Haynes Furniture in Newport News, VA

Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by cdc88f41

Company: Haynes Furniture in Newport News, VA

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Haynes Furniture in Newport News, VA

February 13, 2006

On December 31, 2005, my wife and I, aged 49 and 53 respectfully, went to the Haynes Furniture Store in Newport News, VA to shop for additional furniture for our new house. The sales ad attracted us because it said "no payments, no interest for 2 years". This lured us in. Our money was real tight and we needed to set up our new house. We figured we could pay it off within the 2 year timeframe, at OUR convenience. We explained to the salesman why we were there and he was delighted. If we told him once, we told him a thousand times, that we were there because of the "no payment" part. He agreed and said we don't have to worry, he'd take care of us. My wife picked out $6,000 worth of furniture. The salesman wrote down each piece as fast as she picked it out. When we were finished, he completed the paperwork and said he was going to the credit department to confirm the order. When he returned, he said we'd have to put down 20% to lock in this good deal. I gave him my credit card. They charged $1,200 towards my account. We had to wait while the final paperwork was done. It took about an hour. When the salesman came back in he presented our bill of sale to us. He explained, and pointed out, the finance charges that would occur if the bill wasn't paid for in 2 years. I said I understood. He asked me to initial the finance statement and sign the bottom of the bill. I did and we left, happy with our shopping experience. Five weeks later I received a bill in the mail from the Home Furnishing Credit Company, a subsidiary of Haynes Furniture. I called them immediately to explain a mistake had been made. They said to check my contract. It requires a minimum payment. I did and, to my complete amazement, at the end of the finance charge statement, hidden in the corner was the words "Min payment required". This was not deal my wife and I signed on for. I contacted the store salesman, who has selective amensia, and then the store manager. The store manager was more helpful than the salesman but claims the credit department wouldn't change the salesman's screwup. She was sorry. Now we're stuck with a monthly payment that puts our finances in a tighter bind. Haynes Furniture is a complete ripoff. They lure you to the store, sweet talk you the whole time, then, when the time is right, sucker punch the unsuspecting. The customer is NOT number 1 at Haynes. The dollar bill is. Stay away from Haynes!

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e1a5d47f, 2008-03-06, 04:25PM CST

This complaint might have been written by my husband and me! Exactly the same thing happened to us. We built a new home and moved here from Long Island, New York in December 2007. We needed to furnish our new home, and we, too, were lured by the "no payment, no interest" part of their sales pitch. Never again will we set foot inside a Haynes furniture store. We have also told everyone in our family and all of our friends to beware. Shame on you, Haynes!!

5a0b3dab, 2008-04-26, 10:42PM CDT

Ok, for both of these Haynes complaints... so what if there's a minimum payment? If there's no interest being accrued during the 2 year period, you're paying towards the amount you'll ultimately owe anyway. Pay it down as much as you can while you don't pay interest. Chances are as with all these deals, the finance charges are only deferred and you'll have to pay them ALL if you don't pay ALL of the principle by the end of the 2 years. READ contracts before you sign, and if you have questions ask and GET IT IN WRITING. Yeah Haynes may use "sales" tactics, so does every other furniture store, car dealership, time share saleperson, ect ect. Who should be looking out for you, you. Quit griping over your own mistakes and man up. AND if you're going to "take advantage" of these no payment required offers, pay it off in the specified time or all you did was defer a huge pile of finance charges. You don't get anything for free, no matter what the salesperson tells you.

4219e3eb, 2008-08-10, 10:46AM CDT

I was shopping for a computer Desk. We found one at the store. The price ticket stated 2 pieces for $285.00 this was a hutch and a desk. I asked the sales person if this included the desk and hutch and it was stated yes. I received 2 boxes and thought it was the desk and the hutch it was 2 boxes for the desk only. I called and they said to come in and they would fix the problem. I went in and the manager stated it was for 2 boxes not 2 pieces. The sales person agreed with me that it should have been both. This is false advertising.

8ecda15c, 2008-08-19, 02:46PM CDT

Be very careful with these. Haynes will also work these 'deals' so that you ARE charged interest on your minimum payments, and their default rate is somewhere around 20% the last time I checked.

Your statement will be very confusing. It will show your total (how much you paid for your furniture) and it will show you payment due with the 20% interest. You have to pay that amount or you'll get stuck with paying the amount plus interest for the 2 years.

That amount you pay, which is higher than you expected it to be, comes off of your principal in total (what you paid for the furniture) so it is AS IF you are not paying interest, but you DO have a higher monthly payment than taking your total and dividing it up over 24 months.

I knew that was the deal I was getting into because I read the contract and I still got a good deal on my furniture. Just make sure you budget for this higher payment and DO NOT MISS A PAYMENT!

Like any credit company that offers you a good deal - there are always catches. If you miss, you pay the interest for the WHOLE 2 YEARS whether or not you pay it off early.

My advice, which I do, is to get a 0% credit card (make sure it's a promotional rate on purchases) for at least 12 months - some do 18 months. I figure out what I can afford to put towards that every month to pay it off, and that's my budget. So, if I have it for 12 months, and I can pay 200 a month, I make sure I spend less than 2400 (but I play it safe and go for 2000 ). The montly payment on that will be about 40-90 dollars, depending on who your CC company is. You put the rest of the 200 you would pay on it into savings and let it accrue interest. The month before the CC is due, you pay it all off with the money from your savings, and you probably MADE $20.00 in interest. I have done this for years, my credit score is amazingly high and I don't pay interest in anything.

01705fa4, 2008-10-28, 12:00PM CDT

HOLY Furniture rip off! The same thing happened to me. The worst was when I received my furniture it was stained. I could not return it. I had special ordered it. I had to keep it and they were like...Don't worry we will fix it. It has been two months and still it is not fixed. Haynes Furniture should not be allowed to hurt consumers the way that they do. I would love to get all of you together and let's be patriotic americans and picket the store in Newport News. At least we will warn others and it perhaps save a few more consumers from our nightmares at Haynes.

e84fb952, 2009-07-03, 12:28PM CDT

Thank all of you for telling me about Haynes. I need several new mattresses and was going there and the dump. Now I'll just pass them by. When I lived in Virginia 30 years ago their furniture quality was a little marginal. I don't know if that is still the case but the way they do business sure is sub-par. No way will I shop at Haynes. A big thank you for the warnings.

a41fbf1c, 2009-10-16, 06:07PM CDT

We had a very pleasant experience with Haynes in Newport News. Our furniture was delivered on time and the delivery people were careful not only with our furniture but also with our floors since it was raining that day. Yes, the contract wasn't worded in a way that made me comfortable, but I am not paying "interest". I am paying towards my balance as long as I am not late on any payment. I would shop the Newport News store again. We got a great deal on our furniture.

6364ab9a, 2010-02-17, 07:02PM CST

We were charged finance charges even though there weren't supposed to be any for 12 months. When we were done paying our actual purchase cost early we received a letter stating you had to pay the finance charges and then would get a refund check for them within 365 days. Which is illegal. No one shouold ever go there especially when all you get are incorrect answers from them.

2babe3ce, 2010-11-01, 12:50PM CDT

Haynes has always been a rip off and they do not care about their customers beleive me I know. I shopped there years ago and my accounts were all messed up so don't trust them. And I also bought a living room set that I thought was the best in there and not 6 months later the middle of the two cushions were sinking and I dare call or say anything because it would only be a waste of my time no doubt, I am just living with it, ordered a reenforcement piece for the middle and still not helping so BEWARE of the service quality and the SCREWS.

I'm glad I read this e-mail as I really thought about buying mattresses there again but thanks to these complaints It really has made me think again.. Please think before buying from Haynes or the DUMP

9062356b, 2011-07-05, 04:05PM CDT

this is 2011 and still the same type of thing going on. we knew there would be min payments and was asked to put down 20% to lorenzo (salesman)we did and now want to pay off early and no record of our 20% was ever made so someone is getting some cash. never again

dbf8db13, 2012-12-19, 10:45PM CST

You are all morons. 90% of these complaints are because you the consumer(read: moron), took the word of some slimy dirtbag working on commission instead of READING what the contract SAID!

Sure, Haynes sucks... just like every other furniture store in town. Business is business, & just because you are sheep being led to financial slaughter, does not make Haynes any worse than a used car dealership or a scumbag realtor.

It's your money & your signature... read the contract next time idiots!

8042bcf5, 2015-01-09, 07:07AM CST

This is for the douche bag who wrote the comment on 12-12-19 to all the morons who shop at Haynes Furniture. Everyone is suppose to read their contracts before signing, but there's so much bullcrap in most contracts, people tend to skip over most of it. Do you read each and every line of every contract you sign? I'm sure you don't. Someday you'll be taken in by some slick talkin', fast writing sales jerk like these people did. Someday you'll be writing on this website, crying your butt off because you were taken. If people read this website, before shopping for furniture at Haynes, then eventually word of mouth will keep people out of these stores. I just read all the comments and feel obligated to stay away from this furniture chain.

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