Warminster store). She graciously lead me to some of the tables similar to what i was looking for, then told me to visit her at the Colmar store, where there are more on display. I met her there approximately a week later & purchased some tables. She did everything that she could to find me a jewelry box in white, but none of your companies carried one that I liked. I had the tables delivered & this is where the nightmare began. The tables came and two of them were wrapped in a blanket, one had a broken leg and the other had scratches. The 3rd one had some scratches and they had to pull it out from under a matrress that had fallen on it in the delivery truck. No apologies, no nothing. They said if I want them, I should sign and call Customer Svc or just return them on the truck. I kept them and called Melisa. I drove the worst of the tables to the store, where a maintenence man fixed the table & it was wonderful. Melisa then came out to my house with stain markers and some tools and I was very satisfied.

This past November, I decided to go back to Karen's for a sofa for my newly finished basment and the minute I walked into the door, I had such a bad experience. The greetings that I received in the past from Melisa and the former staff (I think there names were Dana and Brenda since I still ahve thier business cards) ) were a thing of the past. I was greeted at the side entrance by 3 sloppily-dressed smoking employees who seemed bothered that I was parking my car and walking into the store. (I later found out Melisa was "let go" and that she was replaced by Malinda, who was one of the women smoking. I must say that my initial impression when I pulled up was that the cleaning ladies were taking a cigarette break.) Once I was in the store, I found out that all three were sales people (including Malinda). Not one of them was dressed professionally or even acted as if they were there to help me. I did go to Malinda for assistance with a simple question on the fabric of once of your floor models and she said that she needs to check with one of the other salespeople because she doesn't know. She disappeared and didn't come back. (I found out later when I was exiting the store that she was outside talking to a man in a car in the parking lot) There was not ONE PERSON there that evening that remotely cared that I was even in the store. The fact that they were all dressed and conducted themselves so poorly made me question them as to whether they were on duty that night. I would expect a manager to conduct and present herself more professionally and the fact that she was not very knowledgeable or cared enough to get back to me really made me question as to weather to go back to Karens again. but guess what, I decided to give it one more try. ...

I returned in December on a quest for a new accent table for my hall way. By the looks of all the signs in the front windows and the fact that the showroom was an absolute disgrace, I could quickly tell that the Colmar location is going the same way as the Warminster location. Again Malinda was there dressed like she was cleaning the toilet stalls and didn't even acknowledge my presence in the store even though she has walked by me at least a half a dozen times. There was a very sweet girl there whose name I did not get, but she was very helpful. I had mentioned how I was able to tell that the store is under different management and the salesgirl said that NO ONE wanted Melisa to leave, but that the owner wanted to go in a different direction. All I can say is BIG MISTAKE! I, as well as many of my friends and family members have commented how the store and its current emloyees have turned"dumpy". I had two friends also tell me about the horrible epxerience in getting a resolution to a botched delivery (two cancelled deliveries (finding out on one of them the driver abandoned the truck and quit) and the 3rd one the driver told my friends husband that he cannot slide the sofa over 6 more inches because he was recovering from a hang over)

I ended up buying my table elsewhere and will end up giving any future business to a company where professionalism and knowledge are part of "THEIR" mission statement. I have read your copy that was once posted in the Warminster store (Beth who was another exceptional employee made me a copy because I thought that it was so well-written)and I have to say that your company has failed miserably in providing their customers with the highest regard to customer service.

As a manager for a high end department store; success starts with your management. I, as well as many other customer have noticed the drastic changes that Karens has made in their staff. My guess is that they couldn't pay the quality employees well enough to stay, so they are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Obviously dress codes are not enforced (how could they be with a manager (Malinda)who was wearing a dirty mid-riff shirt the one day I was there) and a salesperson who was wearing flip flops.

Karen's Furniture needs to get in check with whom they want to become if they are, in fact looking to make changes. Obtain good solid managment (and give them reason to want to stay) and back them up with some high-quality sales staff. You will certainly see a change in how customers have been viewing your stores and in turn will see a better profit. I for one was turned off immediately upon entering your store on my most recent visits. On previous visits to your othe rlocation on Route 309, I was always amazed that there were never the same people in the store. That is usually a sign that there is poor upper management if you cannot maintain your staff.

Any one who is looking to shop at Karens, BEWARE! Poor management, low quality merchandise and very poor delivery personnel (I didn't even get into my delivery of my entertainment center). In addition, a very young, inexperienced and unprofessional store manager usually spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E in the long run.


Montgomery County


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